Adorable Underdogs: Loveable Pups That Prove Looks Aren’t Everything

By Anni K

We would love to say that all dogs are perfect and cute, but the truth is that sometimes, our beloved pets are not winners in the looks department. But, before you think we do not love dogs, these different appearances or flaws add to the individuality of each particular one and make it adorable in its own way.

If that wasn’t the case, we doubt owners and dog parents would have shared photos of their weird pets. Just like humans, animals also have unique personalities that make you forget about their physical appearance. At least for a while.

In this listicle, we cover a collection of such canines. These dogs are all so wonderfully weird that they make their own standard of cute. 

Excuse me, Sir. 

Smush-faced dogs are either a hit or miss with most people. Brussels Griffons are quite popular, and this one seems to be pretty cute, except its owners must hate him so much to put him in this awful outfit, complete with a gray-haired wig. 

Image courtesy of brusselsgriffonshold/ig

We give them credit for the unique ensemble, but let’s stick to dogs dressed up as dinosaurs or ballerinas. Why would you dress up your dog as an old man? Either way, this dog is not winning the costume of the year anytime soon. 

Tiny Teeth 

The dull gaze in this dog’s eyes says he just doesn’t give a damn about what you think of him. He’s seen and heard it all, so he will just continue to daydream about his favorite snacks and treats while you keep staring. 

Image courtesy of Popstheshihtzu/ig

We kind of like his little teeth peeking out his mouth ever so slightly. He’s just enjoying his sunspot, and like a lot of people, when they daydream, his mouth is starting to fall open. What could he be thinking of?

Girly Gremlin

There is a lot to unpack here. Again, we are hoping this dog has a friendly personality and gets lots of love from its owners because, whew, it’s not pretty. Plus, did a child get a hold of its hair and put it up in a ponytail?

Image courtesy of Harlanohairless/ig

Actually, on second thought, we appreciate that someone tied the dog’s hair back. Without a hair tie, it would have looked even worse. Skew mouth, glassy eyes, and a potato body? The hair tie is the prettiest thing on this dog.

I Woke Up Like This

There’s not much to say about this hound. It has a very greyed coat of hair, and maybe it’s a bit unkempt, but other than that, this look is pretty common for these types of terrier dogs in general. Age can be cruel.

Image courtesy of Rabelthemutt/ig

The only odd thing about this photo is perhaps the overly ‘stiff’ position this dog is in. It’s almost like its entire body is frozen over, and he can only lift its head. But that’s probably just him waking up from a car nap.

A Concerned Doggo

Apart from his eyes that are a bit too far apart and comically large at the same time, this guy is dressed super cute and looks adorable in general. However, our favorite thing about the dog might be what makes him ugly to others. 

Image courtesy of Chico_cool_guy/ig

We love his face. But just have a good look at those eyebrows. They make him have a weird concerned look over what is happening. Maybe he was taught that you shouldn’t speak to strangers, and now he’s scared about having his picture taken by one.

We Can Smell This

We can smell this picture through our screens. Okay, we’re a bit mean, but come on, this dog seems unkempt. Just look at all the hair standing on end around its face. Even his eyes seem to communicate that he’s not happy. On the plus side, cute shirt!

Image courtesy of Alldaychinesecresteds/ig

And sure, we do blame the owners because they don’t keep this little guy nice and trimmed. The pup is in desperate need of pampering and a full day at a dog spa. That would do him a world of good.

Timing or Natural 

This is one of those photos where it is hard to determine whether that is how the dog actually looks or if it was a case of perfect timing. The person who took the picture seems to have caught their pet just as he was waking up. 

Image courtesy of streetdogyoda/ig

If you look closely at dogs when they yawn or get woken up, you will notice their eyes appear skewed, but they quickly take up the proper position when they focus. It happens in a matter of seconds, so you better not blink if you’re trying to catch it! 

Sleepy Gargoyle 

This dog was obviously deep asleep when this photo was taken, making it a bit unfair to judge. Not everyone, and clearly not every dog, is a cute sleeper. However, this one tops the weird and ugly sleeper category by far. 

Image courtesy of Seniorpeabody/ig

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like this pup looks strange when he is not sleeping. Besides a bit of graying fur, he seems to actually be rather lovable. Maybe he is dreaming about cornering the annoying cat in his hood, which explains the smug look on his face. 

