Feline Flexibility Frenzy: 30+ Hilariously Awkward Cat Positions Caught On Camera

By Aileen D

Just when you thought that life couldn’t get any worse, you got yourself a cat because everyone said it would be fun. And ever since then, you have observed all these eccentric feline behaviors that sometimes pose a risk for you or the freshly prepped meal on the table.

From sleeping in a plant pot to squeezing themselves into a shoe, these cats always seem to favor the most incomprehensible positions. Though their mysterious nature adds to their charm, it can also make it challenging for us to understand them fully.

Today we feature 30+ of the funniest pictures of cats caught in the most strange poses. It’s as if they’re trying to prove that they’re more flexible than any yoga instructor or are meant to be confined in a feline asylum! But let’s face it, we love them all the more for it!

Whatchu Doin

This Redditor couldn’t help but chuckle after seeing his cat sprawled on the stool. He joked, “you’re not leaving much room for anyone else,” but the cat refused to budge and continued to stare him down. “Find your own chair,” he growled back.

Image courtesy of ossobuffo / reddit

He couldn’t understand how the cat was able to defy physics. The next time he saw it, the feline’s head was hanging off one side, with his back legs dangling off the other. Such a showoff! Well, maybe the cat is just living its best life.

Clues Everywhere

With too much time on his hands, this feline quickly became fixated on a spot on the blank wall in one of the bedrooms. His humans had no idea what had caught his attention, but they couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of him staring intently at the bare wall.

Image courtesy of HailRokosBasilisk / Reddit

As the minutes passed, Mr. Snuggles’ focus became more intense. He seemed to be decoding some sort of message hidden within the wall. His owners could only watch in amazement as he tilted his head, squinted his eyes, and pawed at the surface.

To His Liking

It was a typical lazy Sunday morning, and everything was quiet in the house. That is until the resident feline decided to make an appearance. His humans were in the kitchen, preparing to make some tea, when they heard a strange sound coming from the stove. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Image courtesy of _hugo_j / reddit

Mr. Fluffington was seated inside the water kettle, looking up at them innocently! At first, they were in shock. How did he even get in there? But then they couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. Maybe he favored that temperature setting. Cats and their incessant need for warmth!

Making Amends with the Dead

We had always heard that cats were the guardians of the underworld. But we never had definite proof until now. Here’s a picture of a cat making amends with the ashes of the undead, kept in this ornate bronze urn.

Image courtesy of a_cat_called_noodles / Reddit

It kept rubbing its head against the urn, almost in a trance-like state! Its owners watched in amazement, wondering what had possessed their normally dignified furbaby to act so strangely. Might there be a resurrection in the next coming days?

Broken Back

The resident feline of this house loved to stretch. He did so in the morning, afternoon, and before bed. His humans always marveled at how flexible he was, with his legs seemingly able to reach impossible lengths. If only they could do it too!

Image courtesy of cobra8590 / Reddit

But that changed when they chanced upon the cat reaching new heights – or rather, new lengths. His humans found him sprawled out on the floor, his arms splayed in the opposite direction from his body as if he had overdone his stretches. He flew too close to the sun!

Rustling Around

This little guy has always been fascinated with bags. Paper bags, plastic bags, grocery bags – you name it, this cat loved it. One day, the homeowners found him sitting on the floor, peeking through the handles of a plastic bag. Does he want to play hide and seek?

Image courtesy of capricherry / Reddit

At first, his humans were concerned that he might suffocate or get stuck in the bag. But as they watched him, they realized he was having the time of his life. At some point, his head disappeared into the bag, and his humans could hear him rustling around, trying to get comfortable.

I Call Ye

Mr. Whiskers had always been a peculiar cat. He had an insatiable curiosity and an affinity for staring at blank walls for hours on end. Sometimes, it even looked like he was talking to shadows. But one day, Mr. his humans noticed something even more bizarre about him.

Image courtesy of ace_indira / Reddit

They found Mr. Whiskers with his front paws outstretched as if he was summoning the devils from hell! His eyes were wide and unblinking, and his whiskers quivered with intensity. He hissed and growled, and they were half tempted to chase him off the cabinet to break his reverie. But they took a photo instead!

Press Now

These homeowners were growing more concerned. They hadn’t seen their cast since the last supper. It was normal for him to be out and about wandering for hours, but not this long. They were just about to give up when they found him here.

