Pomeranian Perfection: 40+ Photos That Capture The Cuteness Of Pomeranians

By Aileen D April 29, 2023

Pomeranians, or “pom dogs,” are a small breed of dog known for their fluffy coats, perky ears, and playful personalities. They are loyal companions and make great lap dogs. Poms are highly intelligent and energetic but also require plenty of attention and training to thrive in a home environment.

But don’t let that fool you into adopting a pom dog. Most dog owners have seriously reconsidered their options after finding out these dogs require plenty of attention. Things never end well after they fail to give their significant canines a few seconds of TLC.

These pet owners learned the hard way that they could never shower their pom dogs with enough attention. They can’t bear the thought of their pooch babies missing out on a meal or on a day’s worth of walk to the park. So reader, beware, you just might fall hard for a pom pooch!


Meet Fido, the Pomeranian with a face only a mother could love. With his bulging eyes, lopsided ears, and an overbite that would make a bulldog jealous, Fido is the definition of derpy. Just look at him making that face because of the cold!

Image courtesy of NotAFridge / Reddit

Despite his unconventional looks, Fido is convinced he’s the coolest dog in the neighborhood. He struts down the sidewalk with his head held high, tail wagging proudly behind him. He’s like a tiny, fluffy Napoleon, except without the military conquests.

Feed Me

This Pom dog looked longingly at the juicy slice of watermelon sitting on the picnic table, just out of reach. But Pom Pom was a determined little dog, and she was not going to let a lack of opposable thumbs stand between her and that delicious fruit.

Image courtesy of mellotheteacup / Instagram

With a quick dash and a jump, Pom Pom had the watermelon slice firmly clenched in her teeth. She pranced around the yard triumphantly, her tail wagging so hard it looked like it might fall off. That’s a fresh slice of juice in her mouth!


It was Christmas time, and little Puffy was on high alert. He had been tasked with guarding the Christmas tree against the house cat, Mittens, who had a habit of climbing up the tree and knocking off ornaments. He had to take 24-hour shifts every day.

Image courtesy of Venrinn / Reddit

Puffy took his job seriously. He stationed himself under the tree, glaring up at Mittens whenever she came near. Mittens, for her part, seemed amused by Puffy’s efforts. She batted at ornaments just out of Puffy’s reach and occasionally swatted at his nose with her paw.


This dog was too exhausted after a day of playing fetching and chasing his tail. He couldn’t help but fall asleep in the passenger seat on the way home. As he dozed off, his little paws twitched, and his nose wiggled, giving the impression that he was having a particularly vivid dream.

Image courtesy of bankviewman / Reddit

His owner couldn’t help but chuckle as she watched this Pom dog snore away in the seat next to her. Suddenly, his peaceful slumber was interrupted by the sound of his own snoring. He jolted awake, startled by the noise, and looked around wildly, trying to figure out where it was coming from.

Whatchu Lookin’ At

This dog loves to pose for the camera. Whether it’s sticking his tongue out or his paws in the air, this dog is always ready for his close-up. His owner decided to take some photos of him sprawled out on the floor. Being the diva that he was, he was more than happy to oblige.

Image courtesy of TheMole171 / Reddit

But just as his owner was about to snap the perfect shot, this dog let out a giant yawn and flopped onto his stomach, his cute tush in the air. His owner couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the sight of her usually dignified Pomeranian posing coyly.

Who Let the Dog Out

After seeing this bed, we can understand why this pom dog thinks of it as his slice of heaven. This was certainly a place where he could curl up and dream of chasing squirrels or chewing on bones… at least until he’s actually called to the kitchen to munch on one.

Image courtesy of nosy_runoff / Reddit

Just look at this pom dog, completely unaware of his bewitching effect on people. His paws are wiggling around as if they had a life of their own. People can’t help but laugh at the sight of this furball sticking out of the cage, living life dangerously.


This dog has lots of toys, but this is his favorite. You wouldn’t be able to tell, especially with how he has taken care of it. Other dogs would have chewed their toys to bits and pieces, but this one carried it around like his prized possession.

Image courtesy of TopTopTopcina / Reddit

He would chew on it for hours on end, but he’d make sure to chew gently. He would never let it out of sight lest a human violates this chew toy by stepping on it and scrubbing the floor with it as they slip and fall on their back.


Sir Fluffington loved nothing more than dressing up in fancy suits. He had a whole wardrobe full of bespoke suits in various colors and styles, and he would strut around like a little prince whenever he wore them. Doesn’t he look so dapper?