I Just Want Cuddles

This dog is no sight for sore eyes with those teeth, that’s for sure. But the pose and ears he has just scream, “please give me some cuddles and love!” and we can totally get behind that. He has such kind eyes that you almost forget about the teeth. 

Image courtesy of roxannelaviejita/ig

All in all, it seems like he is well taken care of, healthy, and has a happy home. So, we’re not going to say too much about his looks because we have seen much worse. He should add dental work to his Christmas wish list, though.

Fluff Monster

This tiny puppy has the glossiest fur we have seen in a while, which is excellent! But the teeth on that underbite are a little more than we can handle. It looks like this guy was supposed to have fangs. 

Image courtesy of Aquidthegriff/ig

But then the vampire factory accidentally placed the teeth on the lower jaw. Now he will have to bite his victims with twice the amount of effort his fellow monsters would have to. All jokes aside, he has really charming eyes.

Is That a Gremlin?

This is strange. When dogs have albinism or some sort of other condition that makes them have very little pigment in their skin, you might think, ‘oh, this will be a cute white fluffy dog that looks like a pure angel”.

Image courtesy of falkorthegobliness/ig

But instead, this is what you get. A dog with almost transparent fur, bright pink skin, and a look of fear in its eyes. We actually feel bad for this dog. Can you imagine the sunburn this little guy must get with that light of a coat of fur?

Nervous Much?

You can see the nerves on this dog’s face. Did it see something it was not supposed to? We can only conclude that it was something awful. Our guess is that it saw its human dressed up just as wrong as it is.

Image courtesy of Masspetz/ig

Apart from the nervous look on its face and the awkward sunhat, this dog is not particularly ugly. In this case, we blame the owners of this pup for taking a picture of it at an awful angle. Taking cute photos is clearly an underappreciated art.


This next one gives off a vibe of being an extremely wise dog who holds a few keys to the secrets of the universe. Other than its looks, this dog’s way of lying down is also somewhat unique, as this pose is usually more common with cats, not dogs.

Image courtesy of M.r.b.u.r.n.s. /ig

The way his feet are tucked under his body and the picture of pure bliss on his face has us convinced that he is super happy. Which is great for a dog who looks like he rolled in chocolate syrup and then in some fluffy feathers.

Upset Doggo

There are a few photos of pets with funny expressions going around, like Grumpy Cat and a few others. Now it seems like we found the grumpy dog version of that with this photo of a little doggy on a pool float.

Image courtesy of Guantes_elreypelon/ig

Is it upset that it can’t go in the water anymore because its owner said it’s enough for the day? Or is he upset that he is in the middle of the pool, and the only way out is to jump into the cold water? Either way, he’s not ugly, just funny. 

Terrier Trouble

Bull terriers are known to have an odd look to them, and this dog is the perfect example of a standard bull terrier. They are not our favorite dog breed, but many people love them. It is said they are super aggressive, but this photo says otherwise. 

Image courtesy of Bunta_kato/ig

Look at its heart-shaped nose. Isn’t it just too cute? Sure, the rest of the dog seems off, but it’s also likely that the color of the outfit he is wearing is making him seem less pigmented than he is. Where is the eyeliner when you need it?  

Ugly Costume

Some fur parents dress up their dogs because they think it is cute, and they often look pretty in outfits. But for this one, the problem is not the dog itself. The owners of this pup decided to dress him up in an awful costume.

Image courtesy of fluffballtilly/ig

Other than a tooth sticking out or getting caught on the dog’s lip, the dog itself is not weird. In fact, it is pretty adorable! Putting a chicken plushie on its head paired with a donut and coffee scarf, now that’s what’s ugly and weird.


Let’s try to see the positive here because, at first, we went, “Yikes! Is that a real dog?” But we later calmed down because it’s unbecoming to be mean to animals. At least it has a full, shiny, and fluffy coat of fur.

Image courtesy of Chikn.little/ ig

Listen, if we saw this dog out and about in public, we would not, under any circumstance, approach it. Its eyes seem to stare into your soul, and honestly, it gives us some “Pennywise the Clown” from the horror movie IT vibes. 


