Tats For Tails: 40+ Beloved Pets Immortalized In Ink

By Jhoana C

Millions of people worldwide have tattoos on different parts of their bodies. Some like huge, intricate ones, while others go for dainty script designs, but they all have meaning and importance to the people who get them.

One of the biggest reasons people get the faces of their loved ones, including pets, immortalized on their bodies is to remember them forever. It doesn’t matter if you have a bird, a cat, a bunny, or a hamster. You’d want them remembered and their life celebrated, especially if they have made an impact on yours.

One day, your pet will leave for the rainbow bridge, but getting a memorial tattoo means you will always be with each other. Not even space and time will separate you. Just make sure you go to an artist who can turn your pet into a memorial masterpiece like these ones.

#1 Lovely Ginger on a thigh

We are here for beautiful tattoos and equally beautiful likenesses of pets, and we have to say that this is one of the best works we have seen in a long time. Presenting the lovely Ginger immortalized in a tattoo.

Image courtesy of angela.emr_tattoos/Instagram

This artist is so good at their job that it feels like we’re looking at Ginger in the flesh. A beloved kitty deserves to be recognized for all the love and happiness it brings, and frankly, this is an excellent way to honor and remember this particular one.

#2 An adorable Shih Tzu

Commonly associated with China, the Shih Tzu actually originated from China’s neighbor, Tibet. The dogs were usually sent to the royalty of China as gifts, and we couldn’t be happier that nowadays, Shih Tzus are found all over the world.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/ Pinterest

This cute Shih Tzu named Bruce was immortalized by his pet parent in the form of a tattoo. So, it’s safe to assume the little doggo must have been so loved and must have left an indelible mark in the life of this person.

#3 Now, this doggo will never leave her parent

When a beloved pet passes away, the sadness it leaves the family in is enormous. Pets are more than just animals; they are companions, confidantes, and loves of people’s lives. So, when they die, the gaps they leave in our hearts take a while to heal.

Image courtesy of inkillusionstattoo/Instagram

As we’ve mentioned, one of the things most pet parents do to honor the lives of their beloved pets is to get a tattoo, and this is one we absolutely love. The artist did justice to both the pet and the pet parent with this breathtaking piece.

#4 Max and his tie

We’re wondering if Max was really wearing a tie when the photo that was the inspiration for this tattoo was taken or if the artist thought it would be a good idea to add it in. One thing is true, though, Max is cute with or without the tie.

Image courtesy of nel_artista/Instagram

What makes this tattoo stand out, aside from Max’s bright tie, is his lovely blue eyes. All the pictures in this list give us major pet vibes, so we won’t judge you if you head out to the local animal shelter after. We also need the love of a furbaby ASAP!

#5 The best of friends

Who knew that a dog and a bunny could become certified besties? We certainly didn’t count on that, but here’s some proof for you. The OP had his pets tattooed on his calf, and we’re confident that’s the type of tattoo no one would regret getting.

Image courtesy of SHOTTY17/Reddit

We can only assume that these two are long gone because of the flowers on the tattoo. They must be having the time of their lives hopping, running around, and having all sorts of adventures and shenanigans wherever they are.

#6 Can this tattoo get any cuter?

If this tattoo gets any cuter, we’d have to get 20 of them on our arms and legs! People all over the world have tattoos dedicated to their pets. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, P!nk, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Demi Lovato are proud owners of pet tattoos.

Image courtesy of mei.lu_tattooist/Instagram

The trend shows no sign of slowing down. After all, you can’t stop people from having portraits of their loved ones immortalized on their bodies, be they humans or pets. It’s a form of paying respect and showing love and appreciation.

#7 Disney doggo princess

Being a Disney princess is the dream of many little girls. However, this photo will convince you that being on Disney is also the dream of many pets, specifically this dog. Here’s Jack Button for you with his ‘Disneyfied’ counterpart.

Image courtesy of Nikkirex2/Twitter

He looks exceptionally adorable in his tattoo version. Any minute now, we expect his owner to break into a song-and-dance routine like they usually do in Disney movies! What song do you think would go well with this out of your favorites?

#8 Hey there, Tabby!

You can tell a tattoo artist is skilled when his work is so lifelike. Looking at this tattoo makes you think it will start moving any minute. It was done by an artist in Turkey, and although we’re not tattoo experts, we know that even they would agree that it’s excellent work.

Image courtesy of berkayyazici/Reddit

This beloved kitty must have made a huge difference in his owner’s life. They may not be regarded as very affectionate, but cats can be just as loving as dogs. Contrary to popular belief, they are not standoffish or aloof.  