Image courtesy of Dreamlighter777 / Reddit

He has the manners to go with this bespoke suit. If you ask his owner, she will tell you that it’s not the clothes that make the dog, but the dog that makes the suit. This dog was perfect just as he was, with or without a tailor noting his measurements.

Choose Your Pic

This guy pushed the button and was surprised to see this flock of fluffballs greet him. He had to rub his eyes lest he mistakenly saw these fluffballs for something else. Was he in heaven? If so, he never wanted to leave.

Image courtesy of Bigpomfamily / reddit

There were six of them in total, each one cuter than the next, and they were all staring up at this stranger with wide, curious eyes. It might have seemed like an eternity because one pom dog barked for this stranger to get in and punch “G.”

Molten Pool

It might not seem like it, but this sweet pom dog has a superpower unlike any other. He has the ability to thaw the iciest of hearts with his adorable little face, his undeniable naivete, and his cute, cuddly body.

Image courtesy of luv._.bbangsil / Reddit

Whenever someone was feeling down or upset, Mr. Snuggles would trot over to them, tail wagging and eyes shining, and nuzzle up against them with his soft, warm fur. And within seconds, all their troubles would melt away as they basked in the warmth of his love.

Said It Right

Unlike his other brethren, this pom dog has a taste for the finer things in life. She loves to buy couture and wouldn’t be caught dead with a fashion faux pas or a leatherette in her mouth. This pom brings Kim K to shame.

Image courtesy of mgt_blacklotus / Reddit

Whenever Prissy’s owner would bring home a new handbag, Prissy would eagerly sniff it out, wagging her tail and eyeing it with interest. And if she deemed it worthy of her high fashion standards, she would promptly climb inside and make herself at home.


This pom dog has the most outrageous hair of any dog in the land. No matter how much his owner tried to groom him, this dog’s hair would always stick out in every direction imaginable, giving him a wild and unruly look that was both hilarious and endearing.

Image courtesy of luludapomerania.amora / Reddit

Whenever this dog would go for walks, people would stop and stare at him, amused by his crazy hair. Some would even take pictures and post them on social media, dubbing him the “King of the Pom-Poms” or the “Furball with the Funnies.”

Seeing Double

Max was a Pomeranian, but due to his unusual coat of fluffy fur, he looked more like a little siopao than a dog. He had big, round, dark eyes that made him look even more like a tasty little snack.

Image courtesy of prsnckty / Reddit

Despite his unusual appearance, he was a beloved member of his family, who loved him for who he was, siopao-like fur and all. And whenever they would snuggle with him, they couldn’t help but think how warm and cozy he felt, just like a freshly steamed siopao straight out of the oven.

How Would You Like It

Did you know that pom dogs come in different shades of color, depending on how long they were baked in the oven? It’s true! Pomeranians are known for their fluffy coats of fur, but like baking a batch of cookies – some come out golden brown, while others are a darker shade.

Image courtesy of coffeecooperfbi / Reddit

There’s Phoebs, who was only in the oven for a short time and came out a light and fluffy shade of cream. Then there’s Fido, who spent a little longer in the oven and came out almost like caramel. There’s Ruffles, who came out a rich shade of brown- like chocolate.


Mittens had a sleek and slender build with a long tail that curled up at the end. He had a fluffy coat of fur, but it was short and fine rather than thick and plush. And to top it all off, he had big, round eyes that seemed to slant upwards like a cat!

Image courtesy of kangbany_ / reddit

Whenever this dog’s owner would take him for walks, people would do a double-take, unsure whether he was a dog or a cat. Some would even ask his owner if he was a new breed of dog, careful to keep their pet away because it just might take a swipe.


This furball hates to admit it, but he suffers from a slight speech problem. No matter what he did, he couldn’t bark without yelping out in pain first. You don’t need to be a vet to figure out what’s causing his distress.

Image courtesy of tennisrob / Reddit

He couldn’t seem to stop biting his tongue. It was like he had a magnetic attraction to it or something. It became a bit of an obsession for him. He would spend hours staring at his tongue, trying to figure out why it was so irresistible.

What Christmas Fun

Bet you won’t be able to find a pom dog who loves Christmas more than this fella below. He loves the carols, the decorations, and most of all, the presents. So when he heard that Santa Claus was looking for a new elf, guess what he did…

Image courtesy of lexi_dog_diary / Reddit

Why, he begged his human to sew him an elf’s outfit so that he could apply. He tugged at his human’s jeans and even licked at his human’s pricked finger just to hasten the healing. He made sure to secure several gifts should he make the cut.

