Young and Beautiful Twin Girls are a Sight for Sore Eyes

By Ina S

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Ava Marie and Leah Rose took the internet by storm when their mother first introduced them to the world on their seventh birthday. The identical twins had a premature birth and share their birthdays on 7th July. 7 also seems to be their lucky number, considering how much fame they gained on the same date and year. What a miracle it is! To see that even though the girls were born prematurely that they grew up to be successful. Their mother, Jaqi Clements, never saw it coming when she posted their picture online, but due to their extraordinary beauty and charm, they became Instagram sensations overnight. There are a lot of interesting stories and information to share about the two angels, and you’ll find it all in this article!

The Birth Story

Jaqi Clements was not hoping to see her gorgeous daughters so soon, so she was shocked when she went into premature labor for four and a half weeks earlier than the due date and gave birth to the twins on 7th July 2010.

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Right from the time their parents first laid eyes on them, they knew there was something extraordinary about the girls. It wasn’t just the gorgeous looks of the identical twins, but their overall behavior and personality that made them stand out and melted everyone’s hearts. It was impossible not to fell in love with them.

Extraordinary Features

Since then, every picture of the twins seemed like a work of art, painted beautifully by a skilled painter. Every single feature and line on the face looks flawlessly sculpted with care and love. Apparently the girls admired this about each other too, and they grew up having quite a playful and cheery personality to match their beauty. They’ve also been good at posing right from the start.

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Although they are two separate individuals, they are identical in every way from looks to personality. They were showered with compliments wherever they went, from family and friends to strangers stumbling across them on the streets. It made the parents super proud and finally gave their mother the idea to make a separate Instagram for them.

Career Decisions

No parent can ever imagine making decisions about their kid’s career as early as their infancy. But the Clements twins were no ordinary kids, and their parents had to make some serious decisions very early on in their lives. Almost everyone who complimented the girls would suggest to the parents that the twins should model.

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This wasn’t just a compliment but career advice that Jaqi soon began to take seriously. She signed them up with an agency in LA as early as when the twins were only 6 months old, but going down this path came with its fair share of challenges.

Bumps Along the Way

Although it was evident that they would fit effortlessly in the modeling world, they were still just babies! Handling things with babies at such a young age – that too with twins is not easy. The couple also have a precious little boy who was two years old at the time, so manager mom had her hands full. It was hard to take care of her babies while pursuing a career for them and making everything work.

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She soon realized that it was too early, and they still needed time to grow and enjoy the nurturing family life without any modeling jobs. They did have a short run, with 3 months of a modeling career, after which they stopped for the time being.

Time After Time

As the twins continued to grow, they became more confident and well-adjusted. Their parents made sure that the kids learned social skills and that they made great memories together as a family without any disturbance. The parents were keen on helping the girls achieve their dreams.

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They made sure that their social circles were well kept and maintained. Even as adults, having a well-balanced work and social life can help to widen our social circles. Luckily, the girls were able to divide their time wisely and use it to their advantage while still making time for some much-needed fun in the sun.

Decision Time

Although the girls are still just kids, their parents didn’t want to force them into anything or make a decision for them. So they waited for them to grow up and understand things from their own perspective, before bringing up the option of modeling again.

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Jaqi firmly believed that it should be the girl’s choice to pursue their career path if they wished to do so. She would never force them into a life that they didn’t choose and she was mindful and sensitive of their needs as growing girls.

Lucky Number 7

Jaqi decided to wait until their 7th birthday in 2017, as it seemed like the perfect time to ask the girls their will and they were grown up enough to make sense of the question. She thought of it as ‘the day of destiny’ to get the answer that would be the best for the whole family. But you can’t expect active 7-year-old girls to be free and available.

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They had their own activities, whether it was school or extracurricular programs. They were following their passion for dancing and swimming, and it didn’t seem likely that they could take more on any more projects at the time. The girls were an artistic bunch that focused on their dreams and goals without having to compromise them for their mom’s wishes.

The Day of Destiny

Jaqi shared her views about modeling, and how she decided to frame the question for her girls. She wanted them to know that she respects their choices and that they should only consider modeling if they felt it could be managed with their ongoing activities.

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Despite their already busy extracurricular schedule, the girls were a flexible bunch and decided to take their mom’s wishes into consideration. They were thinking too about how it might be their big break and so they decided to think things over together.

The Answer Reveals Itself

The girls already had a knack for posing, and they didn’t doubt their abilities. They were confident young girls who exuded style and a passion and it showed through some of their stylish looks. Besides rocking their outfits, they also had model-like features that complimented their outfits really well.

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So the unanimous answer from them was ‘yes’. It didn’t come as a surprise to the family that they not only expressed interest but excitement at the prospect of modeling. The girls started jumping up and down with joy and couldn’t wait for this new chapter of their life to begin. What happens next ricocheted them into the forefront of success and even made them some of the youngest female models in the industry.

The Glam Life

It was evidently a great time for them, as their neighbors were in need of little girls to model for a children’s boutique they had recently opened. This was the perfect opportunity to start the career on a small scale, without it being too overwhelming to handle for any of them.

