40+ Wholesome Cat Images To Brighten Up Anyone’s Dull Day

By Ishita p

As cat parents, we love our feline companions to death. They are known for being extremely intelligent and intuitive creatures with aloof attitudes. These adorable munchkins entertain their human parents throughout the day with their antics. Sometimes, these silly little creatures can even surprise humans with a prank, while other times, they just do nothing yet look cute and lovable.

A group called “Unexplainable Cat Images” on Facebook offers many wholesome cat pictures.

These cats were caught red-handed on the camera, pulling off unique activities. If you are having a bad day, the photos of these goofy yet incredibly smart kitties are bound to bring a smile to your face. So, let’s check out some of the most hilarious and unexplainable cat images to brighten your day!

How Cats Interact When Their Humans Aren’t Around

The cats in this image are engrossed with faucets, and people seem to love them. There is no specific explanation for cats’ obsession with this non-edible object, but it is adorable. These little creatures don’t know what faucets are used for and are thus intrigued by them.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Probably, they assume faucets are telephones. Hence, they try to meow through them to see if their secret messages are conveyed. However, these weird habits of our furballs make our feline companions so lovable. You can always trust them to keep you entertained with their unique behavior.

This Cowboy Kitty Can Make You Smile on a Bad Day

Are you having a hard day? If yes, this cute little cat wearing a cowboy hat will make your day better. This shot was captured just at the right moment when the cat peeked from behind the PC, and the screen displayed the cow’s image.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

It’s the photo of a Holstein cow whose face has been cropped out. But the cat’s position behind the computer makes it look like its head is directly attached to the cow’s body. No wonder this is one of the most hilarious and unique shots we’ve encountered.

Cat Keeps Caretaker Entertained

This photo of a jumping cat has incited hilarious reactions from cat lovers all over the internet. We, humans, are constantly stupefied by the weird actions of our cats they execute daily, but we should be thankful to them for keeping us amused and distracted from all our worries.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The girl who posted this iconic photo revealed that she had left her cat in the care of a roommate. So, when she asked the latter for an update on the kitty, she received this adorable photo. It is evident that this cat is naughty and loves keeping its caretaker constantly on her toes!

“Don’t Devour Me, Shark!”

Usually, most cats are brave-hearted. They are not afraid of sneering at people or hissing at strangers. They even act cold and domineering towards their human parents from time to time. However, this cat can’t help being scared of a harmless “shark” object.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The adorable feline has been placed inside a cute plush toy that resembles a shark. While the situation appears funny to onlookers, the cat thinks otherwise and can’t wait to escape it. We hope the kitty made it out alive!

These Cats are Perfect Rulebreakers

This picture is a perfect example of why most people consider their fur pets a nuisance around the household. The person considered presenting their cats with a triple cat bowl so that each could eat its food comfortably. But these cats chose to throw proper eating habits to the wind.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

They decided to jump on each other and have their meals in an unorganized manner. Just look at how the poor ginger kitty is crushed by the weights of the other two cats above it. Still, they wouldn’t change their feeding posture. After all, they are masters of breaking all rules!

This Cat Has a Unique Interest!

Cats are known for having weird hobbies. Some love to chase after cat toys, while others prefer simply sitting and basking under the sun. However, this furry and adorable ginger cat named Booker is the biggest fan of ice cubes.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The cat’s human parent revealed that Brooker keeps staring at ice cubes for long periods. He doesn’t lick the cubes but is content watching the little block slowly melt away. No wonder people say cats are some of the most unpredictable creatures on the planet.

Cat Makes Its Presence Known

Cats tend to pull off the funniest things unknowingly, and the black cat in this photo is proof of that. It performs a daring act by holding up one of its paws against the glass to establish its presence among people.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

It also tries giving the masses on the other side of the glass a death stare, drawing their attention. Despite all the bold efforts, the cat ends up looking goofy and hilarious. Thus, it’s the innocence and cuteness of the kitty that makes it noticeable.

Head Massager Transports Cat to Another Dimension!

We, humans, love to dote on our pets. We constantly shower them with small gifts, tasty treats, and lots of love. So, in this case, the cat parent decided to give their furball a soothing and affectionate head massage with the help of a manual scalp massager.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

However, what’s worth noticing in this picture is the mixed facial expression of the cat. On one side, it seems overwhelmed by the comforting sensation offered by the massager. On the other hand, it sports an alarmed expression as the soothing sensation is definitely something it has never felt before.