Image courtesy of callandiajelly / Reddit

To their surprise, Tom was curled up inside the dishwasher, fast asleep. After investigating, they realized he had somehow managed to sneak into there before someone started the cycle. Do you think they ought to press the button now, or would that be too cruel?

Oversized Bed

This furry feline is known for her insatiable appetite and love of lounging around. So, when she outgrew her regular cat bed, she decided to get creative. She didn’t need an oversized bed, lest she outgrew it too. Mittens looked around her litter box, and inspiration struck.

Image courtesy of DarthYsalamir / Reddit

With a determined look on her face, she climbed in and then dug herself a bed. Her belly bulged over the sides of the box, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she was quite pleased with her new makeshift bed!

Perfect Place

This cat decided her human’s back was the perfect place to perch. She was busy scrolling through her feed when the feline saw a golden opportunity. With a determined look and a quick lurch, she made it onto her owner’s arched back.

Image courtesy of OK-Candy / Reddit

By now, this human had gotten accustomed to the weight. After all, her cat had even made a scratch post of her. So it was only expected that she would use her as a seat next! Now, she will have to scroll for a couple of hours more.

Hit the Sack

Have you ever seen a cat with its eyes half-open while asleep? It’s hilarious to watch because they look like they’re trying to stay awake but can’t resist the temptation of a good nap! For once, they have failed at keeping guard of the underworld.

Image courtesy of miscellaneousghosts / Reddit

Of course, it’s doubly hard to keep from touching their nose. But this Redditor managed to take a picture of this oddball before she became a trickster. It was the only time she could poke fun at the cat. The rest of the time, the joke’s usually on her.

See No Evil

What happens when a cat decides to hide under their cat bed? From the outside, it looks like it’s comfortably snuggled in the bed. But, little did we know, it was a different story on the inside. The feline was contorted into all sorts of awkward positions.

Image courtesy of dobsco / Reddit

Its limbs stuck out in all directions, but that didn’t bother it one bit. It was accustomed to playing the contortionist with its lithe, flexible body. So long as it was hidden, it believed the covert mission was a success.

Hate to Admit It

This is, by far, the greatest oddity we have seen among cats. And we have seen a lot. Not only did it bare its stomach while it slept, but it also let its tongue out, seemingly lapping at an imaginary milk bowl in its sleep.

Image courtesy of abbyy46 / Reddit

When we asked its homeowners, they said that it perpetually slept with its tongue poking outside its mouth. Though this photo catapulted the cat to internet fame, it’s totally oblivious to its status as a celebrity! But maybe that’s for the best!

Just Hanging Around

This cat is quite the wild child. Always getting into trouble or breaking picture stands around the house. But this afternoon, it decided to break the pattern. It flung itself across the back of the chair and lay there pretending to be stuck.

Image courtesy of Agreeable_Yam7676 / Reddit

Of course, it got all the attention with the most minimum effort and its legs dangling in the air. Although it could barely feel the blood flowing to those limbs, she continued to hang on for its dear (eighth) life.


Max spotted his owner’s favorite chair – a plush, comfortable recliner that he loved to curl up in. Without a second thought, he leaped onto the chair and settled in for a cozy nap… with his butt sticking out to keep Dad away.

Image courtesy of spencermaydriver / Reddit

When Dad chanced upon this scene, he couldn’t help but bring a hand to his face. The feline kept twirling its tail, letting him take a peek where he shouldn’t. Dad couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for this mischievous cat.

Just This One Time

You would think that cats love their space, but we have encountered one that prefers to get a hug from his feline sibling every now and then. Whenever it feels lonely, and in need of belly rubs, it flings itself to the outstretched arms of his brother.

Image courtesy of 0moodindigo0/ reddit

This time, his brother was having none of it. He kept pushing his sibling away with his fleshy paws and grumpy demeanor. “Find yourself a human!” but that didn’t deter the cuddle bear. Not one bit. He just wanted to be hugged by his own kind.

Lights, Action

If we’ve got mischief masters, then we surely have drama queens. Just look at this furball pretending to hang on for dear life when he spotted his mom walking into the room. Meanwhile, his brother is just looking at him, rating his acting chops!

Image courtesy of UniKilledMe / Reddit

The dramatic cat pretended to hang on for dear life. He then looked back at his brother and his slippery hold, and they both shared a moment of understanding. “If mum rushes out into the balcony, then you’ll have to back me up!”

