A Purrfect Pairing: 40+ Impressive Photoshopped Pictures Of Cats Invading Brutalist Architecture

By Jishnu B

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — architecture is an underrated art form. They are literally artworks that offer you shelter for centuries. If that’s not amazing, we don’t know what is. Just like any other art form, architecture encapsulates various styles.

Brutalism is a movement that gained traction in the post-war US. Rather than using ornate designs and popping colors, brutalist architecture takes the minimalist approach and focuses on the form and material of the structure. It’s an acquired taste that not many are too keen on.

Therefore, the Instagram page “Cats Of Brutalism” took it upon itself to change that. It pairs these stunning structures with the internet’s favorite creature — cats. The page aims to introduce people to the beauty of these creations. The black and white shots are photoshopped with adorable cats, which soften the brutalness of the structures. Trust us; it’s just what you need to brighten up your day!


Cats have no shame. Time and time again, humanity is reminded of this grim fact. Whenever you look at them, they always seem to be cleaning their crotch in a socially unacceptable posture. The worst was when they insisted on doing it during a zoom call while we were talking to our boss!   

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

If these shameless specimens could grow up to this massive size, we have no doubt they would have climbed up to the highest towers and pulled antics like these for the world to see. Imagine walking by the coastline of Finland and seeing this. We would have just walked into the ocean. 

Flying Too Close To The Sun

Cats are famous (and notorious) for their athletic prowess. An average feline can jump up to five or six times its body length, which can sometimes mean 8 feet jumps! If animals could be drafted for sports, felines would have been NBA players.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Often, these athletic abilities get them in trouble. Only cat owners know the pain of rescuing their furbabies from random high places after they fly too close to the sun. Do not be deceived by this ragdoll’s cute face. They’re entirely responsible for being stuck like this! 


Do not let the cat distract you from the gorgeousness that is brutalist architecture. When people think of beautiful buildings, they mostly think of palaces with bright colors and designs. However, sometimes less is more. You don’t need to do a lot to create something amazing.   

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Look at this innovative structure, for example. This building looks like the mouth of a shark or clam. At first glance, you wouldn’t associate it with a religious site. Shockingly, this is indeed a church! What do you think the cat was trying to do to these guys?

Clifton Cathedral

Compared to the previous church, this looks closer to the traditional Christian institution. However, make no mistake — this church is still drastically different from cathedrals such as Notre Dame or the Westminster Cathedral. The Clifton is in its own league, and we are here to give it the appreciation it deserves. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The Clifton cathedral put a brilliant, brutalist twist to Catholic structures. From the outside, it gives no indication of being a religious site. Its simplistic yet modern design gives off the impression of a science institute, not a church. Even kitties can’t resist its charm!


If you want to witness brutalist architecture in its rawest form, we recommend you take a stroll through the streets of New york city — specifically in the Manhattan area. Alongside flashy ornate buildings, the city is home to many structures that are the textbook definition of brutalism.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Look at this photo, for example. Instead of being distracted by the mighty Empire State building in the background, please focus on the building the fat cat is leaning on. Is this not the most straightforward building you have ever seen? Seems like the cat didn’t appreciate that, though.

Cat On A Dam

This goes to show how versatile brutalism can be. You can not only apply it to houses and buildings, but you can also see it on structures such as dams and bridges. The Daniel Johnson Dam from Quebec is a prime example of such universality.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

It should be noted that the Daniel Johnson Dam is one of the largest dams in the entire world. Hence, it is admirable that such a major feat in the architectural scene was dedicated to brutalism. It may not have blooming flowers, but it has something even more gorgeous; a massive cat chilling on it. 

Sunbathing On An Apartment Complex

The initiative for these apartments was taken in the early ’60s when brutalism was at its peak. This complex offered affordable housing to the people of Chicago. Although brutalist structures are monochromatic and controversially dubbed as dull, anyone can recognize the complex in one glance.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The facade of the building is covered with semi-rectangle windows. It has a unique combed shape. Those who do fish-keeping may associate this shape with that of a sponge filter. Had we been born as cats, we would’ve sunbathed on these buildings like these two who seem to be having the time of their lives!  

A Cat’s Paradise

This particular building is unique compared to the other structures in this listicle. Though you may not see it because the photo is in black and white, this conservatory is actually red in color, which is very unique as brutalist architecture strives to let the concrete shine on its own.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The Montreuil Departmental Conservatory has a very modern and innovative design which is expected of any famous building in France, the center of art and innovation. The tunnel-like design is also a paradise for cats. You know how much they love crawling up in the tunnels and sleeping there all day. 