Suited Up and Ready for the Office

Sometimes, your cats can be cute and iconic unintentionally. This lovely cat in the picture is just doing that and bringing smiles to people’s faces across the internet. However, its unique furry coat boasting signature stripes definitely has something to do with it.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The cat’s intrinsic black and white coat makes it look like he is wearing a suit and tie. Thus, the feline is always ready and booted up to head to the office and work for a living. If you had a tiring day at work, this cat’s wholesome coat would give you much-needed joy.

Hercule Poirot-Lookalike Gives Detectives a Run for Their Money

The cat in this picture throws people off owing to its human-like features. With a long, black mustache-like mark under its nose, the feline resembles the famous fictional detective Hercule Poirot. Also, its black eyebrow-shaped streaks render the cat a natural frown etched on its face.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The suspicious expression on this cat’s face lends it a sophisticated yet commanding appearance. Just like Poirot, this cat will also make an intelligent and intuitive detective. It looks like this little sleuth can easily uncover any mysteries with its high IQ and sharp investigation skills.

The Cat Has Found Their New Best Friend

Generally, cats are perceived as unfriendly or unaffectionate creatures. However, the feline in the photo proves cynics wrong beautifully. Netizens are amused by the cat and its unlikely friendship with the duck. No doubt, this cat is a true example of the fact that friendship knows no boundaries.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The photo is extremely wholesome, as we see the little kitty perched on top of the duck. Meanwhile, the duck waddles through the pond, giving its trusty old friend an amazing water ride. This unusual yet pleasing photo of pure friendship is sure to brighten the dullest day.

Eggs-Obsessed Feline

Cats are known for being obsessed with bizarre things. From tiny boxes and plastic bags to small socks and water faucets, these feline companions love to play with the most unusual objects. However, their obsessions often pave the way for some amusing circumstances.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

For instance, this orange cat has a crazy obsession with eggs. It loves to lie in egg cartons, crashing the eggs apart. Thus, its owner replaced the eggs with ping-pong balls without letting the kitty doubt a thing about the whole situation. In fact, the furball seems very satisfied with the small white balls.

Cats and Dogs Do Get Along!

We encounter innumerable images and videos of cats and dogs on the internet engaged in a tussle. But these two polar-opposite animals can also be amazing friends, as the photo shows. In this picture, the cat seems to receive a lot of fondness from her canine friend.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Known for being friendly and warm, the dog showers its feline friend with affectionate licks. It seems from the kitty’s expression that the doggo often surprises it with such love and care, and the furball enjoys it secretly. Probably, the cat will reciprocate the warm treatment in her own way.

Cat Wears an Unlikely Outfit

Cat parents love dressing up their pets in a variety of apparel. From getting paw-printed sweaters to colorful vests, they invest in beautiful clothes for their fur friends. However, sometimes, they might find their naughty feline decked up in the most unusual outfit, just like this ginger cat.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The cat parent who captured this photo revealed that on hearing a cardboard noise, they turned around to check the source of the sound, and this is what they found. This kitty seems to redefine fashion with this red-white carton and establish itself as a style icon in the feline community.

The Foodie Cat Caught Red-Handed

Kittens love their food and often throw a hissy fit if their needs aren’t met. The black kitten in this photo may be just days old, but it seems that the tiny furball will grow up to become a feisty cat. Not just its face but its entire body is covered in food crumbs.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The poor baby might have gotten caught at a bad time and can’t wait to get back to its delicious meal. Its agitated facial expression makes it clear that the kitty does not appreciate being separated from its food and is very angry at its parent for the same.

A Strong Selfie Game

Even the most photogenic humans have a hard time clicking the perfect selfie. We capture dozens of photos before finding a decent one. But this cat seems to be a pro at clicking pictures, and we should learn something from this selfie master.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The little kitty has gotten it right on its very first try. It uses the rear camera of its parent’s smartphone to take a high-resolution, close-up shot of its face, and the result is very heartwarming. From knowing the right angle to posing like a model, this cat is best at the game!

Cat Hears the Strangest Meow

As cat parents, we love to pull harmless pranks on our fur friends to catch their adorable reactions. The person behind this photo also had a similar idea in their mind, and their pet’s priceless reaction is now winning the internet.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

After the cat purred at them, its parent thought of meowing back. Their unlikely sound instantly alarmed the cat. Probably, the kitty’s fight or flight reaction kicked in at the moment it heard the unusual meow. But if a prank can get you such a cute surprising stare at the end, it’s all worth it!