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This also gave them a fresh start towards building a professional portfolio for the twins, so that they could hire an agent or contact a modeling agency. They landed the job as soon as they applied, and the happy girls flaunted the lovely dresses with perfection.

One Step at a Time

Although it was a great start for the girls, their mother didn’t want them to burn out or be overwhelmed by the whole process. She made sure that things started slowly so that the girls had the time and space to adjust themselves according to the demands of the modeling industry.

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She didn’t want them to start with a lot of photoshoots right away. She also made sure that the girls had more of a natural and innocent look, and were not being treated to huge amounts of makeup products. Later on, the girls could progress to make up if they desire to but for now, their natural selves were sufficient.

Picture Perfect

Jaqi had the perfect idea to make a classy portfolio for her girls while also protecting them from the overzealous atmosphere of the modeling world. She got ahold of her old Nikon camera from their garage to get the job done.

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She also added some nice wavy touches to the girls’ hair, and just applied a bit of blush to make those rosy cheeks pop and voila – the girls were ready for their photoshoot. She took some pictures outside in an earthy looking background and it was enough to get the girls noticed by the world, and land them some pretty sweet gigs! The natural look is working and the flush of pink makes them look as fresh as daisies.

Strike a Pose

Although the girls were natural and had a few skills to flaunt, they still didn’t know much about professional posing and how to work with expressions and natural look. But teaching them wasn’t too hard either, and the girls slowly eased into the new world of glam and fashion.

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Jaqi taught them all the basics of how to pose effortlessly in front of the camera, and what is expected from models in general. The girls have pretty much the same interests and personality, but what worked for one didn’t necessarily have the same effect on the other, which was understandable of course.

You Better Work

So while Ava got the directions down and posed for the camera, Leah would be more distracted and lost. So it definitely took a lot of effort to get the girls on the same page and polish their skills. The first times are always difficult and the girls had a hard time initially.

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But after a while, once they grew more used to it, their inner model shone. Now that they had been eased into what modeling would entail, it was time for mom and dad to intervene in order to help the girls take things to the next level.

Looking for Work for the Twins

Jaqi and Kevin worked together in search of the agency that was a good fit for their daughters. By that time, the girls had gained experience of photoshoots and posing in front of the camera. Jaqi started from the contacts she already had from before, and it wasn’t a big surprise that all of them were interested in meeting up with the twins and setting some projects into motion.

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They started to earn gigs and managed to model with other girls and boys. Since their social skills were up to par, they were also able to make friends easily. In the modeling industry, it’s imperative to be outgoing and to navigate with and through different personalities. Since models work alongside each other, trust is also a factor. These girls were some of the sweetest in the industry and they were able to make friends on the fly. The more the merrier!

Mixed Bag of Fortunes

At the start of their professional careers, they signed projects with two modeling agencies. Things went a little haywire for them as the timings clashed. The first agency landed an audition with the glamorous Barbie, which was a great opportunity for the girls considering the popularity and demographic reach of Barbie.

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Coincidently, their second agency booked the very same audition for them for a different day. Fortunately, things were sorted out early on to not miss out on another great chance elsewhere. The girls were booming in the modeling agencies and opportunities were popping up left and right.

Insta-worthy Pictures

Social media is a great place to grab everyone’s attention, and to achieve fame overnight. Jaqi had a great idea of putting up her girls’ pictures on Instagram, and so she made an Instagram handle of @clementstwins just for the girls. Their Instagram profile also acted as an instant portfolio for the girls and gave them the kind of exposure that was safe and reached out to the masses.

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Jaqi was expecting to get a few followers, and a link to forward to agencies and modeling gigs whenever needed. But what started out at such a small scale turned into something bigger than the family could comprehend. Their following increased only after a few days of posting their glammed up pictures and the girls were steadily growing into IG stars.

Instagram Sensation

With time and effort, Jaqi soon became an Instagram pro and learned a few tips and tricks to get the account blooming in no time. She started attracting followers not just because of the beauty of her kids, but also her photography skills, that were being widely appreciated.

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She now acknowledges the fact that in the modeling industry, pictures speak a thousand words. It is best to invest some extra bucks in order to get the best out of a photoshoot, as it will really help you progress in your career by leap and bounds. Within a short time span, the twins’ Instagram already had over 300,000 followers.

The Year of Fame

2017 was a magical year for the girls. A lot of great things started setting in motion for them. It wasn’t just good for the twins, but their brother also caught attention in this time period. The girl’s older brother Chase was approached for modeling opportunities too.

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He got work through the same agency as the twins. Talk about a family effort! This beautiful family aimed to uplift each other and bring out the best in one another. It certainly reflected in their career opportunities and they were slowly growing into stardom.

Modeling and Acting

Turns out Chase wasn’t just good at posing, but also had a talent for acting. The handsome young lad landed a few commercials in addition to modeling gigs and even left his sisters behind in the world of glam and media.