If you’re familiar with Star Wars, you know of the big fluffy Wookiee called Chewbacca. That would be the perfect name for this dog because he has similar wide-set eyes, a fluffy, hairy coat, and an underbite. We bet it also chews on everything, hence the nickname.

Image courtesy of Thebresselswithmuscles/ig

There’s something about this dog’s eyes – they look a bit human. Also, the placement of the nose is literally right in the middle of both eyes. He looks like he has a third eye, except this third eye smells and sneezes. 

The Irony

We aren’t hating on these dogs, but the only thing that makes them look good is the pretty flowers in the background. Someone did a great job of posing them here for this photo. What breed of dog is this, other than weird? 

Image courtesy of Wangandozzy/ig

The thing is, they look this ugly due to the lack of fur and hair on them. So, you can actually see what every dog’s skin looks like underneath their pretty coats. But the awkward tufts of hair here and there makes it even worse. 

Proportional Issues

This dog is seriously challenged in the fur department, making them a bit less desirable as pets. It also has some other odd features that seem out of the ordinary. The lack of pigment in its skin and around the eyes makes it seem even more strange. 

Image courtesy of Aj_ccd/ig

Its eyes are so expressive it almost looks like the dog is pleading with you for something. The ears are something else entirely. They look massively out of proportion! All weird features aside, it does look cute in the pink jersey. 

Just Woke Up

You know how your hair is always messy when you wake up from a 4-hour nap? That’s exactly how this dog looks. Apart from the cute bandana, there is not much else about this dog that is cute or interesting.

Image courtesy of bedheadblaise/ ig

Many dog owners take photos of their dogs where their teeth are sticking out of their lips. We have always wondered why they think that is cute since we don’t think it is. What is your opinion on that front?

Is It Real? 

At first glance, we didn’t think this was a dog either. The eyes look almost creepy, doll-like, and lifeless. But according to the owner of this photo, this is a very real dog. With that said, we have very big concerns about its state of mind.

Image courtesy of Youthoughtron/ ig

The dog looks unhappy. It’s as if it just realized its owner hasn’t been feeding him organic food but just regular food you would find at the pet store. Other than its condescending expression, we’re also not big fans of the glasses. They’re probably the reason for the weird eyes.

He Stole Christmas

We have always wondered why animal-safe dye is a thing, and now we know. It exists so that people can be able to dye their dog vomit green, add a scarf and make it look like The Grinch That Stole Christmas

Image courtesy of Lola.b.boston_oz.e.griff/ ig

The thing is, they could have just posed the dog next to a photo of the grinch and maybe styled its hair a bit. So simple. We shudder to think about the amount of clean-up that followed this Christmas-themed photo shoot.

Big Heart

See, now this is an example of an ugly dog that is just adorable. At first, he may look like he has the face of a guy who will “make you an offer you can’t refuse” at your local pawn shop, but then you realize he has the tenderness of a squishy teddy bear. 

Image courtesy of Francis_wrinkles_and_co/ ig

Bulldogs and a few other breeds always get a bad reputation for no reason. From looking ugly and vicious to apparently being able to rip you apart. But just look at this guy’s adorable face. Not an ounce of ugliness in sight!

Always Camera Ready

If you manage to catch your breath after sneaking a peek at this cute doggo, you’ll see that there is nothing wrong with him at all. His eyes are not the result of some funny editing and are actually crossed, but we just love it. 

Image courtesy of Sir_winston_thecrosseyed/ ig

To someone who is into serious dog breeding, of course, this would be an undesirable trait to have. Luckily, his owners think their pooch is super cute and often brag about him on social media, which is how he got here.

Happiness Makes You Less Ugly

No matter how weird, odd, or ugly a dog is, you can’t help but smile a little bit when they seem happy and excited. They are so pure and innocent that it always touches your heart when they are simply just happy. 

Image courtesy of Longhairchi/ ig

We’re sure the owners of this pup love it a lot despite the fact that it’s not that pretty. They probably just love the idea of coming home to a little doggy who’s excited to see them and give them some love.

Factory Reject

Now, there are ugly dogs, and then there are really noteworthy ugly dogs. Unfortunately, the next dog on the list falls in the latter group. It’s one of those dogs that will make your guests feel they have to ask some questions. 