How Did the Cat Get There?

You can buy your kitty the biggest cat mansion, but they will still find a way to fit inside the smallest space. You might often find your naughty little munchkins napping inside small boxes or cartons and wonder how they got inside them.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

But in this photo, the cat seems to fit perfectly inside a plastic bag with its head and limb hanging out. Although it might have gotten there somehow, it seems to have a hard time escaping the situation. Thus, the poor fellow looks up at the person behind the camera, asking for help!

The Table-Destroyer!

No matter how much you love your cat, it will keep doing notorious activities and destroy some of your favorite items. Most immobile things, like furniture, house plants, fabrics, carpets, etc., are unable to escape the wrath of these clawed creatures and give in to their actions.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

In this picture, the unruly cat looks hell-bent on destroying a wooden table. In fact, it has already managed to successfully scratch off more than half the wood of the table’s leg. It seems like the kitty had been working hard on this for a long time!

Brave Cat Gets Over His Mysterious Fear of Bathtub

A lot of cats hate bathtubs. They are afraid of getting drenched and often throw a hissy fit when taken near the tubs. The black cat in this photo is no different, but he seems to have found a way to get over his irrational fear.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Named Duško, this cat has found a reliable companion that supports him in overcoming his fright. A binky is something that is often given to babies to keep them pacified. But here, Duško has his own dependable binky to help him through all tough times, including bathing in a tub!

A Comforting Nap in An Adorable Sweater

Cats love their naps. In fact, you can expect to be at the receiving end of their full wrath if you disturb their sleep time. But who in their right mind would want to wake up these cuddly, endearing creatures from their naps, especially when they look so peaceful?

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

In this picture, the furry white cat appears to have been transported to its dream world as it takes a comfortable nap. The teddy bear sweater it wears makes it look even more delightful. After all, nothing beats your kitty looking dashing in a cute little outfit.

Cats Are Smarter than You Think

While cats are domesticated creatures now, they used to be prime hunters back in the time. Belonging to the same cat family as lions and tigers, these cuddly creatures are very intelligent. The activities pulled off by this cat in the picture below is a proof of that smartness.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The cat seems to have taken out a huge cushion off the couch all on its own and made itself a comfortable sitting spot there. It’s no wonder that your cat will prove to be very resourceful in times of need.

When You Walk in on Two Kitties

These inseparable cats were captured on camera, sharing a private moment. The two felines were so immersed in their personal space that they couldn’t even notice a human walk in on them. But despite being caught, they don’t seem embarrassed about their actions.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Instead, they remain in the same position and stare at the camera. It seems from their expression as if they are trying to shoo away their owner so that they can return to being on their own. No doubt these adorable felines are some of the bravest creatures in the world!

Don’t Touch My Fur!

Cats are very particular about their fur coats and will definitely come at you if you play around with them. The cat in this picture couldn’t be more annoyed with its human parent as the latter tried to pet it unnecessarily.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The kitty seems to have groomed itself lately. Thus, its fur looks polished and frizz-free. However, the feline got angry when its owner tried to ruin its post-grooming look by touching its hair repeatedly. Despite several oppositions, when the hooman didn’t stop, the kitty bit their finger.

Let It Nap

Imagine going jewelry shopping and spotting a cat that takes a cozy nap on top of all jewelry sets. Well, this little white cat in the photo below just did that! Uncaring of all customers walking into the shop during the daytime, the kitty fell asleep in a comfortable spot.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

No one even jolted the cat out of its sleep. After all, who would want to disturb a cat resting so innocently? However, seeing such a random kitty peacefully napping during your shopping spree will definitely put a smile on your face and make your entire experience worthwhile.

When Your Cat Exudes Deity-Like Vibes

Cats have the unique ability to make everyone feel inconsequential. Although tiny, these creatures love to keep to themselves and consider themselves to be the incarnations of some deity. In this photo, the cat seems to have embraced its true self!

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Here, the cat’s shadow starkly resembles that of a mighty Elder God. It gives the little furball a fearsome appearance, making the kitty look like a God we must bow in front of. Undoubtedly, the day cats begin to rule the world is much closer than we think!

They Can’t Read!

This adorable picture of a rule-breaking cat on the internet has left people in splits. In this photo, the piebald cat is seen sitting over an envelope that reads, “Please do not bend.” However, the creature is least bothered about following these rules.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Thus, the thing inside the envelope ends up getting twisted as the uncaring feline sits atop it. However, we cannot put the entire blame on this little furball for the mistake. After all, cats can’t read, and this kitty was just trying to sit comfortably!

