From Furry Friends, With Love: Proud Pets Presenting Thoughtful Gifts To Their Adoring Humans

By Aileen D

Animals have been known to exhibit a wide range of behaviors that are indicative of their intelligence and emotional capacity. One such behavior is the act of bringing gifts to their human parents. While this behavior may seem strange to some, it is actually a sign of affection and a way for animals to show their appreciation for the love and care that they receive from their fur parents.

When an animal brings a gift to its human parent, it is essential to acknowledge the gesture and show appreciation in return. It is also important to dispose of any unwanted gifts in a respectful manner, as this will show the animal that their gesture has been acknowledged and appreciated.

Here are 40+ of the cutest pictures we have found of animals showing their love for their human parents.

Blankie, Anyone?

Golden retrievers are happy-go-lucky doggos who are known to be affectionate, and their tendency to bring gifts to their owners is no exception. One of the most heartwarming gifts a golden retriever can bring is a blankie. It carries so much meaning.

Image courtesy of kdiej / reddit

Bringing a blankie to their owner is a sign of trust. Additionally, it is a sign of security, as the blankie likely holds a special place in the dog’s heart. This just reminds us of the incredible bond between humans and dogs and the shared love for comfort.


If you, too, have a feline friend, then you probably know the joy of finding socks strewn all over your home. It’s almost as if your feline friend is on a mission to create the world’s messiest game of “find the matching pair.”

Image courtesy of hikingfortheviews/ Reddit

But why do cats do this? Well, some experts believe that it’s because cats are natural hunters, and socks make great prey. Others speculate that cats simply enjoy the texture and smell of socks and can’t resist playing with them.

For Dinner!

If you thought cats were picky eaters, think again. One feline has proven that its taste buds are more adventurous than we thought. Imagine the surprise when a cat brings home a fresh jalapeno as their latest catch. Is this fresh enough for you, human?

Image courtesy of Gone333 / Reddit

Was the cat trying to impress their human with their bravery and culinary skills, or did they just mistake the jalapeno for a mouse with a funny shape? Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that this cat’s human was in for a spicy surprise.

Saved You Some

Just when you thought your cat couldn’t get any more eccentric, they go ahead and bring you a partially-eaten drumstick. Was it a gift, a joke, or did they simply decide that chicken bones were the new catnip? Go on now, don’t be shy. Take a bite!

Image courtesy of mrcoldpiece / Reddit

One thing is for sure: it’s definitely a unique way to show affection. Maybe the cat was trying to share their meal with their beloved human. Or, he just wanted to show off his hunting skills by bringing home a tasty morsel.

Steep it In

Just when you thought your morning coffee couldn’t get any more interesting, your dog comes trotting in with a badminton ball in his mouth and drops it right in your cup. Was your dog trying to give your coffee a little extra bounce?

Image courtesy of heyreddittheyreddit / Reddit

Either way, you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Your dog’s choice of gift might not have been the most practical, but it certainly was memorable. And who knows, maybe the badminton ball will add a little extra flavor to your morning brew.

Keep the Change

It’s a bird; it’s a plane, it’s… your dog with a tenner in his mouth? That’s right; your furry friend has decided to trade in his squeaky toys for cold hard cash. We just want to know where he got it from.

Image courtesy of darren6420 / Reddit

Hopefully, mom’s wallet. You choke on the idea that he raided your wallet. You have a tight budget for the week, and it would really help if this dog brought home some cash. Who needs a piggy bank when you have a canine accountant?

Let’s Get High

You never know what your cat will bring you next. One day it’s a toy mouse; the next day, it is a wild mushroom. Yes, you read that right. A mushroom. Did the cat mistake the mushroom for a mouse?

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

Either way, it’s clear that this feline has a taste for adventure. Who needs catnip when you can have a fresh wild mushroom? Just make sure to double-check its edibility before taking a bite. After all, you don’t want to end up in the litter box all day.

Wasn’t Sure How You Liked ‘Em

Picture this: you’re sitting on your porch enjoying a sunny morning when your furry friend Fido bounds up with something in his mouth. At first, you’re afraid he’s caught a squirrel or a bird, but as he drops the object at your feet, you realize it’s a fresh egg!

Image courtesy of aussiefrzz16/ Reddit

He looks at you with those big eyes and barks as if to say, “I wasn’t sure how you liked ’em, but here you go.” He nudges the fresh egg closer to your feet. You aren’t sure if he understands that you can’t play fetch with this thing, but you give him a belly rub for the fresh catch.