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Soon Ava and Leah started juggling six jobs in a week. The busy siblings were hard at work with their packed schedules but they still managed to spend time together and with their parents too. Since the kids were more or less the same ages, they could spend time and bond with each other without having such a large age gap.

Busy Bees at Work

You’d think that so many jobs along with school and side activities would overwhelm the 7-year-old girls. It’s impressive and commendable how the young angels managed everything together and made it work in their favor. They were filled with energy and eagerness to take on projects and show their skills and beauty to the world.

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They continue to do so with their growing career alongside school demands. It’s great how they managed to balance their school and work-life altogether. They stayed motivated despite hardships and that’s how they managed to build their social media profiles while working and studying at the same time.

Tricky World

Modeling is not a straightforward business. It comes with challenges of its own, and the parents were learning this one step at a time just like the girls. They gained experience through both smooth sailings on some great modeling projects, and through trial and error with others.

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The commute to different jobs was hard, and they had to endure traffic and long travels every other day. But it was all worth it. They rarely turned down opportunities and were always opening their doors to modeling gigs if they felt they could grow in them.

Staying Safe

This career path comes with challenges and problems that need to be tackled with care and smartness. Especially for kids, the parents had to make sure that they only would get jobs that were safe for them, and that they provided a healthy learning experience. They also had to be careful with the contracts they made along the way.

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It’s hard for kids to have such important jobs, and it’s a delicate work to keep them protected from bad influences and atmosphere. Although she could play it safe for her daughter in the real world, on the world of internet, their Instagram profile was public. It invited an influx of toxic comments and Jaqi had a challenging time dealing with the negativity and criticism.

Negative Feedback and Toxicity

You’d think that there’s nothing bad to say about a picture of these gorgeous, angelic girls. But there are all kinds of strange people in the world, and Jaqi couldn’t keep them away from the twin’s Instagram handle. The most common negative comment they got was that the girls looked sad while posing for pictures, and implying that they were perhaps being forced to model.

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This is, however, not true at all. The girls love their work and they enjoy posing and modeling in front of the camera. Every job and photoshoot comes with its own set of demands and requirements, and they can’t always be playful and happy to show how they truly feel.

The Price of Fame

Booking a modeling job and putting yourself out there is not as easy as it sounds, even with the looks like these beauties. The family invested a lot of time and money into it to make it work for Ava and Leah.

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They didn’t get rich instantly. Besides, there are small expenses that nobody takes into consideration, such as gas and food. All of the small things when done on repeat lead up to a big dent in the wallet. Kevin and Jaqi stayed optimistic and hopeful through it all. They believe that the money they invest is for their kid’s future so that they can have their own money that can be put towards higher education or even a house.

Growing Popularity

What started out as a small account now has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram! It is quite an achievement for the elementary school girls, who continue to progress by leaps and bounds in their budding career as models. It’s hard to imagine that the twins managed to establish their careers at such a young age, and also have such a huge fan following to back them up.

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They are surely on their way to doing big things. Not to
mention that they have an absolutely kickass portfolio that continues to get
them more opportunities. From product ads and fashion publications to clothing
brands, everyone reaches out to the twins and wants them to model for them.

Beautiful Features

Now let’s come to the most important discussion. Every kid is gorgeous in their parent’s eyes, and even with extraordinary beauty and talents, not everyone is able to achieve the kind of success and fame that Ava and Leah have.

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So what’s so special about them that makes them so noticeable and unique? You’d be surprised to know that physical beauty is linked to math and geometry to a great extent. There are ratios and symmetry in works that determine how attractive a person is.

The Golden Ratio

What features in particular make a random face stand out from the crowd? The ideal proportions and symmetry that have been studied as being correlated to attractiveness and beauty are known as the golden ratio. The actual ratio is exactly 1.618.

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This is perhaps a scientific reason to prove the attractiveness of the girls, and why their beauty is so distinctive and grabs everyone’s attention. Simply put, the girls are blessed with gifted genes. Many people are blessed with perfect genes too but their beauty was a calculated one (or should we say two!).

Being Mindful and Considerate

All of this does make for a compelling argument, but we must realize and keep in mind that the girls are not even teenagers yet. There’s a level of sensitivity and caution that we must exhibit when discussing this topic.

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Even grownups have a difficult time putting up with fame and such a huge fan following. Their lives are always up for debate and criticism, and the least we can do is cut the twins some slack. In this world of negative comments swarming the internet, we should try to be the light when we come across inspiring and heartwarming stories of young children trying to make it big in this world.

Playful Little Girls

At the end of the day, we need to realize and admit that they are still just little girls who are in the process of growing up. Besides having such a demanding job, they also have their innocence and sense of wonder. For all we know, they still believe in tooth fairies and Santa Claus!

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They have their school and studies to get through, they take part in activities and are still learning new skills and exploring their abilities. They certainly are a creative duo and you can see their imagination soaring through their creative poses and fashion sense. We’re hoping to see the rest of their story unfold and to witness these girls grow up into strong and confident women.