Image courtesy of Mrhappyface_wud/ ig

This guy’s face is smushed together, with some scraggly hairs on his head and skin that has very little hair elsewhere. We’d ask if something happened or if he was born this way. Either way, we’re sure he is keeping intruders out. 

Don’t Crossbreed Yourself

We are so happy someone chose to love this little guy. However, we are wondering if it was a result of crossbreeding two dogs they already had or what exactly happened here. The head and legs seem out of proportion. 

Image courtesy of Torontoterrier/ig

This image should serve as a public service announcement that you should not crossbreed dogs and, more so, sterilize and neuter your dogs ASAP. As a pet owner, the health and well-being of the animal should be a huge priority.

Full Shark Mode

You gotta give these owners some credit. Sure, they have an odd-looking dog, but most of the oddness is due to the dog’s teeth, so it’s really not that bad at all. It was brilliant to dress the dog in a shark costume. 

Image courtesy of Sarah_li_bento/ ig

Since it has weird teeth and sharks are known to have sharp teeth, it’s a cute combo! Plus, you can tell this doggy loves to swim, so the owners are keeping it safe by dressing it in a cute floating costume! 10/10 for this dog’s owners. 

Bad Timing

The main issue in this photo is simply the timing. The photographer caught this pup mid-yawn, and of course, no one, including dogs, has photogenic yawn faces. So, we can chalk up the ugliness to that. What’s weird is that awful shirt it is wearing. 

Image courtesy of Smilin_fin/ ig

We have seen this dog breed before, and let’s just say it’s an acquired taste. We are not fans of seeing dog skin, especially when it is so contrasting with the hair of the dog. Maybe that’s the reason for the shirt.

Oh boy,

Pekinese dogs are known to have weird faces. In fact, that’s one of their desired traits. What you might not know is that people deliberately breed them to have even flatter faces, and this next one is the result of that. 

Image courtesy of Ruster_pat/ ig

This guy could have been saved from his misery if the dog breeders had just stopped trying to strive for flat faces. Unfortunately, the pup now has major eye issues. On top of that, his parent’s caught him with his tongue out for this picture which makes him look worse!

Chameleon Eyes

This is another example of selective breeding gone too far. Boston Terriers also have distinctive flat faces, but when breeding goes too far, they get undesirable traits. Like these huge eyes that make us think of the legendary eyes of a chameleon. 

Image courtesy of Caesar_the_frenchieb

Unlike chameleons, who can move their bulging eyes separately from each other and have excellent vision, this doggy probably can’t see well with his. At least he has a pretty coat and those bunny-like ears, which make him pretty cute. 

Stick Your Tongue Out

What is it with these little dogs and long tongues? Does it not seem odd that the length of his tongue is almost equal to that of his head? This poor dog has a serious case of a skew jaw, and we can only imagine what eating is like. 

Image courtesy of Lilguy_rico/ ig

But perhaps it is just the angle the photo was taken from that’s the problem. It makes it look like the dog has tiny ears and a humongous tongue. The poor canine probably thought he was getting a glamor shot.

Dress Yourself

There is so much wrong with this image. First, we have the almost sultry-looking pose that gives the dog an odd potato shape body. Also, the non-existent fur and freckles don’t do much for the pooch. What are we looking at?

Image courtesy of waffles_the_hairless_chihuahua/ ig

No, thank you, we are not in love with this doggo. We’re sure their personality is great, but the rest? Yikes. Why have a tuft of hair on your head and tail but none elsewhere? Thank God, its parents think it’s the cutest thing they’ve ever seen.

Scrappy Puppy

Just when we think we’ve seen the ugliest dog, this little guy pops up and takes our breath away. But not from awe or amazement. Look at it. No fur on the body except the scraggly hair on its head, an uglier sweater, and desperate eyes.

Image courtesy of Mastersplinterdog/ ig

The least the owners of this dog could do is give the little guy a cuter jersey to wear. This one looks like a hand-me-down from its great-grandfather. The whole demeanor makes the dog look unhinged, which is worsened by its weird eyes.

Tiny Dude

Honestly, this little puppy is too small for us to really judge his looks. He might grow into his big head and wide-set eyes. At least, that is what we hope. Right now, it looks like he swallowed a ping-pong ball that got stuck in its head. 