That Smile

Just like us, this dog has an odd obsession with maintaining his pearly white fangs. Max’s obsession with Dentastix was so intense that he would wake up in the middle of the night, sneak into the kitchen, and dig through the cabinets, looking for them.

Image courtesy of RevolutionarySock367 / reddit

He even tried to open the fridge once, convinced that his beloved treats were hiding inside. Max would sit and stare at the cabinet where they were kept, drooling uncontrollably, until someone finally gave in and gave him one. Score!

One To Go

This Redditor decided to go to a pet store to buy a new companion. She walked into the store, excited to see all the different breeds of dogs available, but to her surprise, there was only one dog in the entire store – a little pom dog named Peaches.

Image courtesy of popfizzmusic / Reddit

Peaches started to grow on her. The pom dog had a certain charm that was hard to resist. She had big, bright eyes and a wagging tail, and she seemed to be genuinely happy to see Sarah.”I’ll take one…to go, please.” The rest is history.

There You Are

As this Redditor was getting ready to leave for the gym, she noticed that her pom dog was nowhere to be found. She searched the house high and low, calling out for her little furball, but there was no sign of her.

Image courtesy of slpforever / Reddit

Just as Sally was about to leave without Puddles, she heard a muffled barking sound coming from her gym bag. She opened it up, and there was Puddles nestled with a pair of socks. “Nice try, but I’ll need more than that.”


Unlike most pom dogs, this furball had a thick, shaggy coat. She also preferred standing on her hind legs, and that made her look like a mini grizzly bear. Her round face, tiny nose, and big, bright eyes only added to the resemblance.

Image courtesy of jimdobre / Reddit

Whenever Fluffy went out for walks with her owner, people would stop and stare, amazed at just how much she looked like a grizzly bear. Some even thought that she was a wild animal that had escaped from a zoo.

Quack Quack Goose

This pom dog has a peculiar obsession: he loves to chase toy ducks. Whether they were rubber ducks or plush toys, Duke could spend hours running around the house and backyard, barking and chasing after them. Just look at him, prey in the mouth.

Image courtesy of tennisrob / Reddit

His owner had bought him dozens of toys over the years, but Duke only had eyes for his beloved toy ducks. He would carry them around in his mouth, wagging his tail and proudly showing them off to anyone who would pay attention.

Out of Water

This spoiled fur child loves this toy more than anything in the world. Whenever she saw it, she would go absolutely berserk, barking and jumping around, her bushy tail wagging so hard it looked like it might fall right off.

Image courtesy of Neither994 / Reddit

There are times this Redditor had gotten confused at the range of emotions her fur ball would exhibit. The fluffball would wag its tail excitedly, then start barking at the teddy, treating it like it was a real threat. Well, with that shade of color, we would too.

You Called?

Elle Woods is a beloved character from the iconic movie Legally Blonde. But what if Elle Woods were a pom dog? Meet Elle, the most fabulous and fashionable pom dog you’ll ever meet. With her immaculate coat and paleo diet, she’s always turning heads wherever she goes.

Image courtesy of GarlicOpening1401 / Reddit

She’s more used to lounging on expensive pillows and chewing on designer toys, but she will occasionally lie on the floor, gracing it with her presence. Just make sure to get the leash ready. She will expect to be taken on a trip to the groomers.

Still A Baby

Meet Charlie, the pom dog who never quite outgrew his childhood. Despite being a fully grown dog, Charlie still loves playing with his toys, chasing his tail, and being taken to appointments in a baby stroller. “Did someone say naptime?”

Image courtesy of Hiysinphlay / Reddit

His owners, John and Sarah, are used to his antics by now. They’ve resigned themselves to the fact that Charlie will always be their big baby. They can only hope that this dog will learn how to use the potty. It’s every fur parent’s dream come true!

Can’t Make A Mistake

Meet Fluffy, the immaculate-looking pom dog. With her pristine white fur and perfectly groomed mane, she looks like she just stepped out of a doggy salon, even when she had just played around in the yard. Bet you weren’t able to tell.

Image courtesy of sweetie_moon99 / Reddit

Fluffy’s owner is a well-to-do socialite who takes great pride in her dog’s appearance. She spends hours each week brushing Fluffy’s fur, polishing her nails, and booking appointments at the grooming salon. Her fluffball has got to look her absolute best!

