Quirky Critter Capers: Unforgettable Moments Of Adorable Animals In Goofy Situations

By Amy M

Dogs are truly man’s best friend and hold the key to our hearts despite the antics they get up to, like stealing your favorite slipper and turning it into a midnight snack. They might drive you crazy by waking you up at 2 am or joining in on the neighborhood dog symphony, but they are loyal to the core.

When you come back from a long stressful day at work or school, your furry friend is always there at the door, ready to greet you with a huge smile and a wagging tail. The dogs on our list today, however, make all that seem trivial. They take ‘adorable’ to a whole other level.

These canines will surely melt anyone’s stone-cold heart and have any skeptic running to the nearest dog shelter. As a treat for yourself, enjoy these cute photos of these intelligent creatures that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Lady and the Tramp

If you’re single, this photo will make you feel more single than you already do. These two dogs are clearly in a relationship, and a very loving one at that! Just look at how they are holding onto each other and sharing a sweet kiss.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Who knew dogs could be this smitten with each other? It looks like a scene straight out of a movie. We can’t help but foresee these two lovebirds sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs like in the famous scene from Walt Disney’s Lady And The Tramp.

Couch Potato

We can all certainly relate to this little one. This pug is passed out on the couch in the middle of the day, probably from eating too much. We feel like it could be our new spirit animal. Nobody should dare disturb its slumber; it looks so peaceful, not to mention super cute!

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Dogs usually have a daily routine of chasing the neighbors’ cats around and playing fetch with their needy owners. No wonder they are always so tired. So, just like a little kid, they need their afternoon nap, or they’ll be grumpy all day long.

Here’s Johnny

Owning a dog is like having a child because they often disturb you while you’re trying to have some privacy in the bathroom. Look at these rascals, for example! You can’t blame them for having separation anxiety, but it would be nice to have one moment by yourself to use the toilet.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Dogs accompany you to the bathroom because they feel you are part of their pack and want to protect you. Animals really hate seeing closed doors and will scratch them down if they have to. It’s like they can’t believe the audacity you have to shut them out!

Say Cheese

This precious doggo looks so delighted to have a portrait of himself. The artist managed to capture his wonderful smile. We’re so jealous! We feel he deserves a whole wall dedicated to him. He has the face for it, that’s for sure.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

It’s unfair that the Dogo Argentino has a reputation for being vicious. With a face like that, he looks like he’s never harmed a fly. The best dog’s smile of the year award would go to this one if that would ever be a thing.

Lending a Helping Paw

This guy doesn’t need a shoulder to cry on. He’s got his emotional support dog to wash away his tears. The husky might not understand the need people have to deal with their emotions by crying in the shower, yet he’s there for his human regardless.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

He’s also quite helpful when you need to wash your hair, so that’s a plus! It’s normal to feel down in the dumps sometimes. It would be nice if we all had a pet like this to comfort us and lend a helping paw, or in this case, mouth, whenever we need it.


This is the look of a dog who knows he’s been caught red-handed. His owner can’t stay mad at him for too long, though. Just one flash of those puppy dog eyes will make their anger dissipate into thin air. If dogs could speak, this one would no doubt shift the blame.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Fortunes are spent annually buying pets hundreds of chew toys. However, sometimes they still decide their bed is more enjoyable to tear apart. Unless you don’t mind coming home to a gigantic mess and half your furniture destroyed, you should consider investing in a doggy daycare.

Nom Nom

Sometimes dogs get tired of the bland pellets that are on offer for every meal of the day. So naturally, they descend into madness when they get a whiff of our delicious human food. You can just see this chihuahua’s desperation for the sausage in his big eyes!

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

There’s one crucial thing to remember about dogs; they can turn violent when it comes to food. They’re really not that different from us. Just think of how people act if someone tries to take a fry from their plate: (picture “Barney Stinson’s” rage in that curly fry scene on How I Met Your Mother).


This corgi would easily fit in with the Kardashian Klan. Like the famous family, it doesn’t shy away from flaunting its derrière. There would be some competition, though. We wonder if the cute dog would garner more likes than miss Kim Kardashian herself!

