Can Dogs And Cats Recall Their Past?

By Divya G

Cats and dogs possess fascinating memories and are capable of remembering most of the memorable events from their past life. In fact, they can technically remember the place where their first food bowls were placed.

Source: @mccutcheon/Pexels

So, whenever they are hungry, they run and go to that particular place and wait for their master to serve food.

A typical memory that enables dogs to stand out at scavenging can help them prevail on the streets. And when it comes to food, dogs can possess remarkable working memories. In fact, they make the best use of their long-term memories to remember a few tricks that their master used to do earlier.

On the other hand, unlike dogs, cats excel at remembering significant details that are pertinent to their revolutionary history. So, when it comes to hunting, cats tend to show an excellent memory. But experts have revealed that the memory of feline creatures tends to decline as they start getting older.

Thus, we can rightfully state that this type of memory typically helps cats and dogs remember and find their prey. Nevertheless, the working memory of cats is short-lived, especially the ones who don’t involve food.

Source: @krista/Unsplash

In fact, there has been a study that determined that both cats and dogs are capable of responding to memory prompts. But how far the dogs and cats can possibly recall hasn’t been revealed yet.

However, the anecdotal evidence reveals that the cats and dogs might even remember stuff from a decade ago. Unfortunately, that includes both the good and the bad stuff.