Touching Stories Of Rescued Cats

By Victor O

There are a lot of sweet stories of how many stray cats have been saved by humans, and it is so touching how humans can do anything to help these precious animals. Many cats have been rescued and adopted over the years, and here are some cute stories.

Image source: jbuchbinder/Unsplash

Vending Machine

Firefighters rescued a cat after a lady, Lindsey Rusell, an employee at Walmart in Morristown, Tennesse, tried her best to help the kitten out of the vending machine. She heard the cat’s cry for help from inside the store, and went outside, only to find it in the depths of the vending machine. The other employees tried to help, but no one could explain how the cat got there or even find a way to rescue the cat. They eventually had to call the firefighters who came to salvage the situation. The cat was saved and found a loving home. And, of course, earned several cute nicknames as an homage to the vending machine she was rescued from.

Image source: roxannedesgagnes/Unsplash


Another touching story, a motorist saw a cat in the middle of the highway dodging traffic, and he rescued her. The cat was bottle-fed, but she bit off the nipple of the bottle and swallowed it. She was taken to the emergency vet, where it was found that she had a history of eating non-edible objects. She had many other health problems, but despite her condition, the cat, now named Kiwi, always wanted to play around; she had much energy. Her owner reported that she has been healthy and robust.