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

At first glance, you would be somewhat concerned because you are obviously wondering what happened to the corgi’s tale. Don’t be alarmed; it’s just buried underneath all that fluff. All that fuzziness just means extra trips to the doggy parlor.


This poor doggy returned home from the vet with an e-collar, better known as “the cone of shame.” His owners tried to make the best of a bad situation and made it look like a bowl of cereal. Unfortunately, the dog doesn’t seem to appreciate this ‘fun creation.’

Image courtesy genius_dogs/Twitter

All dogs dread trips to the vet, but they are sadly unavoidable. When they’re forced to wear this awful cone, you should do whatever you can to cheer them up. They probably won’t understand the humor, like this one, so maybe they should get a ton of treats to help with that.


Say hello to the most darling co-pilot on this earth, Max. He’s not able to assist with directions out on the road, but he’s still the best driving buddy anyone could ever ask for. On closer inspection, you’ll notice another sticker that reads “Thee Big Boss!”

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

The main purpose of these mini windows is for the truck drivers to have a good view of what’s beside them if they need to change lanes. This dog is currently utilizing it as its window to the outside world. We get the feeling he loves exploring.

Double Trouble

Imagine driving along the road, and you spot the coolest pair of dogs in the car next to you. All pups are deserving of this type of VIP treatment. They should be made to feel like movie stars cruising around in a convertible, enjoying the cool breeze while wearing shades.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

These doggies look so well-behaved. Most dogs can’t even be trusted to stay put in a car with an open window since they always try to hop out! They are clearly not strangers to the good life, judging by how much they seem to love riding around in style.

Who’s the Boss?

If you have a cat living in your household and think you are in charge, you’re mistaken. Cats are dominant creatures that can even manage to boss your pooch around. It seems this feline has the dog wrapped around its paws.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Since the cat is not up to sharing, the owner of this house clearly needs to buy another large bed. The dog is too petrified to claim rightful ownership of his bed. He just accepted his fate and took a snooze with his head in the cat’s tinier one!

Slinky Dog

Here we have a real-life version of “Slinky” from Toy Story. This character from the popular franchise is a wooden dachshund with a slinky toy for a body. Dachshunds, also known as sausage dogs, have the right build for the toy. It fits their body shape perfectly.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

The owners of this pup should take it up a notch and dress it up in a full Slinky costume for Halloween, but we love this idea either way. This doggo definitely has an extra spring in its step when it wears the toy, judging by how gleeful it looks.


Are you familiar with those Spuds Mackenzie ads from the late 80s? It’s funny how spud and bull terriers get you thinking of it. The dog shares a slight resemblance to the one in the adverts, but you also have to admit that its likeness to the potato is uncanny.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

This one should be preserved because it’s too perfect to be eaten. The dog looks so pleased to have a potato look-alike. It’s not something you find on a daily basis. Someone should create a social media page dedicated to potatoes that look like pets! 

Blending In

Something seems off with these sunflowers. Oh wait, it’s not a plant; it’s a pug with a crocheted flower hat! The dog looks less than enthused to be taking part in its owner’s hijinks. Doesn’t he look pawsitively charming, though?

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers still-life painting could be reimagined by superimposing the dog’s face amongst the flowers. Now that would be a unique piece of art. It’s time to get out your crotchet hooks to make flower hats for your pets. This could be the start of a new trend.

View From the Bottom

Our canine friends have the option to sit anywhere they like. But the last place you want them to park themselves is on your face. For some reason, this pug decided that that looked like the most comfortable seat. Hopefully, for her sake, the dog didn’t let one rip.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

It’s possible that the dog was lying on the grass outside and decided that this was the best way to let its owner know that a comfy pet basket was preferable. Or maybe, she may have reprimanded the doggy for something prior to this, and it decided it was payback time. We think the latter.


Some dogs aren’t typically known to be friendly with one another. Fortunately, these people are among the lucky few who don’t have to stress about their pets fighting. Their beloved animals obviously get along famously. These Shiba Inus are two peas in a pod, literally.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

The fact that they are snuggling up together shows how close-knit they really are. They have two dog beds at their disposal but would rather squeeze into one to be close to each other. This definitely qualifies as cuteness overload.