#9 Where is the cat?

Initially, we were asking what kind of a tattoo this was and if it belonged on this list because we couldn’t see any animal. But when you look a little closer, you’ll see a kitty’s cute nose and whiskers transforming into flowers.

Image courtesy of karenthebear/Reddit

This subtle nod to kitties everywhere also showcases the OP’s love for flowers. The kitty immortalized with this loved to eat flowers, hence the need to include it in the tattoo. It’s a unique work of art you don’t see all the time.

#10 Sad theories of life

We read somewhere on the internet that dogs die early because they are born knowing how to love, whereas humans take a whole lifetime to learn what love is. Once we read it, we thought to ourselves that there’s no statement we agree with more than this.

Image courtesy of rodferod/Instagram

This dog must have brought so much love, life, and light to his parent that they made sure to honor him with a beautiful tattoo. Though it’s undeniably beautiful, it makes us sad, too, knowing that the doggo and this person are no longer together.

#11 Blueberry

This canine’s name is Borůvka, which means blueberry in Czech. Borůvka must have been a beautiful dog, and he must have been loved very much when still alive. Although we can’t tell what breed the dog was, we still think this is a fantastic tattoo.

Image courtesy of ramona.ink/Instagram

As beautiful as they are, pet tattoos are not for everyone. Would you be willing to have your pet immortalized in ink, even if you’re afraid of needles and have a low threshold for pain? But then again, maybe this is one of those instances where you know when you know.

#12 Two buddies in a frame

We know we are stating the obvious when we say dogs are very social. Although there are doubts in the scientific community, dogs can form true friendships with other canines, and Rascal and Cooper are proof of that. These two are fast friends.

Image courtesy of greens_tattoo/Instagram

They are inseparable, so their fur parent thought there was no better way to immortalize that than to have their picture together tattooed. We are 100% behind that decision. We bet they are as adorable in real life as they are in the photo.

#13 Brother Louie, Louie, Louie

We know it’s lame, but the first thing that came to mind when we saw this photo was the song Brother Louie by Dieter Bohlen. And this Louie need not worry as he is 100 times more good-looking and adorable than the singer (sorry, Bohlen).

Image courtesy of victoria.tattoohk/Instagram

Done by a tattoo artist in London, we can tell that Louie’s human was very proud of the portrait and couldn’t wait to show it to friends and family when they got it. You know what makes this tattoo even cuter? Louie’s little tongue peeking out!

#14 Who says cats and dogs get to have all the fun?

So far, most of the pets we have seen on this list were either cats or dogs, so we thought we’d mix it up a little by bringing in a bunny. First domesticated in the 5th century, rabbits first settled in the Iberian Peninsula and France.

Image courtesy of rabbittron/Reddit

In the U.S. alone, more than 2 million households have pet rabbits, so it’s evident that they are gaining popularity. This quaint combo of dotwork with geometric lining sets this tattoo apart from others, and frankly, we’d definitely say yes to a tattoo like this.

#15 Two for the road

What is better than having one pooch to come home to? Having two pooches greet you excitedly once you open the door, and that’s exactly what this lucky person had to live with every single day as she came home from work.

Image courtesy of MagnumTattoo/Twitter

As an ode to her two Huskies, this lady got their faces tattooed, and all we have to say is Wow! We totally love what the artist did here, adding as much color as they could with the leaves and flowers. It’s truly a piece worth being celebrated.

#16 Vibrant dog tattoo

Contrary to popular belief, colorful tattoos are not that new. The oldest one ever dated is traced to ancient Egypt. We are not sure why, but this particular tattoo just made us feel so thankful for the evolution of this underrated art form.

Image courtesy of Rakutanz/Reddit

We love the colors, patterns, and bold lines on this vibrant dog tattoo. It would certainly make any pet parent proud. The memorial tattoo gathered a lot of likes and positive comments on the internet, and we can see why.

#17 Another day at the tattoo shop

The earliest tattoo was recorded around 3300 B.C., and it was found on the mummified skin of a Bronze-Age man. Tattoos have come a long way since then, and the equipment is more sophisticated, but a lot of tattoo artists still choose to use traditional tools.

Image courtesy of rosie__blk/Instagram

Though this tattoo was made with modern tools and is definitely more lifelike compared to the crude tattoos of hundreds of years ago, one thing remains true; they both took a lot of time, effort, and patience and deserve recognition.

#18 Thanks for the memories

Anyone who’s ever owned a pet, be it a hamster, bunny, cat, or dog, knows that when the pet goes to the rainbow bridge, there is a profound feeling of loss. True, pets cannot communicate verbally, but sometimes they are better when it comes to demonstrating love.