Can You Move Any Quicker

This Redditor was taking a stroll when he nearly got run over by this toy car. It was heading straight toward him at full speed. The driver stepped on the brake in the nick of time. This Redditor could swear he caught his heart in his chest.

Image courtesy of leoandluapoms / Reddit

These dogs had the audacity of honking their horn while the human looked at the size of it against his leg. It was mid-calf, but he was sure it would have still hurt. He scoffs at the two pom dogs, eager to park the car and order their lattes.


Rufus had always dreamed of becoming a world-famous pianist, but there was just one problem: he had paws instead of hands. Determined to make his dream a reality, Rufus decided to enroll in a prestigious music school. Here’s a picture of him during his first week.

Image courtesy of Dreamlighter777 / Reddit

Rufus took a seat at the grand piano and stared at the keys. He lifted his paw and attempted to press a key, but it just wouldn’t budge. He began to grow frustrated and started barking at the piano. That’s when he discovered his barks were music to his ears.

Wasn’t Me

This Redditor came home to find an empty can of whipped cream, splotches decorating the floor and leading all the way up to the living room couch. There she saw this lone culprit who adamantly refused he did anything wrong.

Image courtesy of InternetsTad / Reddit

This pom dog looked around the room, trying to come up with a way to convince this Redditor that he hadn’t eaten the whipped cream. He whisked his head back and forth, shaking off all the whipped cream until the Redditor apologized and admitted she had made a mistake.

Mini Mo

Tiny was aptly named because he was so small that he could easily get lost in the rug. One day, Tiny’s owner, Lisa, came home to find that she couldn’t find Tiny anywhere. She searched high and low, calling his name, but he was nowhere to be found.

Image courtesy fo ResponsibleKing2628 / Reddit

This Redditor was just about to give up when she heard a bark from somewhere around her feet. She looked down to see two beady eyes staring at her. She heard the bark again and then finally made out Tiny’s figure against the white rug.


These two dogs do everything together – be it shopping or traveling in style. They are like two peas in a pod of different shades. Separate them, and you’ll toss and turn in sleep, roused awake by the wailing of the one left behind.

Image courtesy of dina_and_groove / Reddit

That is how these two pom dogs became famous in the neighborhood. Wherever they went, they went together, and they never let anyone come between them. It just goes to show that true friendship knows no boundaries. Best pom friends forever!

How Big Again?

We know pom dogs to be little, but we hadn’t imagined them to be this small! Thanks to this Redditor, we finally have a good grasp of a pomeranian dog’s size. These things could fit within the palm of your hand!

Image courtesy of pixxel_the_pom / Reddit

But if you thought that pom dogs would be easily drowned out in a crowd, then you thought wrong. These fluffballs often love getting into mischief, imprinting the floors with mud-stained pawprints and dried leaves. They may be tiny, but they know how to make a big mess.


On the rare occasions that pom dogs are not playing around, you will hear them barking. This one just loves it. He loves to hate the mailman, the neighbor’s cat, the wind blowing in the trees, and the changing seasons.

Image courtesy ofpennylanepompom / Reddit

The only way to stop this critter from barking was to surprise or scare him. Present an odd-looking toy, and you will see this goofball make sense of the very thing before him. Then, you can enjoy a couple of hours of calm.

A Fake

This pom dog stands out against the rest. Unlike the others, this one actually looks like a dog! People often mistake him for a different breed, and his owner has to listen patiently to people speaking down to her about this dog’s origins.

Image courtesy of jenica13 / Reddit

Whenever his owner took him for walks, people would stop and ask, “What kind of dog is that?” When his owner replied, “He’s a pom dog,” they would look at him in disbelief. No matter what breed he is, he is one of the cutest pups we’ve ever seen!


This pom dog looks like a poster child for dog treats. Just look at it, licking its snout, eager to pounce on a treat thrown to the floor or another pom dog of the opposite sex. Just what had caught its attention?

Image courtesy of buzz_the_pompom / Reddit

This dog was just drawn to the pond. It had been filled with murky, greenish water. Without hesitation, it jumped over the rock, made a dash towards the edge of the pond, and then started lapping at the surface of the water. “Tastes like earth…but delicious!”

Sun Protection

Gizmo was very sensitive to the sun. Every time he went outside, he would get sunburned, and his fur would turn a bright shade of red. To avoid this painful outcome, Gizmo’s owner started making him wear a hat whenever they went outside.

