Shoulder Sovereigns: Bossy Animals That Have Claimed Their Human’s Shoulder As Their Throne

By Aileen D

Animals have a unique ability to show affection towards humans in the strangest ways, from licking to following them around. But it’s also possible that your furry friend simply wants to show everyone who’s boss by marching all over you.

It almost looks like humans forget that we’re only sharing the house with these furry animals – our pets are actually the ones in charge of domestic territory. Just look at these pictures and tell us who’s the real boss.

With these pets perched on their humans’ shoulders, it’s almost as if they have declared humans as their ultimate prize. Cats claim us as their territory by sitting on our laps, refusing to move. Dogs claim us by following us everywhere and barking at anyone who comes near. Might it just be a matter of time before we find ourselves living in a world run by furry overlords?

That Way

This cat was snoozing on the couch when he heard the call of the wild. He leaped up onto his human’s head, where he found the perfect perch to survey his surroundings. That’s because this cat is a master navigator…

Image courtesy of teabagpipe / Reddit

…guiding his human through the treacherous waters of the living room and beyond. He would meow directions to his human, using his impressive sense of balance to keep his footing atop the ever-moving head. Look at the sheer focus on that adorable face!


In a suburban neighborhood, there was a competitive guinea pig named Sir Squeaksalot. Sir Squeaksalot was a guinea pig with a mission – to become the greatest PC gamer in all the land. Sir Squeaksalot stumbled upon a human player who was struggling at a particularly difficult level of their game.

Image courtesy of mortdraken / Reddit

Sir Squeaksalot offered to assist the player in their quest for gaming glory. As the hours passed, Sir Squeaksalot and the player became a formidable duo, conquering levels with their combined skills. Sir Squeaksalot was a natural strategist, able to spot weaknesses in the game that the player had missed.

D’you See Her?

This mischievous cat loves to play pranks on her fur parent. She often pretends that she can’t find her long-suffering mom, all the while trampling on the human and causing chaos in the house. Just look at the bully on a pretend hunt.

Image courtesy of nebulemon1999 / Reddit

Whiskers meowed pitifully as she walked around the house, rubbing against furniture and pretending to look for her fur parent. But as soon as her fur parent appeared, Whiskers darted away, pretending to be confused. She kept up the trick for a couple of minutes until her human tempted her with dinner.

Nothing Like the Wild Outdoors

This feline and her human love to explore new places. Her human decided to take her on a trip to the wild outdoors, bringing with them a few cans of tuna and ham. They were excited to breathe in the fresh air and explore the untamed wilderness with far stranger creatures.

Image courtesy of uizal / Reddit

At first, this cat was hesitant to venture out into the unknown, but her human reassured her that they would be safe and have a grand adventure. So, with a deep breath, this cat hopped into her travel carrier and set off with her human into the great unknown.


This Redditor longed to have a furry animal roam his house, but he knew it would be the death of him. See, this guy has severe allergies. He could only dream of having a cat or a dog curl up on his lap or even perch on his shoulder.

Image courtesy of Jeflow57 / Reddit

The only way he saw himself getting around this incurable allergy was to play sounds of cats meowing or dogs barking in the background. Then he would pitifully scribble on a piece of paper and pin it to his shirt, pretending it needed some treats every now and then.

Hoggin’ Up Space

This fluffy bunny is named Bunbun. It’s easy to see why she’s a conversation starter, what with that voluminous fur that takes up more space than this bunny does. Humans itch to run their hands through that smooth fur of hers.

Image courtesy of moodymondaze / Reddit

Even Bunbun herself had a hard time navigating her own fur. Whenever she tried to hop or run, her fur would bounce and sway, throwing off her balance and sending her tumbling to the ground. Oh, the price of being adorable!

What’s Hanging

This dog loves nothing more than to spend time with her human. In fact, she loves it so much that she often hangs around her human’s neck like a golden necklace. It’s amazing that this human’s veins aren’t popping from this dog’s weight!