Black Cat Adorably Annoys Its Friend

Just like humans, cats also love to play pranks or engage in playful fights with friends. Their actions are more childlike and can instantly make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. This picture of a little black kitty joking around with its friend will give you an instant serotonin boost.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The black cat playfully sticks its tongue out at its furry friend. Meanwhile, the latter tries to ignore the antics and stares straight ahead. Such a cute, light-hearted banter between these two kitties has made this photo a favorite of thousands of people.

Crochet Cat!

Crocheting is an amazing craft that has allowed people since ages to create beautiful clothes and accessories from yarn and thread. However, nowadays, even pet parents crochet lovely outfits for their pets to add to their charm. For instance, check out this mini fluffball; it looks adorable in its mini crochet costume.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The crocheted fit makes the tiny kitty look like a mushroom, as the hat closely resembles the head of the fungus. But what makes this photograph even cuter is the way the little creature peeks from its white and brown crochet outfit.

The Ginger Cat Has Made Friends for Life

Sometimes, cats sneer at strangers or even their own human parents, while at other times, they tend to be the friendliest. In this photo, the orange cat seems to have bonded well with other humans and participates in fun activities with them, too.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The humans hold out their fingers in a victory sign. Seeing its pals, the cat crosses its paws to make its own unique victory sign. Thus, together, they create the most adorable star sign ever. This picture proves that even cats can be warm and cooperative occasionally.

A Victorian-Era Feline!

Cats can pull off any look. From funny sweaters to hip t-shirts, you can dress them up in anything, and they will still look effortlessly cool. In this photo, the cat seems extremely swanky in a unique collar it had to wear as punishment.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The cat’s human parents revealed that they had penalized their pet for knocking a roasted chicken off the counter. But instead of looking stupid in the frilly little collar, the kitty appeared elegant. Although the punishment failed, the owner got an iconic picture of their unruly pet.

You Get the “Cone of Shame” as Well!

Cats often have to wear the cone of shame for their own good! This Elizabethan collar prevents them from licking or chewing an injury or wound, worsening the condition further. However, feline creatures do not always enjoy wearing this accessory.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

So, this furball has found a way of taking advantage of its situation. Instead of willfully wearing the collar, the cat makes its human parent a part of the punishment. The way the man engages in his cat’s bit makes this image even funnier.

Tired Cat Gets Recharged for the Day

Even though cats love to chase after birds and toys and throw a couple of hissy fits throughout the day, they need some downtime. The orange cat in this photo seems lost in its own world as it charges itself up for whatever challenges come next.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

It is evident from the photo that the absent-minded cat has had a long day. As a result, it is unable to focus on its surroundings. So, if you find your cat taking some time to get recharged, don’t worry! They will get back to being active and fun when their energy is replenished.

City’s Favorite Cat!

The people of Szczecin in Poland proved their love for a local cat by making it one of the city’s top attractions. Called Kot Gacek, this black and white plump cat has amassed immense popularity all over the internet. There are even tons of 5-star reviews under its name!

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

If you ever visit Szczecin, get a photo clicked with this star! You will find Gacek sitting in a corner or napping away as people walk by. You can even drop a treat or two for this adorable furball when you meet it.

A Friendly Cat

It is a well-established fact that cats love to chase after mice. Their iconic rivalry has also been documented in films and TV shows like Stuart Little and Tom & Jerry. However, the cat in this picture is unlike the mouse-hating felines you see on-screen.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The parent of this cat put a unique sign around its neck for being unable to do anything about the mouse problem. As per the note, the cat spotted a mouse stealing its food but did nothing about it. Thus, failing to take any action, the poor kitty now hangs its head in shame!

The Three City Strollers

Here come three feline best friends; no force in this world can separate them. But the way the trio strolls down the street is not only unique but also hilarious. The two cats on the sides effortlessly sandwich their friend between them and keep walking that way.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

However, the little black kitty in the middle seems to be used to such behavior of its friends. It’s just a way for the larger two cats on the side to protect their smaller feline friend from any on-road dangers. Well, witnessing such a wholesome camaraderie among three cats is indeed heart-warming!