Image courtesy of laufey92 / Reddit

At first, Gizmo was not pleased with the idea of wearing a hat. It made him look silly, and he was sure all the other dogs in the park were laughing at him. But soon, Gizmo realized that his hat was more than just a fashion statement – it was a lifesaver.


Much like the one before him, this pom dog also loved to wear caps. But that was expected from all players on the Pom baseball team who wanted to swing the bat. This pom dog was the star batter on his team and was leading them to victory.

Image courtesy of tennisrob / Reddit

Today, this dog and his owner were on the way to a big game. He has his cap on, bat to the side, and give or take a couple of seconds. You will soon see his legs running as fast as he can to the bases. He was up against Labradors, and he was set to win!


This pom dog loved pools of water. She especially loved beaches. She would play in the sand, chase after seagulls, and bark at the crashing waves. But there was just one thing he couldn’t do- swim. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t paddle.

Image courtesy of otorobong / Reddit

He would sink like a stone every time he tried to swim. So his owner decided to buy him inflatables. That was the only way he could enjoy bathing in the water and still manage to walk on dry land without flopping like a fish.


This Redditor could only grab fistfuls of her hair and restrain herself from screaming. She was trying her hardest not to grab this furball from the ground and then squeeze her whilst asking, “Why? Just why did you have to play in the mud?”

Image courtesy of SarahParker57 / Reddit

Despite straws of fur caked with mud, this pom dog manages to look picturesque. After a couple of minutes, this Redditor was able to calm herself down and then proceeded to carry her canine to the bathroom. Guess it’s time for another bath.

Police Force

This pom dog has a touch of German Shepherd in his bloodline. While he has the fluffy pomfur, he had the pointed ears and the somewhat lean, athletic build of a German Shepherd. Here he is, reporting for military duty.

Image courtesy of No_Security_9863 / RedditImage

This pom dog loved to show off his unique features. He would strut around the park, tail held high, as other dogs gazed in awe at his mixed-breed beauty. But there was one thing that always tripped him up – his size.


This pom dog has a smile (more accurately, a pant) that could light up a room. His little tongue would poke out of his mouth, and his eyes would crinkle up in the most adorable way. Just look at the guy if you don’t believe us!

Image courtesy of Neither994 / Reddit

Whenever he met someone new, they couldn’t help but go “aww” at the sight of his precious smile. He would pause every now and then to flash his winning smile at passersby, who would inevitably stop and coo over him.

One-sided Relationship

Apart from being low-maintenance, pom dogs are known for their remarkable ability to befriend just about anyone…even cats! Just look at this one, approaching this standoffish feline on the other side of the cage. That hissin’ cat will be purring in no time.

Image courtesy of BeBi_poms / Reddit

Whenever this pom dog went out for a walk, she would make a beeline for any cats she saw, tail wagging furiously. She would stand in front of them, wagging her tail and barking, until the cats finally relented and approached her.


These dogs’ owners brought home a brand-new toy – a small, plush bone meant for a single dog. But as soon as Peanut and Butter saw the bone, they knew they had to have it. They pounced on the toy, each trying to claim it as their own.

Image courtesy of Dragosteax / Reddit

They both started to chew on the bone at the same time. Their little mouths were so small that they could barely fit a single tooth on the bone, let alone a whole bite. But they persevered, nibbling away at the toy with all their might.

See What I Did

If cats have to scratch posts to sharpen their claws, then this pom dog has his fur parents’ shoes and household electric cords to chisel his fangs. “See what I did there, human? See how I managed to tear that cord up in one sitting? Took me the whole day, I’ll tell you!”

Image courtesy of lemonmeloncinnamon / Reddit

Of course, this Redditor knew it was a dangerous situation and had to replace the cord quickly. But she couldn’t help but chuckle every time she saw this dog’s smug expression as if he had accomplished the greatest feat a pom dog could achieve.

Rise and Shine Folks

This furball knows his priorities. In fact, he refuses to allow his fur parents to renege on their parental obligations. He brings his bowl in his mouth, pushes the door, and greets the two to “rise and shine. Time to eat!”

Image courtesy of Beowulf_Murderface / Reddit

They would often groggily reach for the bowl and fill it up with kibble, all while this pom dog wagged his tail excitedly. Don’t even think about buying yourself an alarm. If you haven’t gotten yourself out of bed, this pom dog surely has a snooze function to get you up and running.