Image courtesy of sliwka.tattoo/Instagram

This memorial tattoo reminds the pooch’s parent of all the good times they had together. In particular, this beautiful day when they were hanging out, and someone snapped a photo of them. The pooch may have moved on, but its memory will be forever cherished by its parent.

#19 Deep in thought but still cute

Cute is an overused word when it comes to pets, but who can blame us? We’ve come across countless cute tattoos so far, and we think you’d agree that this one belongs to that category too. Look at that butt! If you don’t think that’s worth mentioning, we don’t think what else is.

Image courtesy of pettattoo.salmon/Instagram

On a scale of 1 to 10, the cuteness factor of this one is easily 15. It’s so lifelike that we are expecting the dog on the tattoo to roll over and start looking for food! Honestly, we would give it whatever it wanted as long as it followed us.

#20 Beauty in simplicity

This one may not be as elaborate or colorful as the other tattoos on this list, but it is just as meaningful and special. Who says you have to get huge tattoos to celebrate your pet? Small ones have just as great an impact.

Image courtesy of baddogsdrawing/Reddit

What we love most about this is the tattoo beautifully captures the smirk on the pooch’s face, too, and only a true artist can do such a thing. If we had this guy’s talent, we would be so happy seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they got such tattoos.

#21 Drifting off to dreamland

What’s more adorable than a regular cat tattoo? A tattoo of one sleeping in these awkward yet adorable poses they adopt when snoozing. Don’t you just wish you were like this cat, especially at times when you are going through bouts of extreme insomnia? We know we do.

Image courtesy of minari_tattooInstagram

The head tilt, the cute fat belly, and the moon and stars all play a part in elevating this tattoo to the heights of perfection. If we could only have a single small tattoo for the rest of our lives, we’d have no qualms about picking this one.

#22 A doggo and his ball are never parted

Most dogs like balls and one of their favorite games is fetch. According to science, this is because of their prey drive. The way a ball moves bears some similarity to the movement of prey which stimulates a dog’s instincts.

Image courtesy of berkayyazici/Instagram

This doggo loved its ball so much, and they seldom parted, so it made sense to have a tattoo showing him doting on his beloved pink ball. We can imagine the owner taking this snap all the while thinking, “this is just too adorable; maybe I’ll get it as a tattoo someday.”

#23 A trio of cute creatures

Tattoos don’t have to be humongous to be appreciated. Sometimes small works of art are more beautiful than big ones. If this trio of precious pets does not convince you of that irrefutable fact, then we don’t know what will.

Image courtesy of paw.tattoo/Instagram

There’s the adorable kitty and two of her canine friends. The tattoos are so detailed and realistic that, at first glance, you would think this girl just put three animal stickers on her thigh. We just hope they didn’t all die at the same time.

#24 Cute little thief

Sometimes dogs take items around the house, play with them and even hide them because it’s fun. When they do this, it’s an immediate reward because they get something to comfort them, play with, or eat. This little rascal must have made it his pastime to take things around the house.

Image courtesy of Fidellio/Reddit

We are saying that because this person chose to have the little guy immortalized with a stolen paintbrush in his mouth. People around the house must miss him terribly because now, no one is taking their things. For some reason, that makes us terribly sad.

#25 Copy-paste

Some people think of tattooing as a copy-paste job, especially if the tattoo has a specific inspiration the artist has to follow. This is one beautifully done copy-paste job that we wouldn’t mind having on our arm. What a stunning boxer!

Image courtesy of ivettetodoamor/Instagram

As descendants of the extinct bullenbaiser breeds crossed with a bulldog, mastiff, and possibly the Great Dane, boxers were bred in the 19th century in Germany to help butchers control cattle in slaughterhouses. Now, you’ll find them in households waiting for their masters’ arrival.

#26 Don’t disturb me; I’m sleeping

Though they sometimes get a bad rap, cats are actually more beloved than most animals. Worldwide, there are more than 500 million domesticated cats, and it’s not surprising that they’ve been associated with humans for thousands of years. They were even regarded as magical creatures in ancient Egypt.

Image courtesy of minari_tattoo/Instagram

One thing that separates cats from dogs is that they love to sleep and spend 13 to 14 hours daily snoozing. So, it makes sense why we have several tattoos of snoozing felines. The little fellow here had to save his precious energy.

#27 They must be a close bunch

This trio must have been very close since they seem cozy in this tattoo. Dogs are social creatures, so a scene like this isn’t unusual. Those that are well-socialized are comfortable not only in the company of other dogs but people too.