Does This Bud Make Me Look Big?

You’re lounging on your couch, snacking on some chips, when your hefty feline, Mr. Fluffykins, saunters in with something in his paw. At first, you’re afraid it’s a dead mouse, but as he drops the object in your lap, you realize it’s a beautiful flower!

Image courtesy of alliesatwar / Twitter

You can’t help but chuckle as you wonder how this overweight cat managed to make it out to the garden and back without needing a nap. But as you inhale the sweet scent of the flower, you can’t help but feel grateful for this unexpected act of kindness from your portly pal.

Now, Feed Me

You notice a flower by your feet. As you reach down to pick it up, you realize that your cat is sitting there, giving you the stink-eye. You can’t help but chuckle as you wonder what’s going on in that feline brain of hers. Does she expect something in return?

Image courtesyofninjajandal / Reddit

You carefully pick the flower up, and not one second does your cat break its gaze. Then it shrieks loudly as if to say that it has lost its patience. If it doesn’t have its breakfast after giving you a flower, it will have to give you the stick!

A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

Your feline friend saunters in, dragging something long and slithery behind her. At first, you’re afraid it’s a real snake, but as she drops it at your feet, you realize it’s just the neighbor’s toy snake. Nice try, pal, but you’re not getting a treat for this scare.

Image courtesy of Christinathenothuman / Reddit

Your cat doesn’t seem to care – she’s too busy basking in the glory of her “hunt.” Who needs mice when you’ve got fake snakes to bring home? You can’t help but marvel at your furry friend’s unique taste in commercial-grade prey.

The Extent of His Love

Dogs are known for their loyalty and their penchant for bringing home all sorts of treasures. But when one dog brought home a salvaged piece of bark, his owner couldn’t help but chuckle choke. Just where did this wreck come from?

Image courtesy of helpfulphotograph185/ reddit

Did the dog think his owner needed some extra firewood, or did he just want to show off his impressive bark-stripping skills? Whatever the reason, this canine’s choice of gift was definitely unique. This dog proved that he’s not like other dogs.

The Next Artist

You walk into the room to find your cat, Mr. Whiskers, busy at work, lining up a row of dried leaves on the floor. At first, you’re confused – is he trying to make some kind of art installation? You see a pattern here.

Image courtesy of FelineGroovy1981 / Reddit

Is this his attempt at home decor, or maybe he is just playing a game of “the ground is lava,” and these leaves are his safe spots? Who needs rugs when you’ve got a feline interior designer in the house?

Need A Lift?

As this man picked up the breast pad with his two fingers, his cat looked up at him with pride as if he had just caught the biggest prey of his life. This man couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

Image courtesy of evasloane / Reddit

I see you need a little lift there, buddy. How about one of these? Your cat licks at the edge of the pad and stares back at you, expecting you to put it where it belongs. But you have got enough going on in that department.

For My Hooman

After coming home from a long day, this Hooman was shocked to see his golden retriever struggling with something. The poor fella nearly fell over while bringing this rug to the car. The guy was so proud, wagging his tail and looking up at him with those big, brown eyes.

Image courtesy of poluplava / Reddit

This golden retriever definitely has an eye for design. After putting the rug down, he went off to find himself a new catch. Who knows what he’ll bring home next? But one thing’s for sure – it’ll be a surprise, and it’ll probably involve some kind of household item.

Energy Boost

This pet turtle noticed that his owner had been a little under the weather. So, it took the whole week to find something within the house to fix the fellow up. After what appeared to be an eternity, he carried this item to his hooman.

Image courtesy of dugdefuzz / Reddit

Of course, all it needed was the fixings – lettuce, tomato, and even cheese. Now that this turtle had provided the main ingredient (a burger patty), then it was up to his human to prepare the snack for both of them. It was the perfect pick-me-up.

What Are You Looking At

Cats are notorious for their quirky behaviors, and one such behavior that often leaves their owners scratching their heads is when their feline friend brings home a dried leaf in their mouth. Yes, you read that right. A leaf. In their mouth.

Image courtesy of ryankosterd7 / Reddit

Now, as a self-proclaimed expert in all things feline, this homeowner has come to the conclusion that cats are just big goofballs. A cat spends all day lounging around, then, when they finally decide to venture outdoors, they bring home something bereft of life.

To the Good Old Days

Dogs are amazing creatures. They’re loyal, loving, and always eager to please their humans. Take this dog that had brought home a feather in his mouth. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that the feather was just a small, downy plume from a pillow or comforter.