Sunday Best

Look how dashing this dog looks in his suit! We wonder what event this distinguished gentleman was heading off to. He looks red-carpet-ready. Perhaps he was attending a wedding, or maybe he just wanted to be the best dressed at the dog park.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Dogs don’t usually like to sport any type of clothing. However, this one is wearing his Sunday best with so much pride it’s adorable. He wouldn’t let mud ruin his attire, so we figure he must’ve been attending a special event.

Snack Time

Some people might think it’s weird when they witness their pets eating the grass outside, but it’s actually very healthy for animals. Dogs and cats resort to this snack for the fiber that it contains when they experience tummy problems.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Grass doesn’t look very appetizing. However, this puppy is devouring it like it’s the tastiest thing he’s ever eaten. Depending on how much grass your animal munches, you probably won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn for at least a few days!


We have all heard the saying, “don’t play with your food.” This golden retriever needs to be reminded not to eat the object it is playing with, though. Chasing bubbles is a fun way for your dog to get some exercise.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Dogs enjoy popping them by biting them. For those who are concerned about whether or not they are safe to ingest, there are non-toxic bubbles made especially for dogs. They are scented with peanut butter or bacon, which they’ll love.

Kindred Spirits

The most magical part of a trip to the ocean is seeing a dolphin leaping out of the icy blue waters. These people witnessed something more beautiful. A sweet moment captured between the mammal and canine. They may come from different worlds, but that didn’t stop the dog from greeting the dolphin with a kiss!

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Even though it’s sea lions that are referred to as the “dogs of the ocean,” this can also be used to reference dolphins. It’s not surprising that these creatures are so drawn to each other. Dogs and dolphins are kindred spirits; they’re both friendly and playful.


When you own a dog, you can’t leave your favorite pair of shoes lying about because they will be sure to demolish them just like this pit bull did. Doggies can also experience boredom, and when they do, they’ll find different, often destructive ways to entertain themselves.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

This pit bull was caught with its muzzle in the half-eaten shoe, but it looked too tired to care. The owner was probably not that angry with their pet as they were distracted by its nonchalant yet hilarious face. It looked like it had a platypus’ bill!


On this lucky day, a perfectly shaped ray of light was cast on the floor, giving this dog an ideal place to get its daily dose of vitamin D. It would be nice if we could all get the chance to experience the kind of bliss this sausage dog is currently feeling as it sunbathes.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Pets are drawn to sunshine like a moth to a flame. They enjoy lounging around in those sunny spots in the house when it’s a bit chilly outside. Since dogs like to spend countless hours in the heat, you should buy sunscreen formulated specially for your furry companion.

Sitting Pretty

If you are seeking a serotonin boost, then look no further. Here is a Pomeranian that looks adorable in its purple hood. Even this ball of fluff needs a jacket to protect it from the rain and keep it nice and toasty for the colder days.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

It could easily be mistaken for a cuddly toy since it looks so dainty sitting still on the wooden chair! The lilac jacket adds to the Pomeranian’s cuteness and makes it the center of attention, which this breed absolutely loves.


These ultra-popular plushies, known as Squishmallows, are the definition of comfort since they are incredibly soft. Sadly, this owner can say goodbye to their prized collection. It clearly belongs to their dog now. It’s safe to assume it’s having the best nap of its life.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

All this dog wanted was some peace and quiet for its slumber, and it couldn’t have found a better spot. You must admit that it blended in pretty well with its surroundings. The pup probably went unnoticed for a while.


This precious chihuahua is the perfect model to sport this mushroom-crocheted hat. It’s the spitting image of a fungus! In all likelihood, people would be willing to empty their wallets to own this amusing creation. If you’re a fan of mushrooms, you, too, can turn your dog into a truffle.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Good luck to you if you own a chihuahua and decide to recreate this fun look. These dogs can have an aggressive temperament, and they’re not all as cool, calm, and collected as this one seems. This comical hat will be worth all the fuss, though.

