The Mask Of Zorro: Cat Goes Viral On TikTok For Looking Like Iconic Character

By Kanyi M

Who remembers the masked bandit Zorro, who, in the old days, used a flashing blade of silver to make his way through his town’s sleazy underworld? Think of him as a kind of vigilante with a dream of justice.

Seeing family pets go viral for looking like superheroes is not uncommon. The internet has loved dogs dressed up as cats in costumes; cats and dogs wearing multiple costumes – but what about an unlikely bandit who’s been hitting the scene lately?

Credits: iwhy_75 / Instagram

A man in Indonesia has been posting pictures of his masked cat on TikTok, which has sent waves through the internet, with people calling it a cat-ception.

In Indonesia, however, there is a similarly masked avenger dubbed “Zorro” who, like Zorro, wears a mask and hat – but doesn’t carry a silver sword.

These pets don’t have opposable thumbs to hold a blade. He just looks like Zorro. Or Bandit. The similarity is striking if you take the two images and overlay them.

If we had to guess what the backstory is here, we’d say that the real-life bandit cat probably has an evil twin brother who wears a similar hat and mask. Maybe that’s what happened to Zorro over in Spain, too? Perhaps he was out-thieved by an evil doppelgänger, so he had to move on with his life?! Okay, probably not – but it’d be interesting if it were true!

Credits: iwhy_75 / Instagram

Anyway, Zorro has a son named Bandit, who is also a bandit. We think that he’s been watching too much Batman vs. Robin and has tried to follow in his dad’s footsteps with a replica mask. This cat is a viral sensation on TikTok, where he’s gained more than 22 million likes.