Fluffy And Floppy: Adorable Big-Eared Animals That Could Give Dumbo A Run For His Money

By Anni K

Get ready for some ear-resistible cuteness! We’ve scoured the animal kingdom to bring you a collection of photos that will make your heart skip a beat. From rabbits to fennec foxes, these critters have one thing in common—oversized ears! While big ears might seem like a funny quirk, they actually serve an important purpose for many animals. For example, the fennec fox’s massive ears help it stay cool in the desert heat, while rabbits use their ears to detect approaching predators.

These photos showcase the amazing diversity of the animal kingdom and the many different ways that creatures have adapted to survive in their environments. Some of these pictures, however, are just adorable babies that have yet to grow into their features.

Whatever the reason, we’re just here to have our hearts melted for a brief moment looking at all these adorable animals and their huge ears. 

Wing Ears

Say hello to Wally, the rabbit with the most amazing ears we’ve ever seen! At first glance, his ears look almost wing-like, and they’re so fluffy you just want to snuggle him. Did you know that rabbits, like fennec foxes, use their ears to regulate their body temperature?


When they’re hot, they can dissipate heat through their ears. And when they’re cold, they can trap heat to stay warm. With those big, beautiful ears, we bet Wally is a pro at staying just the right temperature. But, let’s be honest; we’re just here for those cute ears.


Introducing the Jerboa, the adorable desert-dwelling rodent with ears that are two-thirds the length of its body—one of the largest ear-to-body ratios in the animal kingdom! Those big ears help the Jerboa hear predators approaching and also dissipate heat in the scorching desert sun. 


Did you know that Jerboas can jump up to six feet in a single bound? They use their long tails for balance and their powerful legs to launch themselves into the air. With those giant ears and impressive jumping abilities, the Jerboa is definitely one of the coolest critters in the desert!


This dog has got us melting with those upright, slightly oversized ears and that adorable, confused expression! It looks like it just spotted a big bowl of treats and wants to make sure its owners won’t be close enough to catch him enjoying it. 


Whilst these ears aren’t the biggest around, the cute face and slightly shorter legs on this dog allows it to be placed amongst the ranks of the cutest critters. We would love to have a stuffed toy-replica of this doggy. 

Say What?

Check out this tiny dog with ears that are bigger than its head! The best part? One of those giant ears is upright, listening intently to something outside the car window. Did you know that a dog’s ears can move independently of each other? 


This allows them to detect sounds from different directions, which is especially useful for hunting or alerting their owners to potential danger. We’re not sure what this little guy heard, but we’re guessing it was something pretty interesting; hopefully it’s their owner promising a treat.

Ear Protection

This German Shepherd puppy is all set for his bath time, and he’s taking no chances with his adorable floppy ears! With a shower cap in place, his ears are perfectly protected from the splashing water. Did you know that dogs’ ears are particularly prone to infection? 


Moisture in the ear canal can lead to yeast and bacteria growth, causing painful and unpleasant ear infections. This pup’s owner is clearly one step ahead, making sure his ears are safe and sound during his bath. He looks so happy and content, too!

Proud Bun

This grey bunny is really working those ears. Aren’t they impressive? It looks like they could almost touch the floor! And just look at that proud posture; like it’s showing off to the world. We wonder what it’s feeling so confident about.


Maybe it’s just happy to have such unique features. Or perhaps it just heard its owner bragging about him to their friends and saying he deserves extra carrot snacks today. Aw man, we’d give anything to know what’s going on inside his head.


Check out this sweet newborn lamb with each ear almost the size of its cute little head. While those ears might look funny now, they’ll grow into them soon enough. Did you know that sheep have an incredible sense of hearing? 


Their ears can move independently to pick up sounds from all directions. This little guy might have an advantage when it comes to detecting predators with those big ears. In the meantime, we just cannot get enough of those cute, floppy ears!

Scooby Doo #2

We’re not sure if this is a Pharoah hound or a Great Dane, but either way, look at those ears! They are big enough that if they could flap in the wind, it would definitely create a breeze to cool you off on a hot day!


