Check Out These Pets Wearing Watermelon Hats

By Kanyi M

If you’re feeling down, then reading this post should lighten your mood! Though dogs may not always be able to speak, these pups vocally express their happiness with creative costumes.

From a silly-looking hot dog to an adorable watermelon hat, it seems that anything is possible in the right canine hands! Here are dogs with silly hats that will make you laugh.

A long collie with a gladiator hat

This watermelon hat is inspired by the Imperial Rome era, where the gladiators wore similar headwear when they fought in the Coliseum.

Credit: @comic_ism / Instagram

The hat is made out of watermelon, and the collie seems to be enjoying wearing it. This is a very silly costume, and you cannot help but laugh at the dog’s eagerness to show off his fruit hat.

A watermelon-clad rough collie

The pooch looks like he wants to eat the watermelon hat instead of keeping it on his body! The dog is wearing the watermelon hat while on a common walk, and he seems to want to show off his new headgear.

Credit: @comic_ism / Instagram

This is unlikely behavior for a dog, yet still fun to look at, with the watermelon being a creative way of making the goofy hat. The dog looks so pleased with himself, as if he is really enjoying wearing the ridiculous hat.

The King of the Doggos

Who thought that a crown would look good on a dog? Interestingly, the pup in this photo actually looks really good in this costume!

Credit: @comic_ism / Instagram

Maybe the comical crown works for all dogs, and it doesn’t matter the type. It’s fun to see that all pups can have a little fun with pretend crowns to make them feel royal.

The ultimate guard dog

The pitbull is the ultimate guard dog, yet it’s amusing to see him in a watermelon hat that makes him look like the ultimate cheeseburger.

Credit: @comic_ism / Instagram

The funny hat is adorable on this pup, and it makes him look like a character from the movie Jackass 3D.