Who Let The Dogs…Call 911?! Two Dogs Make A Prank Call And Surprise Police Officers

By Divya G

What would you do if you noticed something strange happening in your neighborhood? Call 911, of course!

But what happens when you leave your pets all alone and they experience any weird situation? Do they call 911? Well, they definitely can’t do that. But that’s exactly what happened when two pups experienced a weird situation.

Source: @alvannee/Unsplash

The best they could do was get their paws on the screen, dial a phone, and call the police. Surprisingly, they did not just call 911 once, but 16 times within half an hour! No wonder these pups left the police department of Lakeville, Minnesota, with a remarkably curious day.

Usually, 911 sends help whenever you need it, regardless of the emergency. So whenever a call goes silent, the dispatcher calls back and asks whether they need to send the police. But in this scenario, the police department could hear nothing but dog barks.

And as many times the dogs called, they received and heard the same thing.

So, being confused regarding what the situation was actually going on, two officers were sent for investigation. They were concerned that someone was in grave danger and unable to speak or move.

And when the police reached the location and started investigating, what they found out left them surprised. Bomber and Remy, the two adorable dogs, greeted the officers with a warm welcome. Furthermore, the officers located a forgotten phone with the “Emergency Calls Only” feature activated.

Source: @alvannee/Unsplash

Later on, the police officers discovered that their master left the two doggies all by themselves without providing their morning treats!

Strange but funny, isn’t it?