If this dog played Scooby-Doo’s understudy, we’re sure he’d pick up on some of those audio clues much quicker, given those big ears. No crook could hide away or sneak past him. We would like to adopt one of these guys immediately, please!


Check out this adorable baby Okapi with those big, beautiful ears and a unique, striped body pattern! Don’t let those stripes fool you; Okapis are most closely related to giraffes. Until now, we’d never seen one of these before, but now we’re in love!


They’re known for their distinctive striped coats, which help them blend in with their forest surroundings. And those ears have a cool feature—they can swivel independently to help locate the source of a noise. With its curious expression and one-of-a-kind look, this baby Okapi is definitely a sight to behold!

Tripping Hazard

Check out this cute bunny with ears that are as long as its body. It’s just doing its thing, hanging out in someone’s yard. Did you know that rabbits have excellent hearing and can rotate their ears 270 degrees to catch sounds from all directions? 


This bunny’s ears certainly aren’t lacking in the hearing department, but those long ears might be a tripping hazard. It’s a good thing this little guy looks so adorable and cuddly—it’s easier to forgive any bunny-related accidents from this clumsy fella.

Dobby, Is That You?

Check out this Oriental Shorthair Cat with ears so big they almost resemble Dobby from the Harry Potter movies! This breed is known for their large ears and expressive faces, making them one of the most unique-looking cats out there. 


Did you know that a cat’s ears have over 20 muscles that allow them to move in different directions to capture sounds? They’re also covered in fur, which helps them stay warm and can even help them fly! (Just kidding, but they do use their ears for balance when jumping).


Meet Remy, the unique black German Shepherd with oversized ears! This beautiful pup looks like a stunning work of art with its striking black coat and those big, expressive ears. Will he ever grow into those ears? We hope not!


German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and loyalty, making them a popular choice for working dogs and family pets. Remy’s oversized ears are definitely a unique feature that make him stand out in the crowd. We can’t resist the charm of that curious gaze.

Feed Me!

Marvel at this cute grey cat with large ears, looking like it’s striking a funny pose with those ears pulled flat as if it’s angry about something. If so, that makes sense. Cats use their ears to communicate their mood and intentions.


When a cat’s ears are flattened like this, it can indicate aggression or fear. But this little guy might just be pulling a silly face for the camera or might be angry that he isn’t getting any treats today! Just give this good kitty some catnip and treats, already!

Happy Guy

This Corgi’s picture belongs in the dictionary for the entry “puppy dog eyes.” Those big ears make its eyes even more stunning. Did you know that Corgis were originally bred for herding livestock? Their long, pointed ears were ideal for picking up on noises and signals from their owners while out in the fields.


Nowadays, they make great pets and are known for their happy-go-lucky personalities. This little guy is no exception, with a big smile and wagging tail that are sure to brighten anyone’s day. We get why the late Queen Elizabeth loved Corgis so much!

Hello World!

What a cutie! This small German Shepherd puppy may have big ears, and sure, he’ll grow into them, but for now, he’s just a bundle of adorable energy. His curious expression seems to be asking, “Who are you and what’s going on?” 


It’s clear that this little guy is going to have a bright future with those big ears and shining eyes. We have a feeling he’s going to be a great companion for someone who loves to go on adventures and play fetch.


Oh my goodness, what a precious little fennec fox! With those big, expressive ears, this little one is already quite the charmer. Fennec foxes are the smallest species of fox, but their ears aren’t. Those mini satellites make up a significant portion of their body size. 


In fact, they have the largest ears of any fox in relation to their body size! This little guy seems to be enjoying the affection from his owner, snuggling up to their shoulder like a baby. It’s no wonder these animals have become popular exotic pets—they’re just too cute to resist!


This adorable Oriental kitten looks like it’s deep in thought, tilting its head with an inquisitive expression. With its large, pointed ears perked up, it seems to be paying close attention to its surroundings or maybe looking at what its owner is doing. 