Intruder Alert!

Not so fast, puss! This estate was constructed in the late ’70s. Locals of Camden town absolutely adore this creation. Many have commented that their love of brutalist architecture started with this estate, and we totally get it. The Maiden Lane is elegant and gives off the feeling of home.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Just like most brutal works, this structure lacks overly saturated features and instead lets the features speak for themselves. The building has been a monotone gray for the last fifty years and looks just as gorgeous. No wonder this furball couldn’t resist sneaking a peek!

Giant Cat Tower

No creature adores hiding the way cats do. Cat owners often experience severe panic because they can’t find their kitty in the house. Even after calling and enticing them with food, they don’t come out. And just when you start assuming the worst, the cat will casually come out of a random shoe box!   

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

This capsule tower would be the nightmare of any cat owner. Meanwhile, it would most definitely be the ultimate heaven on earth for cats. They would have the time of their lives inside these compartments. Regrettably, for the felines, this structure was demolished a few years ago. 

Attached To The Aillaud Towers

Leave it to the French to create something highly innovative like this. It may look like a building from a dystopian movie, but it’s from Nanterre, an affluent area in Paris. Which makes it even weirder that this kitty would be spotted here!

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The Aillaud Towers have oddly shaped windows that seem to be randomly scattered on the building. Currently, the complex houses 18 identical towers like this. Apparently, the shape of the building was inspired by clouds as it was designed to be very high.  

Kitty In Campus

Do not let the piercing gaze of this cat distract you from the beauty that is this museum. Cat owners are veterans of not being easily surprised by weird stares. Cats will randomly stare at you like this when you least expect it. At first, you will be unnerved, but you get used to it.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

This museum resides on the Cornell university campus. It has a massive collection of old and new artworks from all over the world. The museum is a must-visit place if you’re ever around Cornell. However, don’t just focus on the collection; appreciate the building (and envision the cat) as well. 

Stepping Off Skyscrapers

We have a very soft spot in our hearts for Siamese cats. They are adorable beyond words. We love their unique dark faces and light-colored bodies. However, many people say they are too loud for them. That’s good, we suppose. More Siamese cats for us, then! 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Just look at this stepping off the James Rhodes tower like it’s no big deal. The tower itself is quite famous as it is the fifth tallest building in the state of Ohio and was named after the famed Ohio politician James Rhodes.

Welcome To The Station

Bus terminals are not usually given much significance when it comes to architecture. Usually, structures such as airports are given more attention as international passengers venture into those areas. However, that is not the case for this bus terminal. It looks elegant and chic, like a fashion gallery. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The terminal has distinctive triangular shapes all over the surface. It is no wonder this fluffy cat was edited into these crevices. If cats could grow this big, they would have surely chosen to invade this terminal. It seems like the perfect place for them to play around in. 

Andrews Building

We do not know about you, but when we first saw this building, it reminded us of ancient ruins from South Asia. We were fortunate enough to visit some of them in previous years. If you compare those to this building, the resemblance is uncanny.

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

However, this is not an ancient creation. The Andrews building from the University of Toronto is rather recent. It was a modernist twist by the famed Australian architect John Andrews, and in our eyes, it is a marvelous creation. The giant cat is just a bonus!

A Dynamic Feline Duo

We’ve come to realize that brutalism is a lot like sushi. When you think about sushi, it feels odd. It is literally raw fish with vinegar rice (we are strictly talking about traditional Japanese sushi). However, according to sushi chefs, the goal of sushi is to make you appreciate the ingredients in their purest form. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

That is what brutalism is about. A building is basically just bricks and concrete stacked on top of each other. No other style makes you as aware of the building material like brutalism does. There is no space for false pretense. It’s laid in front of you in its rawest form, and it’s still beautiful.    

Cuteness At A Cemetry

Our hearts melted into a puddle the moment we gazed at this masterpiece at the Tomba Brion. Is this not the most gorgeous scene ever? Who wouldn’t want to have a sweet little kitten like this in their arms? We are tempted to reach out through the screen and cuddle this little critter. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Adorableness aside, you should also notice that, unlike the majority of photos in this listicle, this is an interior shot. Usually, buildings prefer being simple on the outside and more lavish on the inside, but this proves that brutalism can be incorporated into any part of a structure and still look amazing. 