Image courtesy of salvacata/Instagram

If you have a puppy and are looking to develop its social skills, you should do so between 3 to 14 weeks to get the best results. People are usually not fond of aggressive dogs, so if you want your pooches to be as close as these three, start them young.

#28 Is that me, mama?

This tattoo turned out so well, and you can count us as huge fans. The canine in the photo looks mighty proud of the tattoo dedicated to him. His parents must love him so much that they got matching tattoos of his handsome face.

Image courtesy of greens_tattoo/Instagram

This dog breed has one of the friendliest faces, and if you were to chance upon one on the street, we’re sure you wouldn’t hesitate to pet or play with it. There’s just something so trustworthy and calming about him, plus he has the face of an angel.

#29 How can you not find this appealing?

An estimated 10% to 30% of the world’s population has tattoos, and although data outside the Western world is sparse, it’s safe to say that most people love having art on different parts of their bodies. It’s why tattoos have a very extensive and rich history.

Image courtesy of lookatthe_dokhwa/Instagram

Count this proud fellow as one of the members of the world’s tattooed population since he was more than happy to get a tattoo of his beloved kitty on his body. Thank heavens for people like this artist who can make anything so lifelike.

#30 Tribute to a beloved member of the family

Pets are more than cute creatures that give us the urge to hug them. They also offer comfort, warmth, companionship, and unconditional love, and that is why they are considered members of the family by most people, not just beloved animals.

Image courtesy of bangbangchiefkeef/Reddit

This guy’s beloved bunny, Janis Joplin, passed away, and as tribute, he had her tattooed on his thigh. Janis sure looks happy, and we’re certain that wherever she is, she is happy surrounded by her other bunny friends. Fly high, bunny!

#31 Black Beauty

Black is beautiful, and that not only applies to little black dresses but also to black dogs, such as this one. Even if you are not a dog lover, you’ll appreciate this work which must have taken a number of hours to complete.

Image courtesy of umanarizinho/Instagram

True, you can have your pet immortalized with a photo or painting, but having it tattooed is different. It means you are never going to be away from them wherever you go. There’s a very beautiful feeling that comes with that knowledge.

#32 Give me five

Now here’s a dog more than willing to give you five when you ask for it. Dogs and cats can be taught plenty of tricks, but the most popular are shaking hands, sitting pretty, rolling over, playing dead, spinning, and bowing.

Image courtesy of liveage_boskovice/Instagram

We’re kinda bummed that ‘Give me five’ didn’t make it to the top 10 list, but this fur parent doesn’t care. They chose to immortalize their beloved friend by getting a tattoo of it, doing the one trick it loved most. We hope there are high fives in heaven.

#33 Pouring out of the frame

Worldwide, there are over 470 million pet dogs. Compare that to 370 million cats, and you’ll know which one is more popular. Dogs are known to be courageous, loyal, and fiercely protective of their humans, and those are just a few of the many qualities that endear them.

Image courtesy of mirelasolmifa/Instagram

The fact that more people in the world own dogs subsequently results in more people having dog tattoos compared to other animals. This particular dog tattoo is of three furry friends who seem to be doing all they can to fit in the frame!

#34 Whoa, this dog is scary

There are cute dogs, and then there are dogs that mean business. Wonder what we mean? Think of Rottweilers, Dobermans, Great Danes, Cane Corsos, and Akitas. One menacing look from any of these fierce canines, and you’ll be running for the hills.

Image courtesy of savageson.tattoo/Instagram

We are not sure what breed this dog is, but it sure seems mean. Or maybe it just has a literal resting bitch face? With that said, we’re sure that no matter how scary-looking it is, its pet parent loves it a lot.

#35 Pretty portrait

Even if you’re not a fan of animal portraits, you have to admit that this was nicely done. The photo was taken after just 1 session, so it’s only going to look better once it’s finished. This little doggo also has one of the most unusual names ever!

Image courtesy of orangecatsandkaiju/Reddit

Its name is Walter White, and it’s the love of its pet parent’s life. If you’re looking to have a portrait done similar to this, there are plenty of inspirations online, and for sure, a good tattoo artist will give you a few ideas too.

#36 What lovely eyes!

This is one beautiful feline. Just look at those mesmerizing eyes! Here’s a random fact about cats; some of them can live for close to 20 years! Also, a cat’s genome is 95% tiger, and they share a lot of behaviors with their ancestors.