Perhaps it’s contemplating the meaning of life or simply wondering when its next meal will arrive. Either way, those ears that are almost the size of its head make our heart grow ten times bigger! Can we please have 10 of these kitties?

Classic Bunny Ears

“Bunny ears” is a classic expression to show off large ears, and we are sure whoever used it first definitely got their inspiration from these two fluffy bunny brothers! They’re so perfectly cute; they look like a pair of little stuffed toys. 


It’s no wonder rabbits are so beloved by so many people, with their adorable appearance and playful personalities. Rabbits can jump up to 36 inches in height and run at speeds up to 30 miles per hour! Good luck keeping up with that high energy.


This 7-week-old German Shepherd puppy, named Nacho, is an absolute cutie with one ear up and one ear down! It is always amusing to see puppies with their floppy ears, not quite ready to hunt and listen to things around them. 


We have no doubt that, in a few weeks, both of the puppy’s ears will be standing up straight. But for now, it adds a quirky charm. German Shepherds are an intelligent and loyal breed that are often used as working dogs, but it’s hard to resist their puppy charm with floppy ears.

Too Cute

This little dog with big ears is on a mission. Sitting in the car, his ears are folded over at the tips—probably because they are too heavy or the muscles haven’t quite been developed yet, adding to the cuteness factor.


 With a look of intense focus, he’s locked in on his owner, seemingly waiting for instructions or an offer of a treat. His big ears might be folded over, but they don’t detract from the overall cuteness of this pup. With those big brown eyes and adorable expression, who could resist him?


This Dachshund looks like he’s ready for his ID photo! With his big ears pointing to the sides and his lips stuck on his teeth, he’s making the same awkward smile we had for picture day. Despite his slightly uncomfortable expression, it’s clear that this pup has a lot of personality.


Maybe this is the 100th time someone has asked him to take a photo because of his unique ears, so he just put on this smile. But don’t say anything bad about his smile; he’ll likely hear it and come for your ankles!


We can’t see what the serval is staring at just off camera, but we can tell it’s got its sights on something. It’s hard not to be captivated by this wild cat’s beauty as it lounges on their owner’s chair with such ease and grace.


The large ears are used to locate prey in the wild and are one of the distinguishing features of the serval. It’s hard not to feel a sense of awe when looking into those big, expressive eyes and noticing those large upright ears. 

Good Hearing

This ginger cat must have some superpowers with those huge ears! They seem almost as large as its head! We wonder if it can hear even the tiniest of sounds with such a big set of ears. It’s likely always up-to-date with the latest neighborhood gossip.


According to some articles, cats use their ears for more than just hearing. They can also use them to communicate with humans and other animals through various ear movements. But in this case, it just looks like the cat is ready to take off with those ears as its wings!

Floppy Tips

This little guy has some serious ear game! While his ears are large, the floppy tips give him a playful and charming look. It’s almost as if they have a mind of their own, and they add to his adorable nature. 


Don’t let his small size fool you; he’s got a big personality that will capture your heart in no time. He might even grow into those ears a bit more, but we hope the floppy tips remain! We bet he could hear treats being opened from a mile away with.

Iziban Hounds

Check out these two Ibizan hounds posing for the camera! With their oversized ears alert and perked up, they look ready to jump up and get some treats. Ibizan hounds are known for their athleticism and grace, but we would just have them for their adorable factor!


These two pups definitely know how to work the camera and show off their unique features. It’s hard not to be charmed by their sweet expressions and playful energy. We hope they are about to get some toys or treats!


This little rat terrier is named Sasuke. Looking at that dark fur coat and intense eyes, we understand where he got his name. However, we bet he’s more cuddly than Naruto’s bff/rival. He seems to be looking right at us, as if to say, “What are you up to?”


With his cute button nose and expressive ears, it’s easy to see why he’s such a beloved family member. Did you know that rat terriers were originally bred to hunt rats on farms? Now he is hunting our hearts with that little cute face!