A White Museum With A Matching Sentinel

If you wish to see the ultimate melting pot of cultures, visit New York City. There are many things that are overhyped on this planet, but New York is not one of them. There is never a dull moment in this busy metropolis. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

If you do visit, make sure you drop by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Anyone who appreciates art should definitely give this place a try since it has such a diverse collection. Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t appreciate how perfectly Cats Of Brutalism blended snowball into the snap here!

Playing On The Roof

This is the perfect illustration of “goth meets brutalism,” and it is absolutely beautiful! As much as we love brutalism, our hearts will always yearn for a medieval gothic castle. However, we no longer have to be in a dilemma as these brilliant architects from Italy came up with a way to fuse them. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The flying buttress of the Palazzeto dello Sport is a signature feature of gothic construction. They support the structure and offer it endless aesthetic value. When a black cat who seems to be mid-pounce is added to the structure, it becomes even more aesthetically pleasing, wouldn’t you agree?

Of Cats In Weird Poses

Do not be alarmed. Cats like to sit in odd positions for some reason. However, it’s not every day you find one seated like this, yet this one managed to pull it off. You almost start wondering if they have other human-like features and poses! But they only do this if they trust you.

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The Hunstanton Secondary School was among the first-ever constructions of the brutalism movement. It’s an embodiment of everything the movement was about. According to the architects, the building was their way of respecting the materials, and it certainly shows. Currently, the structure is commonly studied whenever brutalism is in discussion. 

Lost At The Metro

This naughty cat may look stuck, but it’s not — they are photoshopped, after all. However, even if it was stuck, it would probably have been their own fault. Curiosity killed the cat, remember? In this case, it imprisoned the cat. That should teach them not to enter questionable narrow spaces. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Trains are a daily part of our life. They get us through the hustle and bustle of life. However, have you ever stopped to appreciate the form of the station? Structures such as these demand attention. Instead of taking photos of your avocado toast and focaccia bread, try posting this on your Insta next time. 

Party Pooper

No one hates your date like your cat does. As apathetic as these animals pretend to be, they are babies in actuality. They demand your full attention whenever they feel like it, and you don’t have the choice to object. They won’t leave you alone even when you are in the bathroom! 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Therefore, what makes you think they will take kindly to your new partner? They are just obstacles in their life, so there is a chance they will hate them. Trust us; we learned this the hard way. If you need more proof, just look at this one yelling at the top of its tiny lungs!

Effortlessly Adorable

We do not mean to fat-shame anyone. However, this cat is making things increasingly difficult for us. How do these guys expect us to be calm and focus on gorgeous, brutal architecture after they presented us with the sweetest, chonkiest cat?  We can’t; therefore, we won’t. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Chubby cats are the cutest, no doubt about that. They look like pillows that can walk and meow. Whenever you see them, you feel like cuddling them. However, as tempting as it is to overfeed your pet and fatten them up, we highly discourage not doing it. It can lead to deadly health issues. 

Impromptu Consultation

We are glad this cat chose to perch on top of a hospital. Now we can just grab their fluffy necks and shove them in there. This way, we can treat whatever insanity these felines are riddled with. We have to cut their nails off first, though. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Jokes aside, please do not be alarmed when your cat runs around the house abruptly. Young cats have the tendency to get zoomies. It happens when they have excessive energy and no outlet. The best way to prevent this is to tire them out by playing with them. 

Quick Snooze

London has a lot to offer to any tourist. They have many museums, universities, and even a royal palace. Certain neighborhoods are filled with scenic beauty. However, who knew out of all things, we would be mesmerized by a parking lot? Every day the universe surprises us. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

To understand the full magnitude of this photo, you need to google it. The Wellbeck Street Car Park is a massive digital parking lot that was designed during the new brutalism era. Sadly it was demolished back in 2019. It is a tragedy for the field of architecture (and sleepy, risk-loving cats). 

Buddha Cat

Gautam Buddha told us to let go of the greed that pollutes our minds. However, how can anyone not be greedy when cats still walk the face of the earth? Whenever we see these tiny creatures, our heart tells us to scoop them up and smooch their little fluffy faces with kisses!  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

We realize we would make a horrible Buddhist. You only have one life, and the world might collapse at any moment, so you might as well pet all the cats you come across while you still have the chance. After all, it seems not even Buddha can resist the charm of a fluffy cat! 