Knock-Knock. Who’s There?

If you are too polite to let someone know that they are an unwanted guest, just have your dog stare them down at the door. You would expect a menacing dog to scare someone off, but a glaring chihuahua would also do the trick.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

The owner here may have been so fed up with people constantly showing up and ringing their doorbell that they turned to their sassy pet for help. The murderous look on this pooch has probably successfully put many a salesman off after they laughed their heads off, of course!

Pooch In a Blanket

This poodle is out here living its best life bundled up in a cozy blanket. Maybe the café is generously providing its patrons with these wraps to keep them warm. It’s a great way to attract more customers and man’s best friend.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

It makes perfect sense that the dog has a paw-print blanket. We, however, don’t get why the person sitting in the background has also been draped in a similar one. Who do you think wore it best between the two?

Hot Dog

Allowing a puppy to climb in the fridge is a very risky business. It could end up clearing out its contents if you are not careful. Additionally, you could end up with unwanted hair in your meals from all the shedding.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

This dog breed eventually becomes quite large, and so this pup will, unfortunately, outgrow its favorite spot. It literally has a short shelf life! It won’t understand why it’s denied access to the fridge. These people will have to find alternative ways to cool the dog down.


This toothy grin might look familiar. That’s because the mouth belongs to the character “Wallace” from the renowned film series Wallace and Gromit. These fun chew toys are for your furry friend to enjoy. Often to the whole family’s amusement.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

If this image was part of a ‘try not to laugh’ challenge, we would all fail. The dog looks hilarious! It would be difficult for anyone to contain themselves. This poor dog was probably wondering why everyone was in hysterics.

Snow White

This doggy clearly enjoys frolicking in a blanket of snow. Its white coat blends in so well with its surroundings that it could cause its owner’s heart to skip a beat in a panic, thinking it has disappeared. This winter wonderland is the ideal playground for such a mischievous pup. 

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/ Twitter

While most people hibernate in their homes during the chilling season, dog owners have to brave the cold for their pets’ daily walks. There are certain dog breeds that thrive in the cold, like this pup. You can tell how much it loves the snowy landscape.


An alcoholic beverage is most certainly not the way to quench your dog’s thirst. However, it seems that they do not really care about that themselves, like this sneaky corgi who attempted to take a sip of someone’s special juice.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

The last thing you need is a tipsy dog on your hands. It’s acceptable for humans to relax with a drink at the end of a hard day. Though dogs like to mimic their owner’s actions, it’s best to keep alcohol out of their reach as they would suffer severe adverse effects.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

If you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, this stunning snapshot that emanates positive energy will be sure to uplift you. The lovely dog and the scattered rainbow display so much beauty in one photo. Maybe the rainbow is a projection of the doggies spirit.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Rainbows symbolize hope and are visually pleasing. Dogs aren’t aware of their striking appearance due to the fact that blue and yellow dominate their vision. It would be wonderful if they could experience the same magic we feel when seeing those saturated colors in the sky.


Cue the theme song to Jaws. Fortunately, this sausage dog is not in the mouth of a real predator. It’s just having a siesta in a cozy giant plushie. By the looks of it, it has no plans of moving from its snug spot.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

When a dog feels cold, it’ll take matters into its own paws. This one probably was, so it sought extra warmth and comfort in the jaws of the shark, which acted as a weighted blanket. We have to applaud the pup for its out-of-the-box thinking.

Knight in ‘Boxy’ Armor

One of the best things about dogs is that they don’t care whether you are rich or poor. They’ll happily wear a box like it’s the Crown Jewels for you if they love you. This puppy is sporting his like it’s a badge of honor.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

All it needs now is a cardboard sword and shield then it will be well on its way to being appointed a knight in shining armor. This little one deserves to be a part of the Knights of the Round Table. We’re sure it would be a fierce protector.


Pet parents can find it tough to get their dogs to show interest in bath time. Most doggies are unwilling to get into the tub, but this dachshund seems very tranquil. It’s so tiny it looks like it’s playing a game of peekaboo.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

For most pets, one traumatizing experience in the bath is enough to put them off for life. Even if it’s just an accidental slip or getting soap in their eyes. The best way to encourage your fur baby to bathe is by bribing them with a tasty treat. Works every time.