Smiling Doggy

Meet this furry dog friend with adorable ears that are on full alert! This cute little dog seems to be radiating pride as he shows off his oversized ears to the camera, complete with an adorable, gentle grin to complete the picture.


He looks like he knows just how adorable he is with those big, floppy ears. Did you know that some dogs’ ears, like this one’s, can help regulate their body temperature and enhance their sense of hearing? Well, this little guy’s ears are definitely regulating our heart rate!

Spotty Lamb

This little lamb is quite the showstopper with those big ears and striking black spots on his fluffy white coat. We bet this spotted cutie is the star of the farm. Those ears must be extra sensitive to all the sounds of the barnyard. 


And that fluff! So much wool to keep this little one warm and cozy.  We haven’t seen a lot of spotty lambs, especially ones at cute as this guy. We just want to touch his soft fluffy ears and give it a little pet. 


This dark grey Sphinx kitten is stealing hearts with his oversized ears that he hasn’t quite grown into yet. The Sphinx breed is known for their unique lack of fur, but for this kitten, his ears are definitely a standout feature. 


We actually think that, although these cats are known for their lack of fur, this kitten shines with its huge ears. We can only imagine how they’ll look as he grows and matures. But for now, they are just too cute to handle. Who could resist those curious, attentive ears?


Meet Hagrid, the part Flemish bunny with the most adorable ears you have ever seen! This little cutie has ears that are almost as big as his body, making him stand out from the crowd. Hagrid loves nothing more than munching on fresh vegetables and snuggling up with his human. 


It seems like Hagrid was playing hide and seek when his owner snapped up this photo of him. Who are you kidding, Hagrid? We would see you from miles away with those big and fluffy ears; you can’t hide from our snuggles!

Turbo Ears

This beautiful feline is a sight to behold with its large and pointed ears, which are alert and pulled back in anticipation of something exciting. Its striking resemblance to a Maine Coon only adds to its beauty—especially those hairy tips on its ears!


What’s got this magnificent creature’s attention? Perhaps it’s a bird outside or the rustling of leaves in the wind. Whatever it is, this cat is not taking any chances of missing it. It’s fascinating how animals’ ears are an excellent indicator of their mood, and in this case, it seems like this cat is ready for action.

Bat-Eared Fox

There’s no wonder where this species got its name. Its huge ears are definitely the standout feature here, and they look like they’re always ready to catch any sounds in the environment. What is it looking at so intently in the distance?


Perhaps it’s on the lookout for its next meal or keeping an eye out for any potential predators. Did you know that bat-eared foxes have a special adaptation in their ears that allows them to locate underground prey? Talk about an impressive skill!

Happy Girl

Oakley is quite the charmer, with her big ears and adorable expression. She may be the youngest of the pack, but her oversized ears make her stand out. We can imagine her prancing around with those ears flopping back and forth as she goes about her day.


It’s no wonder why she’s the apple of her owners’ eyes. Oakley’s breed is known for their intelligence and loyalty, which is evident in her sweet and friendly disposition. Her big ears may just be the cherry on top of her lovable personality.

Treats Please!

This grey donkey is rocking the classic donkey look with its large ears! Did you know that donkeys use their ears to communicate with other donkeys and to show their emotions? They also do this to their owners to let them know if they are okay.


When donkeys are happy, their ears will be relaxed and laid back, but when they are on alert, their ears will be perked up and facing forward. This donkey looks like it’s noticed the person taking the photo and wants to say hi; we hope they brought a treat for being so cute!

Flemish Giant

Wow, those ears are something else! The lady looks like she has her hands full with this giant Flemish bunny on her lap, but she seems to be loving every minute of it. And those ears! They are huge, almost as big as the bunny itself. 


It’s amazing how nature can create such unique and beautiful creatures. We wonder if the bunny ever has trouble hearing with those big ears or if it ever becomes a hazard for getting caught in something. Either way, this is one adorable and impressive bunny.

Never Grow Up

This fluffy puppy with big ears is the definition of cuteness overload! His ears are as big as his head and it looks like he’s listening intently to whatever you have to say. With that curious expression on his face, he seems like he’s ready to take on the world.