‘Sup Bruh

Marshmallow was a bit of a gym rat, spending hours each day pumping iron and working on his physique. One day, as he was lounging on the couch after a particularly grueling workout, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He decided to flex in front of his human.

Image courtesyof aereeka / Reddit

Feeling pretty impressed with himself, Marshmallow decided to take his flexing show on the road. He strutted around the house, showing off his muscles to anyone who cared to look. And as you guessed, his human felt every bit inferior.

Gather Round

This Redditor often wondered where his pets would go in the middle of the night. He never chanced upon them whenever he shuffled towards the bathroom to relieve himself. One day, he snuck into one of the other bedrooms to solve this mystery.

Image courtesy of shyfemalecharacter / Reddit

He came across this monster of a cat sitting by the edge of the cabinet with all the other pets gathered by his feet. It almost seemed like he was telling them a tale of sorts. And now they were all just waiting for him to leave the room so they’d continue their strange congregation.

Pull Flap

Anytime this cat owner ran out of things to say in front of guests, she called her cat. This did two things. First, it shifted the attention toward the cat, and then they also got an awesome conversation reboot from the tongue-sticking-out antics of this feline.

Image courtesy of Adventurous-Cell-362 / Reddit

He could sleep with his tongue sticking out, play with toys that same way, and even eat with his tongue hanging out. Admittedly, it was a bit of an oddity, and this Redditor was always half-tempted to pull the flap!

What Era Is It?

Every morning, this cat would drag himself out of bed, yawn loudly, and stumble around the house like a zombie. This particular morning, his fur was all ruffled up, his eyes half-closed, and he couldn’t seem to focus on anything. “What decade are we in?”

Image courtesy of anoneti / Reddit

It did not help that the humans would always pick him up and ruffle his fur. He just wanted to be left alone to get much-needed sleep. Unfortunately, every time he tried, he would just toss and turn in his kitty bed.

Time’s Up

You would think that this human gets to boss everyone around because she pays all the bills, but that’s far from the truth. Even after an 18-hour shift, she has to adjust to the needs of her cat, who absolutely needs to watch her soap operas every day.

Image courtesy of Lauren Linarahan / Facebook

If his human tried to grab the remote, Fluffy would hiss and swat at her hand. If she tried to change the channel manually, Fluffy would stand in front of the TV and block her view. Better to catch up on sleep than to pick a fight with this cat! So that’s what she does.

Ooooh, fan!

One hot summer day, Mittens discovered the electric fan in the living room. It was spinning round and round, blowing cool air all over the room. She was fascinated and decided to investigate. But ever since then, she has forgotten how to climb down the fan!

Image courtesy of Mr_Hyde337 / Reddit

Lucky for her, her tail hasn’t gotten caught in the fan blades. Anytime she felt that it had gotten too close, she would whisk it away. She just couldn’t resist lying atop the fan, watching all of her furs fly smack into the humans’ faces. “Hilarious!” she thought to herself.

A Seance

While humans have to use an ouija board, cats, on the other hand, need a ton load of socks to hold a seance. It’s the only way for them to have a meeting to contact the dead. Unfortunately, humans always have the worst timing.

Image courtesy of MSN

This cat heard the quick steps of his homeowner, whisked his head around, and then hissed. “Get outta here before I tear your socks to shreds. I’ll have you buying six new pairs if you don’t!” Of course, the human didn’t understand one bit, and he inevitably had to buy new socks the following week.

Complete Opposites

Cats are known for their grace and elegance, with their sleek fur and nimble movements. But let’s face it, not all cats are created equal. Some cats are shameless goofballs who will do anything to groom every inch of themselves.

Image courtesy of leahmacrae / Reddit

Take Felix, for example, who is the perfect definition of grace. He sits perfectly still, waiting for the right moment to pounce on a mouse. And then there’s his brother, who bends himself in all directions just to get a good licking of his “coat!”

Be Out In A Jiffy

This cat loved exploring every nook and cranny of her human’s house, and she especially loved the curtains. They were so soft and billowy, and she couldn’t resist the temptation to play with them. One day, she got the uninterrupted pleasure of exploring these satin folds.

image courtesy of le_sus / Reddit

She got a little too enthusiastic and ended up getting tangled up in them. The poor feline twisted and turned, trying to free herself, but the more she struggled, the more tangled she became. In the end, she lay there, confident that her human would get her out of this mess, as usual.