Image courtesy of redhaare/Instagram

Can you see it with this one? We will never get over how beautiful cats are, especially white ones like this one. Those eyes are the definition of piercing eyes and are undoubtedly one of its best features. Luckily, we think the artist did a great job capturing that.

#37 Soul kitty

This memorial piece was done by an artist in Arizona, and he did justice to the cat’s legacy if you ask us. The OP said that seeing his cat’s face every day makes him very happy, and he hopes that works of art such as this one help people heal from their loss.

Image courtesy of widgetinbeta/Reddit

After seeing such posts, most people on the internet decide to head to a tattoo shop to get their pets immortalized on their bodies when their beloved pet passes. We can only hope that the artists deliver the results these guys hope for.

#38 Remembering a special feline

This is another kitty tattoo that anyone would be proud to have. If it inspires you to also get a kitty to love and care for, we recommend going to an animal shelter and adopting one instead of buying one.

Image courtesy of obi_one__tattoo/Instagram

Adopting a cat or other animals from the shelter has been shown to have positive effects on a person’s ability to cope with anxiety, stress, and loneliness. It has also helped people cope with depression. Plus, animals from shelters deserve love too.

#39 Beautiful kitties and a handsome dog

This person must have their hands full with a household of three cats and a dog. Having one pet requires a lot of patience, love, and understanding, so we can’t imagine having four! Fortunately, it also means you receive quadruple the amount of love.

Image courtesy of gabileilek/Instagram

If you’re thinking of adding a cat or dog to your household, remember that they can coexist peacefully as long as they are given enough time and space to get to know each other. Some cats and dogs even end up becoming really close friends.

#40 Like a witch’s familiar

We can’t help but compare this little fellow to a witch’s familiar. For the uninitiated, familiars are supernatural entities that help witches with their magic. Sebastian, the kitty immortalized on the tattoo, reminds us so much of “Salem,” “Sabrina’s” cat on Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Image courtesy of KaikesPokeCards/Reddit

Maybe it’s the funny hat! He passed away but not before living 15 fruitful years and having survived 2 dog attacks and being hit by a car twice. So, maybe it’s true that cats really have nine lives, and he lived each of his beautifully in the company of his human.

#41 How pawsome!

One of the most things you should settle on before getting a dog is whether you want a toy dog or a guard dog. Guard dogs are so named because they are helpful when it comes to protecting property since they warn you and even go after intruders.

Image courtesy of beckyross-tb/Reddit

On the other hand, toy dogs are the smaller ones that weigh 15 pounds or less, even when fully grown. Judging by the looks of this dog, we think he is a guard dog. You can tell from the look on its face that it’s all about keeping his human and his home safe.

#42 Awwwww, what a darling dog

If we could die because of witnessing immense cuteness, we’d probably be dead by now because there is no shortage of that on this list. This dog, though, is literally cute because it belongs to the smaller breeds, which people like to call toy dogs, and it has accessories!

Image courtesy of paw.tattoo/Instagram

Our hearts could melt with its little sombrero and guitar. This pooch must be feeling the mariachi vibes, and we almost can’t wait for it to start barking, howling, turning around, and making a spectacle of itself, all in good fun.

#43 Done for the day

You don’t have to go to Los Angeles to get a tattoo as awesome as this because we’re pretty sure plenty of local artists in your area can do just as good a job. But if you’re in the city, there’s no harm in trying to locate this particular artist.

Image courtesy of ilwolhongdam/Instagram

This tattoo shows a pooch who’s done with all the playing and running around and just wants to rest. Nothing beats being able to drift off to deep sleep after a busy day spent playing fetch and chewing shoes and socks.

#44 This pet portrait has so much life

There are a number of skills needed to become a good tattoo artist. You have to be good at drawing and spend a lot of time practicing your art. Judging by this beautiful portrait, the artist must have practiced for hundreds of hours to get to this level.

Image courtesy of nico_fedelle_tattoo/Instagram

The dog’s name is Whiskey, and he’s 11 years old, which is about 60 to 65 in human years. From the dog’s age, you can tell that it has lived a full life and won’t be around for so long. Perhaps that’s why his parent decided to celebrate his life.

#45 11 hours is well worth it

The person who owns this awesome tattoo mentioned that it took 11 hours for his pet Meonji to be immortalized on his skin. Well, we say it’s 11 hours well spent because look at the results! Aside from taking a long time to be finished, it was also his first tattoo.

Image courtesy of goyangimamma/Reddit

Expertly done, wouldn’t you say? We have a feeling that this guy is going to want more tattoos of his future pets. Wonder what he did during those 11 hours he was being tattooed? He watched Netflix on his phone, of course.