We can’t help but smile when I look at this little guy. We wonder if his ears will grow into their size or if they’ll stay just as big, but either way, he’s sure to bring a lot of joy to his lucky owner. Actually, we hope his ears stay that big forever!

African Wild Dog

The African wild dog is a beautiful animal with a unique coat pattern and big, rounded ears. These large ears help the wild dog detect even the slightest sound of prey or danger, and they can rotate them independently to locate the source of the sound. 

Thomas Retterath/Shutterstock

Did you know that the African wild dog is also one of the most social animals in the world? They hunt and live in packs, with each member playing a vital role in the success of the group. It’s fascinating to see how nature has equipped them with the perfect tools to thrive in their environment.


This Siamese kitten named Luna is simply too cute! Its big ears are almost as big as its head, making it look even more adorable. The curious expression on its face as it stands on its hind legs is just too precious to ignore. 


Did you know that Siamese cats are known for their distinctively large ears? It’s true! They are a result of selective breeding over the years. But one look at this little furball and you’ll agree that those big ears just add to its charm.

Satellite Ears

This adorable puppy has some pretty unique genes! With a Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound as parents, it’s no wonder why this little guy has such big and perky ears. It’s like he is always ready to hear the latest gossip! 


While his breed may be small, his ears are a big feature that makes him stand out. No matter what he’s mixed with, this pup is sure to have a big personality to match his big ears. Now we’re lost thinking about what his bark would sound like. 

Rescue Mission

This rescue puppy is a true one-of-a-kind with those massive legs and unique ears! The ears add to the pup’s adorable charm and make it stand out even more. They seem to have a life of their own as they extend to the side and flop over. 


It’s no wonder why people can’t help but fall in love with this pup’s cute and playful appearance. We have a feeling, judging from those big legs and small body, that this dog will grow up to be rather large—we wonder what breed he is!


This ginger cat looks like he’s ready to set off to fly! With his paws gripping tightly onto his owner’s shoulder, he’s giving off a confused yet curious expression. The tall, pointy ears that are perked up add to the cat’s alert and curious demeanor.


It’s interesting to note that cats have excellent hearing, and these big ears are a great asset for this feline adventurer. Maybe he’s waiting to hear the sound of the ocean or a bird’s call. Either way, this cat seems like he’s is prepared. 

To Hear Better

This black puppy is absolutely adorable! And those ears! They are just too big for his little head. It’s almost like he grew into them overnight. But the way he looks up at the camera with those big eyes and sweet expression just melts our hearts.


We can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking. Perhaps he’s contemplating his next move or maybe he’s just enjoying the attention. He might look sweet and innocent now, but when he grows up he will probably be quite an intimidating doggy.

Nap Time

This Beagle puppy looks absolutely precious sleeping on a couch, with its big, floppy ears flopped out to the side. Did you know that Beagles are a hunting breed and were originally used for tracking small game like rabbits and hares? 


They’re also known for their excellent sense of smell, which can be up to 100 times more powerful than a human’s! But this little guy is too busy catching up on some much-needed rest to worry about tracking any prey. 

I Can Hear You

This dog may have the classic Corgi body shape, but those ears are something else! They seem to go on forever, adding a unique and adorable element to his appearance. He seems to be relaxed, but his ears are on guard at all times. 


It’s clear that this pup is the result of a mix breed, as those long, pointy ears are not typical of a purebred Corgi. However, it just adds to the charm and individuality of this furry friend. One thing’s for sure; those ears definitely make him stand out in a crowd!


Loki the Swiss Shepherd looks like a playful ball of fuzz with his big white fluffy ears and tongue sticking out. He is the epitome of cuteness, and it’s hard not to smile when you see him. He looks like a cotton ball that came to life.


With his playful and happy demeanor, he is sure to bring joy to anyone who is lucky enough to meet him. We can’t help but wonder if he is as mischievous as he looks, or if he is just posing for the camera. Either way, Loki is an adorable addition to any family.