Red Squirrels Are More Acrobatic Than What Most People Think

By Kanyi M

In case you’re wondering what a typical day looks like in the life of a Nat-Geo photographer, Niki Colemont can give you a pretty good idea. Photography is not his day job but rather a way to get in touch with nature, relax and escape the stress of everyday life.

A hobby that has allowed him to take some beautiful pictures, which he shares.


He’s been taking shots of the red squirrels for six years now, and photographing them has been a bit of a challenge as they are notoriously difficult to photograph. He describes it as an “artistic challenge.” Niki Colemont lives in a small town in Belgium where he photographs the red squirrels on their territory.

Red squirrels are often found in urban environments, like parks and orchards. Red squirrels love rough terrain and tight places to hide, which this photographer knows very well. Capturing the acrobatic behavior of these animals is what makes their photography exciting for him.

Wildlife photography is full of surprises. Sometimes the squirrels don’t show up at all, and other times they are too aggressive. Animals that have to be in the same room or area can make you snap like a shutterbug.

Niki Colemont says his modus operandi is to set up his camera and wait to see what the red squirrels are going to do. He says that patience is a virtue and the only way to get nature shots he loves so much is to wait for hours, if not days.

To get a perfect shot, you don’t always capture what you want in your camera, but something unexpected happens very often that makes it so special.


You should know that squirrels are surprisingly smart and persistent. They won’t give up easily, and this is something Niki Colemont loves about them. They are great models, which makes shooting squirrels much easier than many other animals out there.