Invading The Hilton

Did you know that the famous Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel is of brutalist architecture? We know we didn’t. Currently, we are slapping ourselves for not noticing it earlier. However, enough about the Hilton. Let’s talk about the notorious Sphynx cat instead. These cats are extremely underappreciated.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The discrimination against hairless cats is perfectly illustrated in an episode of Friends when “Rachel” bought a pure-bred sphynx cat. “Joey” actually refused to acknowledge it as a cat, and “Ross” commented it was inside out! Though it was hilarious, we couldn’t help but feel bad for the cat.  

Black And White Shot In Black And White

For the love of all that is good and holy, why are there so many cats in the world, and why can’t we pet them all? One life is not enough. We need nine lives, just like cats, to interact with each and every one of them intimately, right?

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

This precious ball of fluff is so adorable that it distracts us from the beauty that is the Friske Planetarium. If you want to have a magical experience, just go to Colorado’s Friske Planetarium. Aside from the simple yet gorgeous architecture, you will witness shows that will take your breath away.

Chilling On The Ledge

Do not worry; the photoshopped cat will not fall down. Cats have an incredible sense of balance. Plus, even if they do, we pray and hope they fall in our arms. That little fluffy face and belly demand to be cuddled, and we volunteer to do it. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

London is home to many prominent brutalist structures, as we’ve already seen. However, the Balfron Tower is among the ones that are studied the most. It has a monochromatic color palette, yet it is anything but lifeless and cold. It is loud in a subtle yet brutal way.

Unconventional Scratching Post

Cats need their designated scratch post, or else they will ruin your furniture. Veteran cat owners are used to not having nice things anymore. If they could grow this big, we have to doubt they would have used mighty structures like the Lippo center for scratching.

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Most of the brutalist works are done in North America and the European regions. However, as the days go by, Asia is also learning how to appreciate the beauty of this gorgeous style. This one is a major construction in Hong Kong. It has also made several movie appearances. 

Bengal Cat Watching Over Departed Souls

Even cemeteries can be beautiful. This Argentine construction is a prime example of that. When you think about it, cemeteries are the most deserving of being beautiful. Your skyscraper apartment may be nice, but it’s not your permanent resting place. When everything ends, you will rest beneath the ground. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

The Chacarita Cemetery is Argentina’s largest national cemetery. It was established in the 18th century, and it’s still going strong. This place is hauntingly beautiful. The construction style is a combination of 18th-century architecture and 20th-century brutalism, and a great place to rest for eternity. 

Just Needed To Stretch!

Oh lord, look at the stretch of that tall boi! Had he not been so flexible, he would have broken his back. Sadly the only thing that is broken is our hearts because we cannot scoop him up and cuddle him to sleep. Writing this listicle is torture. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

This particular variety of cats is called a tuxedo cat. They hilariously look like a sophisticated gentleman despite what situation they are in. Their faces are usually white, while the rest of their body is black. They are either a menace to society or the sweetest baby. There is no in-between. 


Do not despair; you did not ‘walk’ into the wrong listicle. We are still discussing adorable cats and gorgeous brutalist architecture from all over the world. This particular cat may look like an African leopard, but it’s much smaller and far more docile than a wild creature.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

These are Bengal cats. They are a special breed that is a cross between domesticated home cats and wild cats. They have been bred in a way that retained their leopard marks while having the personality of a lap cat. Looks like this one also got a fondness for brutalist architecture along the way!  


We spent quite a lot of time showing appreciation for Bengal cats. Now it is time we focus back on brutalist architecture. Each of these buildings is more beautiful than the other, and we are feeling quite overwhelmed. Even the seemingly simple ones like this tall building have such a prominent aura. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

This is the Christian Science Center in Massachusetts. The state of Massachusetts is home to many prominent universities and Ivy League colleges, so it’s only fair there should be a stunning science center there for all science lovers. However, it looks like it won’t be there for much longer with this one roaming around.

Art Lover

The majority of this listicle was spent appreciating the fine-looking exterior of the brutalist structures. However, they can look even better inside. When this movement first started, critics commented that it was too bland and soulless. However, that’s not the case here. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Instead of a lifeless pile of bricks, the Zeitz MOCAA looks like a well-constructed piece of art. The inside reminds us of an aquarium for some reason. This goes on to show that brutalism is not actually brutal; it can also be very gorgeous. 