Image courtesy of Doucherocket / Reddit

Did he think it was a rare and valuable artifact that he could sell on the black market, or was he just trying to impress this homeowner? The truth is, we’ll never know. But watching this dog, feather clamped firmly in his jaws, was a sight to behold.

Remember that Room in the Attic?

Canines are notorious for their unpredictable behaviors. But imagine this human’s surprise when her furry friend laid a set of keys by her feet. Might it have been her missing house keys or the long-lost keys to the attic door?

Image courtesy of Juuni04_ / Reddit

A shiver went down this human’s back, and she looked at the dog eagerly staring back at her. Of course, she gave the goofball a pat on the head, but after seeing his hooman’s reaction, he wished that he had never bothered talking to the flickering ghostly image that gave him the keys.

Needs A Wash

Dogs are known for their loyalty, their love of treats, and their affinity for sniffing things they shouldn’t. But this human never thought that she would have to witness the day when her dog would proudly bring her a pair of her used socks.

Image courtesy of VegardStrom / Reddit

From that day on, she made sure to keep her gym socks out of her furry friend’s reach. But every now and then, she still catches him sniffing around her gym bag like he’s trying to find his next treasure. We would have doubled over with laughter.

Chased Him Down The Road Too

Waking up to the sound of my dog’s wagging tail is always a pleasant surprise. But one morning, this human was in for an even greater treat. As he stumbled to the front door, he found his faithful companion sitting there, a newspaper clamped firmly in his jaws.

Image courtesy of Wuzzupdoc42 / Instagram

The guy knew just how to start his hooman’s day. This Redditor couldn’t help but smile at this act of thoughtfulness. The odd furball even above and beyond to chase the newspaper guy from the street so that he wouldn’t have to deal with strangers.

What’s Left of It

They say dogs are man’s best friend, but sometimes this human wonders if his furry companion is playing a prank on him. One day, he came home to find this furball sitting by the door, a single left shoe in his mouth. It wasn’t even his shoe – it belonged to his neighbor!

Image courtesy of wibze / Reddit

As he tried to pry it from his grasp, the doggo looked up with a mischievous glint in his eye, almost like he was saying, “Gotcha!” It’s moments like these that remind this human that owning a dog is like living with a perpetual toddler – you never know what they’re going to do next.


This human was enjoying a relaxing afternoon when his cat strolled in, a feather dangling in her mouth. It was a pretty normal sight, as cats are known for their love of hunting and playfulness. But as this feline strutted over, he couldn’t help but worry about where this cat had gotten it from.

Image courtesy of fwward / Reddit

This human couldn’t see any blood streaks on this sophisticated feline. So it was safe to say that she was unharmed during the close encounter with a parrot or a chicken. This human reached out to pet this little cat who, by then, was purring contentedly.


This golden retriever is the king of tennis balls. Every time he and his owner go to the park, he manages to fit a few stray balls in his mouth. In little time, this furball has amassed an impressive collection of old tennis balls. Just look at that!

Image courtesy of Elitseel / Reddit

As this human walked into the backyard, she found this collection of tennis balls strewn across the floor. It was like this furball was showing off his treasure trove with a big, goofy grin on his face. “Now, can we get some more?”

Hallo Hallo Neighbor

This Redditor’s neighbor rang the doorbell, looking a bit puzzled. His neighbor told him that his dog had come to visit her with his right boot clamped firmly in his jaws. It was like the furball was offering a homecoming gift.

Image courtesy of I-dig-Rocks / Reddit

Apparently, he had trotted over, dropped the boot over the gate, and looked up at her expectantly as if to say, “Here you go! This is for you!” It was like he was trying to play matchmaker between this Redditor and his neighbor, using his hooman’s footwear as bait.


Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent creatures, but this feline is anything but. One day, as her human was sitting at her desk, typing away, she heard a rustling sound coming from the corner of the room. She turned to see this cat proudly dragging a couple of trash materials.

Image courtesy of Grinning Dentrassi / Reddit

It was like this cat had gone dumpster diving and come back with the most valuable treasures she could find. As her human looked at her with a mixture of confusion and amusement, she swatted the bow as if to say these were her gifts.

Someone’s Getting In An Accident

Mike had always loved cycling. The wind rushing through his hair, the thrill of speed – there was nothing quite like it. But today, his usual ride took a sudden and unexpected turn. Despite being a careful cyclist, he got into an accident.