Image courtesy of Babycakes.89/ ig

On the plus side, the aqua-colored sweater he is wearing really complements his coat color, so he gets a few points for that. Only time will tell if he will always have a big head or if he will grow up to be a handsome dog someday. 

Sailor Pup

This canine looks like he should be wearing a sailor’s outfit and have a pipe in his tiny mouth as he yells orders at the boat crew to mop the floors better. He also looks like he has seen some horrible things. 

Image courtesy of Grinch_whostolemyheart/ig

At least his eyes seem kind and sweet. We’re sure he’s not the best at catching a ball with that mouth, but at least it looks like he would try his very best. We get the feeling he must be the friendliest mutt in his neighborhood. 

Photoshoot Gone Wrong

Here’s the thing, we love it when people own their unique qualities and are confident. But this dog just seems overconfident in his awful outfit and weird hairdo. He really looks like the furbies we used to get as kids. 

Image courtesy of Doggie_demogorgon/ig

Or maybe it looks more like a mad scientist that changed careers to be a clown judging by that hair and the bright patterned jacket he is wearing. On the bright side, clowns are fun, so he is probably very entertaining and friendly to guests.

Say What

At first, we kind of had the same expression as this pooch. Complete shock. Is it just us, or is the dog’s neck way too long for its body? Maybe it’s just the angle or the way it perked up in this photo, but then again, look at those teeth. 

Image courtesy of Priniandstan/ig

It seems like this puppy has a mouth deformity that makes him a bit odd but still cute. The look on his face reminds us of someone who has just heard the most shocking news and is still trying to process it.  

Tongue Twister

This one looks like an old lady who hadn’t brushed her hair in years and then was caught in an unfortunate pose when this photo was taken. Clearly, the dog was yawning at the time, which explains the curled tongue. 

Image courtesy of thepulgameister/ig

How adorable is it that this messy-haired doggo is wearing a tiny backpack? Maybe there are some snacks packed in there for a walk to the nearest dog park. Sounds like a fun trip which we are sorry to miss.

Is This Real

There is no way this is a real dog, right? It looks kinda scary with an oddly long neck, super tiny beady eyes, and an ultra creepy ‘smile.’ What were these people thinking? Get this dog to a dentist ASAP! 

Image courtesy of Cheers.for.chupey/ ig

Does it not look like a set of human teeth was photoshopped onto this picture? Usually, we see 4-6 front teeth in a dog’s mouth from this angle, but this one has a mouth full of them. He also looks very nervous, like he’s worried someone might notice his teeth.


If there existed an alien planet where dogs ruled, and they needed to send a few spies down here, this dog would be perfect for the job. He looks odd enough to raise some questions but also normal enough to fly under the radar.

Image courtesy of Gremlin.the.gremlin/ig

Okay, conspiracy theories aside, this dog has a very strange form. Also, whoever took the picture added to the weirdness. At least it’s got a cute outfit on and seems to be enjoying the car ride to wherever they are going. 

Bring Me Food

Boxer dogs almost always have an underbite. It is said to be a good trait to have in these dogs because when they hunt, their underbite makes it easier for prey to be secured in their mouths. It also lets blood run down the sides of their noses, avoiding the eyes. 

Image courtesy of A_dog_called_gus/ig

For this boxer, when he is not out hunting birds, it seems like he is just perpetually upset at his owners. Maybe they left him outside in the snow without warm cuddles, food, or a blanket. Which is completely unacceptable.

’90s Rockstar

The ’90s were a wild time for not only music but fashion, hair, and of course, that seems to have translated to some dogs too. It’s just that the ’90s are long gone now, and this style isn’t trendy anymore. 

Image courtesy of Pepito_chanel/ig

But we still give the owners some props. Since the pup already had a wild hairstyle, it was only fitting that they dress him up as some ’90s rockstar ready to go give the show of his life. It’s creative, but it’s not visually appealing. 

Gimme Treats

It looks like this dog is desperate for a treat, judging by those large glossy eyes. It’s the perfect pose to adopt when begging for a little snack of sorts. Overall, it’s adorable, except maybe for the gigantic mole on its chin.

Image courtesy of Gusgus_thefrug/ig

We wouldn’t even have noticed the ugly mole if we hadn’t taken a second look. Those cute begging eyes sure make up for it. It has a bit of underbite, and that’s okay. Many dogs of this breed have it.