Something’s Broken

This cat loved to groom herself, especially her paws. Unfortunately, there was one problem – she was not the most flexible feline. In fact, she was downright inflexible. Every time she wanted to lick her paw, she had to contort her body in all sorts of strange positions.

Image courtesy of _tiredpanda / Reddit

The cat didn’t seem to mind the extra effort, though. She was determined to keep herself clean and tidy, no matter what it took. And so, she continued to bend over backward (sometimes quite literally) just to clean her paw.

How Do You Like It

Don’t you hate it when cats give you attitude? We don’t understand what the big deal is about running a hand across their smooth coat. Why do we have to be rewarded with a sharp bite or a nasty scratch? How would they feel if we bit them back?

Image courtesy of TedBundysUnibrow / Reddit

This is a rare karmic phenomenon. This one cat got the same treatment he sowed. His brother bit into him, and he gave out a confused yelp, wondering if he would be reincarnated for his last life yet. Well, only time will tell!

Bad Bad Kitty

If you thought that only humans were capable of showing appreciation, then you thought wrong. Anytime this cat chanced upon her owner in the bathtub, she would stare at the entirety of her body and then lick at her lips.

Image courtesy of hannahmargo91 / Reddit

“Have you no decency?” the human yanks at the curtains and then realizes that she had failed to put any. Of course, the cat had all but torn them down. She then lushes, partly ashamed that she likes the admiration she’s been getting from the cat.


Whenever this cat was about to sneeze, her whole body would shake, and her eyes would close tightly, but the sneeze itself never seemed to come. This Redditor set his feline up, watching with anticipation, waiting for the pent-up sneeze.

Image courtesy of KingTY99 / Reddit

But the cat seemed to be holding back. Her human could feel the tension building in the air. He was just about to pull the cactus away when the furball let out a loud “A-choo!” The cactus nearly lost all its thorns!

“I Didn’t Do It”

This cat has a particular fondness for tearing things up. When she saw this tissue box, she couldn’t resist tearing into it with her claws and teeth. “Besides, Dad could always do with the bidet and some hand soap,” she smiled mischievously.

Image courtesy of Ok_Macaroon_5224 / Reddit

Her human tried to grab the box away from her, but the cat was too fast. Finally, he managed to catch her and take the tissue box away. But by then, it was too late – the box had been ruined, and Whiskers looked very pleased with herself.

Is That Grass Really Greener?

This cat found himself staring at the screen door, wondering if the grass was really greener on the other side. He looked around the room to see if any human was around and decided to make a run for it. He’d be back in less than 10.

Image courtesy of Polly Von / Reddit

Without a second thought, he started climbing up the door, his claws digging into the screen mesh. At first, Simba felt triumphant as he climbed higher and higher. But then, before he could get to the top, he saw his human’s shadow before him. “Uh-oh”


This cat has an odd quirk. He loves to people-watch. He spends most of his days lounging on the couch, curiously peering over the top cushions and watching his humans go about their business. According to him, it’s very therapeutic.

Image courtesy of LemostPerson / Reddit

Whenever his humans would come home, Felix would stretch his neck and crane his head to get a better view of them. He was especially fascinated by the things they carried in from the outside world – bags, boxes, and sometimes even other animals!

“Do That Again, And I’ll…”

This cat knew that he was all grown and didn’t need a babysitter. Every time his human left the house and left a stranger in charge of watching him, he would sulk and glare at his human when she returned.

Image courtesy of NYColette

As soon as the babysitter arrived, he knew he was in for a long day. He glared at her with his big green eyes and refused to let her come anywhere near him. When his parents finally came home, he made sure to send them a cryptic message.

What To Do With You

Unlike other cats, Charlie never used his scratching post to scratch. Instead, he just stared at it for hours on end, almost as if he was in a trance. His human tried everything to get him to use it, but nothing worked. He just continued to stare at the post with a blank expression.

Image courtesy of Hillspet

One day, the owner decided to take matters into her own hands. She got down on all fours and started scratching at the post herself, making exaggerated scratching noises to get Charlie’s attention. He watched her for a moment, wondering what had gotten into her.

How’s My Cholesterol Doing

This cat was shaped like a loaf of bread. He looked like the perfect elongated circle, with a pole sticking out from either end. Despite his unusual shape, you would find this chonky carb lying on the floor, just “loafing around.”

image courtesy of sethvanm / Reddit

One day, he found himself wedged between the couch and the wall, unable to move. His human tried to pull him out, but he was stuck hard. Eventually, she had an idea. She grabbed some butter and spread it along this cat’s sides, successfully getting him to slip out across the floor.