Image courtesy of ajuliee / Reddit

Dazed and confused, Mike looked around, trying to figure out what had happened. That’s when he saw it – his bike’s deflector, missing from the back wheel. Well, somewhere, a couple of blocks down, his deflector lay in another man’s carpet because a cat had stolen it.

Unlikely Thief

There was a family who lived in a cozy little house in the countryside. One day, they woke up to find that their home was freezing cold! They checked the thermostat, but it was set to a comfortable temperature. They looked for any drafts or open windows, but everything was tightly shut.

Image courtesy of Legin15 / Reddit

Confused and shivering, they decided to investigate further. That’s when they discovered the culprit: their beloved golden retriever, Max, had stolen a chip of wood from the back door. Max looked up at them with his big, innocent eyes as if to say, “What? It was just one little chip of wood!”

Plenty of Other Branches

It’s the unlikeliest of scenarios, but this family couldn’t spot a bird within a mile’s distance because there hadn’t been any branches for them to perch on. Guess who the culprit was – their family feline! Why? So that there’d be nothing to vie for attention with.

Image courtesy of idlewildgirl / Reddit

Of course, that also meant that there was less food for this cat to feed on. Without any birds he could pounce or prey on, he would have to rely on fresh home-cooked meals from mom and dad. It doesn’t seem like a fair trade-off, doesn’t it?

To Whisk Lice Away

Whiskers was a curious cat, and she loved to explore every nook and cranny of the house. One day, while the family was out, Whiskers stumbled upon the bathroom cabinet, and to her surprise, she found a stash of dental brushes!

Image courtesy of ResidentEivvil / Reddit

Of course, she repurposed those dental brushes to her benefit. She used it to detangle her whiskers, remove the lice from her fur, and lastly, remove the food that had clung to her teeth. This sophisticated feline always valued good grooming.

At least There’s Something Left

Luna was known for her love of flowers and often brought back small gifts to her owners. One day, Luna brought home a gift that was different than her usual; she had brought back a stem of a rose plant.

Image courtesy of spoilt.sibs / Reddit

Of course, we can’t help but wonder where the bud had gone. It’s only natural for Luna to want to keep the best part to herself. At least she had brought home something still of value to us. We just hope we can propagate what’s left of this plant.

The Smellier, The Better

One of the joys of having cats is watching them exhibit their quirky behavior. From chasing after invisible prey to napping in the sun, cats always find ways to surprise us. However, there is one particular behavior that may leave us scratching our heads – giving us used wipes.

Image courtesy of evo_flame / Reddit

But this behavior isn’t limited to cats. Dogs, birds, and other animals exhibit this behavior too. It’s a natural instinct hardwired into their brains, and as pet owners, it’s important to throw those wipes into the bin when your pet isn’t watching you.

S’more Please?

Your dog trots over, carrying his empty food bowl in his mouth. You look at him incredulously, wondering how he got so smart all of a sudden. You had been teaching him to sit for years. Did he teach himself to fetch his own dinner?

Image courtesy of KandiCalico / Reddit

Is he auditioning for a doggy butler position, or is he just trying to tell you that he’s the boss around here and it’s time for a refill? Whatever the reason, you can’t help but laugh at the sight of your furry friend proudly carrying his bowl like a trophy.

Caramel Macchiato for Justin

There was a sassy little French Bulldog named Gaston. He loved his owner, but he was also a bit of a diva, and he had a particular taste for Starbucks coffee. One day, Gaston woke up and decided he needed his caffeine fix with this sly gift.

Image courtesy of Galvannight / Reddit

His owner was confused at first, but then they realized what Gaston was trying to say. Gaston barked excitedly and ran to the front door, eager to get going. His owner grabbed the car keys and headed out with Gaston, who rode shotgun with the cup holder securely held between his paws.

Another Man’s Catch

This mischievous dog loves adventure and exploring the great outdoors. But unbeknownst to his human owner, he also manages to satiate his unrelenting appetite by stealing other people’s food. See, this dog has a “what is yours is mine” mentality.

Image courtesy of Miceeks/ reddit

Without hesitation, this dog darted over to the neighboring campsite and stealthily snatched the steak off the grill when the man wasn’t looking. He then proceeded to run back to his own campsite with the steak firmly clenched between his jaws.

New Skincare Regimen

You’re in your bathroom, ready to apply your favorite skincare cream, when suddenly, your furry friend walks in, carrying a tube of cream in his mouth. You look at him in confusion, wondering why your dog is suddenly interested in your beauty routine.