This Cat Can Take the Lead in a Gymnastics Class

Are you a gymnastics enthusiast tired of taking lessons from human instructors? Do you want to enhance your skills to a great extent? If yes, then seek guidance from this black cat. It can make your gymnastics classes extremely fun, owing to its considerable expertise and playful nature.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The photo of this adorable cat is winning hearts across the internet. Even professionals with years of gymnastics training might not be as flexible as this little feline. It also knows how to maintain its bold expression and strike a pose mid-jump. Sensational indeed!

Do Horses Eat Cats?

Cats are known for having a killer instinct. These creatures used to be great hunters once upon a time and still have amazing intuition. In this photo, the cat senses imminent danger even though the horse is just a toy!

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Despite being put inside the stuffed horse’s mouth, the kitty refuses to take any chances. Thus, instead of playing around with the object, the feline has an alert expression. Its fight-or-flight mechanism has certainly kicked in to run away at any sign of danger.

Living the Most Comfortable Life!

We humans often feel jealous of our feline companions because of their stress-free life. After all, they don’t need to get up and go to work for a living. They just play around with their toys and lounge all day at home. For instance, look at the cat in this photo.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

It takes a comfortable nap stretching on the top of a couch right by the window. Probably, the kitty had a hard day chasing after birds and goofing around with its toys. We wish we could have been as happy and well-rested as this little cat after a tiresome day!

Should I Even be Here?

Sometimes, cats have highly disdainful expressions on their faces. They tend to look like they are plotting something secretive that others can’t know of. The cats in this photo also seem to have a big, secret plan in motion that they can’t risk others coming to know of.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The person behind this photo said they chanced upon their cats sitting in a circle on the table. Witnessing such an unusual scene in front of their eyes made it appear like the cats were part of a cult. Thus, despite being adorable, these serious-looking felines managed to incite some fear.

This Cat Looks Perfect in Human Clothes

We humans are downright obsessed with our cats and will do anything to make them look extra-fluffy. Sometimes, cat parents deck up their little companions in oversized human clothes for a hilarious moment, just like the cat in this photo was dressed.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

This little white fluffball was made to wear a brassiere twice its size. And the way it looked was hysterical! The woman in the background couldn’t even stop cackling at her own creation. However, the little kitty looks stupefied and is absolutely done with her human parent’s antics.

Black Kitty Won’t Take Her Chances with the Bathtub!

Cats harbor an irrational fear of bathtubs. These little troublemakers are afraid of getting drenched against their wishes and will avoid the tub at any cost. This picture is just another instance of a cat going to hilarious lengths to prevent getting wet.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

In the photo, the black, fluffy cat stands on the bathtub’s edge with its back firmly pressed against the wall. In this posture, it bends over into the tub to check for the presence of water. The kitty doesn’t believe it to be empty; hence, it wants to introspect the tub closely.

Look at Those Adorable Little Feet!

Cats have the cutest little paws, and their adorable pawprints make them even more lovable and an absolute delight to be around. Sometimes, cat parents even get little paws tattooed on their bodies in honor of their cute and wholesome kitties.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Well, this picture is proof of why people are so obsessed with cats’ feet. Here the fluffball shows off its little black toes for the camera. The user who posted this snap even called the photo “Peets,” which perfectly defines it.

Cats Love Art Too

If you think cats cannot enjoy the same things as their human parents, take a look at this adorable black cat in the photo. An art enthusiast, this feline proves naysayers wrong as she stares thoughtfully at a painting on the wall.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

The story behind the photo is also as adorable as the cat’s fascination with art. The kitty’s human mom revealed that her husband had hung this art piece on the wall while she was away. But the way he put up the painting at the cat’s eye level is considerate of him.

What is The Cat Staring at?

From time to time, cats do the most befuddling things. In this photo, it looks like the cat uses some Instagram or Snapchat filter to make its eyes look bigger yet distorted. However, the cat just looks through a glass.

Image by Unexplainable Cat Images on Facebook

Looking through a thick slab of glass makes images appear distorted due to refraction. And the same happens here. So, if you want to have some scientific fun with your cat, try this experiment. Their exaggerated eyes or noses will definitely make you and your kitty laugh.

A Gift for Mom!

If you have a cat that is both an indoor and outdoor pet, this is a scene you are probably familiar with. Well, maybe, except for the huge iguana depending on where you’re from. These fur babies love bringing their kills home as a surprise.

Image by aimsegg on Twitter

Mostly, you will find a tiny lizard or an insect, but in certain parts of the world, this ‘surprise gift’ can be an iguana! Can you imagine randomly cleaning your house when you come across this reptile? Unfortunately for this guy, he was caught in the act.