A Day At The Courthouse

Lord, have mercy on our poor souls. How can something be so infuriating and adorable? If cuteness was a crime, this Siamese kitten would have received a life sentence. Since it is sitting on top of a courthouse, we assume it has finally been sued for its life of crime! 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

We hope when this kitten gets its sentence, the prison of choice is our arms. Jokes aside, this is a beautiful building. Spain has long been regarded as a pioneer of various art movements, so we are not surprised they nailed the construction of their court. 

Verdun Station

“Little buddy, are you okay? Instead of that uncomfortable hard station floor, why don’t you go sleep on your bed? No? Well, okay.” Cats will never appreciate the things you do for them. They are gods, and we are peasants that incessantly worship them.  

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Seems as if nothing has changed since ancient Egypt. You can buy these little critters the finest toy in the pet mart, but they’ll prefer playing with a random dried leaf. You buy them the fluffiest bed, yet they will flop down on the floor. Cats make no sense. But we love them so much!

Palais De Justice De Lille

King, who? We only know king floof? Instead of the Empire State building, it terrorizes the city of Lille, France, from the Palais De Justice De Lille. The only way you can appease it is with catnip. If not, it will bite off your fingers. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

We don’t know what this cat is doing up there, especially since they look so unhappy. They could make their life easier by staying on the ground. However, they insist on climbing high places and trapping themselves, leaving us humans to rescue them from gorgeous buildings like this one. 

Torn Down

As it seems, Asia has several displays of brutalist architecture in its collection. The Pearl Bank Apartment complex resides in the heart of Singapore. It was established all the way back in the ’70s. Sadly it was demolished in the 2020s due to old age. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

2020 was a bad year overall. This simply made things worse. It was quite the iconic property as it was one of Singapore’s first high-rise constructions. Over the years, Singapore has made many stunning things, like the Marina Bay Sands, yet the Pearl Bank Apartments remained iconic. 

Testing The Waters

As cat owners, this is way too familiar to us. Whenever we cut some holes into a cardboard box, it becomes our cat’s favorite toy. They shove their little paws through the little crevices, and it is the absolute cutest thing in the world! 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Instead of buying fancy toys for our cats, it is better to DIY something cheap. They seem to like that better, anyway. This particular building went through a renovation for the 2012 Olympics in London and was given brutalist features.  

Sneaky Kitty

Like we said, this is torture. How can anything be so cute? Just like that Siamese kitten from the Spanish court, this cat also deserves a life sentence in our arms. Just look at those eyes and the chubby cheeks. How can it be legal to be so adorable? 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

If we did not have diabetes before, we certainly do now. This cat is too sweet for this world. We have a soft spot for tabby cats, which just makes things worse for us. Maybe we should call the shelter. It’s high time we got another cat!   

A Taste Of Faith

Catholic church? More like a CATholic church. Please don’t leave. We apologize for the tasteless pun. You came this far, might as well stay till the listicle ends. We previously saw two other churches in this listicle. Compared to them, this looks more like a traditional church. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

It has a cross, unlike the other ones. This shows the versatility of brutalism. You can apply it to basically everything and make something beautiful out of it. If you are planning on building your own house, perhaps you should incorporate some of these styles.  

Moshav Yonatan Cultural Center

We actually recently learned that cats are huge fans of slides. They love the sensation of sliding down something, so now, we take our cat, put her on a long scarf, and slide the scarf around the house. The little kitty always squeals in joy! 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

This one has its own style, and we are kind of jealous. Although this is an edit, the portrayal is accurate. This tells you that the Instagram page is not randomly placing photos of cats; the edits are well thought out. It makes sense since the admins are architects. 

Makomanai Takino Cemetery

No, we are not trolling you at the end of the listicle. There is indeed a cat in there. You just have to focus and find it. Did you see it? Yes, there is indeed a cat gazing at you menacingly from the inside of the building. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

Good luck sleeping peacefully tonight! Unlike you, veteran cat owners are immune to situations like this. Over the years, they’ve developed nerves of steel. They are used to glowing eyes gazing at them from afar. They are also used to being attacked in the dark. Nothing can phase them anymore. 


We saved the best for the last. We not only have a monument here but also the cutest cat. From this, you can clearly see the versatility of brutalism. Maybe you can also employ these features in your next construction project. We assure you that it will look classy. 

Image Credit: cats_of_brutalism/ Instagram

We would also like to encourage you to donate to animal shelters and adopt animals from them. There are millions of them still at the kennel, and you could be their forever home. And then, you can witness cute things like this for life.