Image courtesy of sjacks68 / Reddit

As you try to take the cream from his mouth, your dog refuses to let go, looking up at you with pleading eyes. You can’t help but laugh at your dog for wanting to try the cream. “You’ll have to stick to water and mud – your own doggy beauty routine.”

Not Smelly Enough

This cat has a strange obsession with socks. He has also got an untimely manner of presenting them to guests. Just this evening, he had managed to steal one from the laundry bin and presented it to granddad, who was lounging on the couch.

Image courtesy of BearsBird / Reddit

Oh, you can bet that it absolutely reeked. The homeowner abashedly retrieved the sock and then scooted this furball to give him a quick scolding in one of the rooms. He showed the silly kitty the laundered stack of socks for the furball to use if he wanted to hand out any more gifts.

Got You Some Fruit

Pierre loved to play fetch, but he had a unique obsession with a specific toy: a tomato. After all, tomatoes are just as bouncy and squishy as balls. But bite too hard into them, and you will have a mess on your hands.

Image courtesy of tokyobandit / Reddit

It was just what Pierre loved to bring. He could either give you a prime ingredient for your dinner salad, or he could have you clean the tomato stains off the rug. Your choice. Give him some attention, or give him a scolding.

Gotta Have Potassium

Felix loved to play with his owner’s belongings, especially anything that resembled a toy. He stumbled upon a yellow bean sack that was shaped like a banana. He batted it around with his paws, amused by its peculiar shape. But then, he had an idea.

Image courtesy of DeDarebear / Reddit

He carefully picked up the banana bean sack in his mouth, feeling the jostling of the beans inside, and then laid it atop his human’s desk. Then the cat patiently sat by the side of the table, waiting for his owner to chance upon the treasure he found.

Just Stitch It Up

Whiskers stumbled upon a torn glove lying in the grass. He sniffed at it, intrigued by the strange scent, and then carefully picked it up in his mouth. Whiskers trotted over to his human, who was sitting on the bed.

Image courtey of moozirt / Reddit

Of course, that was Whisker’s story. The truth is that this human could never find out if Whiskers had found this glove torn or if Whiskers had torn the thing himself. Do you think she should pet the feline or reprimand it?

Om Nom

While Max was out on a walk with his owner, he spotted a beautiful flower blooming on the side of the road. Without thinking twice, Max excitedly picked it up with his teeth and brought it home to his human.

Image courtesy of ramagelouis/ Reddit

“Look, something as beautiful as you!” He waited for his human to put her hand out before he gently let go of the flower. Of course, his saliva had drenched it wet, but it only made the flower glisten in his mom’s hand.

For You

It’s funny how dogs find simple things as treasures when we would have overlooked them. Just look at this cute dog bringing home a dried leaf to his human. Is it the fact that he had chosen this leaf or the fact that he brought a gift home that makes this act memorable?

Image courtesy of tibbymoon / reddit

There was nothing remarkable about the leaf. It was dried and crusty. It most likely fell from a nearby tree. But this dog didn’t seem to mind. He trotted off in search of another fallen treasure for his favorite human.


This human found her cat pawing at something in the backyard. Minutes later, she saw the feline with something in his mouth as he crawled up the stairs and made his way to her. He laid this pine cone by her feet, then stared with those almond eyes.

Image courtesy of Asunaris / Reddit

Like any fur parent, this Redditor quickly snatched her phone out and then took a picture of the present and her feline friend. She couldn’t be more proud. She gladly got a string to tie this pinecone with and then hung it on the Christmas tree.

Paint Me Like Your French Girls

This cat might have watched one too many films with her human. She had just watched Titanic and found herself a piece of jewelry to cover herself with. Then she mewed at her human, begging the latter to paint her like one of Jack’s French girls.

Image courtesy of I_am_the_Moosh / Reddit

Her owner chuckled at the sight, but she persisted, nudging her owner’s hand with her head. In the end, her owner couldn’t resist her adorable pleas, and they spent the rest of the evening painting her in various poses, much to her delight.

Gotta Have ‘Em All

Meet Buddy, the energetic golden retriever who has a passion for collecting balls. Everywhere Buddy goes, he must have all the balls in sight. His owner has even gone as far as to purchase a large bin to store the vast collection of balls Buddy has accumulated over the years.

Image courtesy of mao_is_crack / Reddit

When Buddy sees a ball, he will stop at nothing to retrieve it, even if it means sneaking into the neighbor’s yard. His owner often jokes that if Buddy could talk, he would probably ask for a bigger house just to store his ever-growing ball collection.