Ball Boy

This dog is trying to land the title of “most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog” in the Guinness World Records. An honor currently held by a golden retriever named Finley. In 2017 the doggy managed to carry six tennis balls simultaneously!

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

If this pooch continues to work hard, it could fulfill its dreams and surpass Finley’s record. It appears that the dog can hold four balls in his mouth already. That’s so impressive! Maybe in a few years, it will break the world record.


We have all experienced a bad hair day, and this dog is no exception. Someone needs to hand it some conditioner to tame its static fur. The poor pup looks like it’s been electrocuted or a balloon was rubbed against it.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

These people need to control their dog’s static coat, or else, when they pet it, they’ll both be in for a big shock, and the puppy won’t be too happy about it. An ionic pet brush can easily be used to remedy this problem.

Golden Boy

There will definitely be people lining the block for one of Cooper’s sandwiches. It seems all you need is a cute pup and a delicious-looking snack to promote a sandwich shop. Can we also appreciate how self-disciplined the dog is? It valiantly resisted the urge to gobble up that mouth-watering sandwich.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

This isn’t just some random doggo passing by the store; it’s Cooper himself. He went from being a stray to the face of his very own sandwich shop. Five years ago, he stole a sandwich from a table, and that’s what sparked the idea for the business! Such a beautiful, wholesome story.

Doggy Paddle

This dog is making the most of the scorching heat by going for a dip in the pool. It looks like the picture of cuteness all kitted out in its swimming gear. Even its goggles match the adorable swimming attire.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

If swimming isn’t this dog’s strong suit, it always has the option to chillax in its ducky float. Even we wish we could have such an awesome plan for the weekend. We should all take a page from this pup’s book and live our best lives by the pool whenever we can.

Cloud 9

It would be nice if we could live like dogs and spend 50 percent of our time resting. This puppy has the perfect place to recharge. These donut beds are made to promote relaxation, which is clearly working. The doggy appears to be floating on cloud nine.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Have you ever looked at your pet’s bed and thought to yourself, “that looks so comfortable.” Guess what? You can actually buy yourself a human-sized dog bed. You can drift off to dreamland like this ball of fur who seems so comfy. The fact that it’s camouflaged makes this even cuter.


Dogs are not built for the wild for a number of reasons. They are used to being mollycoddled, they have become accustomed to luxury, and they would never be able to hunt with their tiny teeth, as seen in this pic.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Golden retrievers are a sweet, trustworthy breed. They radiate love and kindness. These doggos are always careful to be gentle even while playing. You can tell that this one isn’t violent in any way. Not even when it’s taking a chomp out of something!

Squishy Face

Our furry friends are always goofing about to get their owner’s attention. For example, this puppy has no idea how funny it looks with its squished face. It would rather be pressed up against the glass than snuggled up on its bed.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

The dog is either going to great lengths to make their owner laugh, or it’s trying to communicate its boredom. Either that, or it’s just longing to be let inside. Who wouldn’t let it in with a face like that?

In the Shade

This dog has found itself a rather unique pair of shades. It has positioned itself perfectly behind the car’s exhaust pipe to make it seem like it has a pair of massive sunglasses on. This makes for a super unusual yet hilarious photoshoot!

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

It kinda reminds us of WALL.E. This isn’t the safest spot for the pup, but it’s obvious the owner of the vehicle is aware of its favorite hiding spot. Nonetheless, we hope they constantly check before backing the car out of the driveway!


Whoever captured this is a genius. How they managed to snap this dog at the right place at the right time is beyond us. The Shiba Inu was framed perfectly within another dog’s tail. It’s reminiscent of the iconic gun barrel sequence in the James Bond movie intros.

Image courtesy of genius_dogs/Twitter

Haters out there will claim that this is photoshopped, which is not the case. All it takes is great timing and exceptional camera skills. Photobombs like this don’t happen all the time, but when they do, it’s only fair to share them with the world.