Latest Gossip

Don’t let this cat scare you. He just likes to stare at the back of chairs. He lurches atop the seat, tucks his tail beneath his bottom, and then meows loudly as if he’s having a conversation with the mesh net.

Image courtesy of BeansandWeiss / Reddit

We don’t know just what he sees in this chair. Could it be a cryptic note or just a love for stillness? Unfortunately, without space to sit on, you’ll have to move your work elsewhere, so you won’t disturb this meditative cat.


There was a cat named Whiskers who loved yogurt more than anything else in the world. Whenever he heard the sound of a yogurt cup being opened, he would come running from wherever he was in the house to beg for a taste.

Image courtesy of brighthair84 / Reddit

One day, Whiskers’ human decided to give him a whole cup of yogurt to enjoy. After he finished licking every last drop of yogurt from the cup, he looked up at his human with a crazy look on his face, “where’s the rest of it?”

Remind You of Someone

Just like the cat above, this one loves to hide his feelings by eating them away. He even goes so far as to burrow his head inside a cup to keep from seeing the humans who laugh at him pitifully. “Here, have another cup of milk!”

Image courtesy of paintingcatlady / Reddit

He thought if he gained any more weight, he would be breaking the scales. So, his humans took it upon themselves to give him a hug anytime he felt stressed or anxious. That kept the weight off him, and he eventually shed the pounds.


This cat had set his eyes on a particular human who had been living in the house next door. Every day, he would sneak into her room and make his way to the windowsill, where he would longingly gaze at the object of his affection.

Image courtesy of awildketchupappeared/ Reddit

He looks quite dashing, doesn’t he? Like a modern-day feline Romeo. This persistent cat hopes to get the attention of his crush, as well as the other humans in the house. Now, we’d say he’s getting brazen in his attempts to win her over.

Help for the Last Time

This cat looks for attention in an unconventional way. He sneaks into tight spaces and then gets himself stuck there. He then howls to beg for help. His humans panic and come to his rescue without fail. But now it’s getting a bit boring.

Image courtesy of jstarrs/ Reddit

His humans are half-tempted to put him on a leash to save themselves the trouble. But they’re learning to delay the response time whenever he’s up to his games again. Next time he finds himself inside a tight nook, he better find a way to get himself out of it!

Bad Juju?

This black cat is aptly named Midnight. Despite her name, she is not terrifying. Not in the least bit. In fact, she Is quite the opposite. She is small and cute, with big round eyes and a tiny nose. “Bad wuck? What’s that?”

Image courtesy of ephermeralbiscuit / Reddit

What’s a cat without performing a couple of seances, right? But make no mistake, Midnight just likes to connect with the dead to learn protection spells. No “bad juju” is going to come around her family as long as she’s around.

Coffee Break

Once, during a coffee break, a group of coworkers discovered a cat sound asleep inside the office. They all stared in amazement, wondering how the sneaky kitty had managed to get inside the file organizer. Guess the caffeine hasn’t hit yet!

Image courtesy of RiffraffMama / Reddit

Eventually, the group had to resume their work, leaving the cat to its slumber. The following day, they found the same cat curled up on top of a printer. They couldn’t help but feel envious of this lucky chap who always got away with sleeping at all hours of the day!

Kung Feline

This cat lived a seemingly boring life, but little did his humans know that he was a kung fu master. One day, one of them came home early and caught Mr. Whiskers mid-practice. He had set up a makeshift dojo in the living room.

Image courtesy of ruspartisan / Reddit

The human couldn’t help but laugh at Mr. Whiskers’ practice sessions. But at the same time, they were proud of their little fighter. From that day on, he made sure to leave the house early for Mr. Whiskers to practice and even bought him a tiny black belt to wear around the house.

“Don’t Mind Me”

Sir Sprawls-a-Lot was known throughout the neighborhood for his unique sleeping position. He would sprawl on his belly with his legs splayed out in every direction. Other cats hated sleeping beside him because he always took up a lot of space!

Image courtesy of ZyphyrBird / Reddit

But he could care less. What was more important to him was getting a couple of minutes of sleep after binge eating. And if he had to take up space on the living room floor, then he would unapologetically drape himself over it.