Image courtesy of stevierayvunderbar / Reddit

Over time, this human realized that it wasn’t practical having this dog hang around. It was hard to move freely and almost impossible to keep bumping this dog against door frames and walls. So they’ve only agreed to do this for only 23 hours of the day.

Death by Asphyxiation

This cat is sweet most of the time, but she has one annoying habit. Whenever her human rests on the couch, she would go and climb the human’s head and then suffocate him with her fur. Brings a new meaning to the term “breathlessly in love.”

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

At first, this human thought that it was cute that his cat wanted to cuddle. But as she kept doing it over and over for longer periods at a time, he found himself struggling to breathe. Now, he has to carry her off his face and put her down.

Prancing Around

This man loved to tinker with gadgets and technology. He came up with a brilliant idea. He’d turn his scruffy dog into a drone of sorts! His dog was thrilled at the prospect of being carried around and having to take in all the sights at this height.

Image courtesy of KhaoticOrd3r / Reddit

The guy was determined. He spent hours tinkering with wires, circuits, and safety harnesses until he finally managed to build a contraption that would allow him to hold the dog’s legs for steering. With these controls, his dog soared through the air, recording everything from a bird’s eye view.

Seeing Double

This kitten loved to poke at things and explore the world around her. She’s as curious as any kitten and probably more playful than most. But one thing she has never seen before is a mirror. See, her human wanted to stop her from being too vain.

Image courtesy of iceteamari / Reddit

This might have been the first time she had caught a glimpse of herself perched on her human’s jean jacket. She stopped in her tracks, befuddled by what she saw before her. It can’t be. “Why does my human not have fur, whereas I’m covered in them?”

Latest Edition

This Siberian Husky is convinced that he’s a supermodel. He believes that all eyes are on him, even when he’s the only being in the room. Everywhere he goes, he feels the need to act with grace and to strike a pose. Here’s proof.

Image courtesy of jcballer32 / Reddit

Whenever his owner pulled out a camera, he would immediately stop whatever he was doing and sit up straight, tilting his head to one side and flashing his best steely look. His owner found it both hilarious and endearing and would often snap photos of the furball in different poses.

Feasts on Blackheads

This man used to suffer from blackheads that no amount of exfoliant or scrubbing could ever seem to get rid of. It was a frustrating condition, and he was deeply embarrassed by it, despite understanding that many other people had blackheads, too.

Image courtesy of agentsmith86 / Reddit

But one day, while he was tending to his chickens in the backyard, something strange happened. One of the chickens suddenly leaped onto Steve’s face and started pecking at his nose. This chicken had a particular liking for this man’s blackheads. It was juicy, pulpy, and perfect to taste!


One day, this Redditor decided to put her hair up in a bun, and as soon as she did, her cat saw her opportunity for a new game. She started batting at the hair bun with her paws, trying to make it bounce around like a toy.

Image courtesy of bawsjaws / Reddit

This human was initially confused, but soon she realized that her cat was trying to play tag with her hair bun! She started running around the room with the kitten hot on her heels, leaping and batting at the bun as it bounced around.

All About Balance

As this Redditor walked to the park, one of his cats decided to jump down and chase a bird. This caused him to lose his balance and stumble to the left. The other cat chased his sibling cat. This caused this fur dad to stumble to his right.

Image courtesy of YourHumanStory / Reddit

Once this Redditor managed to regain his balance, things only got worse from there. The cats kept leaping to his shoulder and jumping down over and over, like a troupe performance. This caused this Redditor to wobble back and forth like a drunken sailor.


This cow has an unusual diet. She has got to get her dose of electrolytes before she starts churning that milk. So, she came up with a unique solution – she started licking human sweat. Just look at her taking a spoonful off this stranger.

Image courtesy of crooky50-dc / Reddit

It all started one hot summer day when a group of joggers passed by the field. They were all sweating profusely, and as soon as this cow caught a whiff of their salty sweat, she was hooked. From that day on, this cow would moo and stamp her hooves for her daily dose of salty goodness.

Her Version of Weights

This woman is absolutely obsessed with looking her best. She has to be fit! She loves nothing more than working out, sweating in the gym, and lifting weights. When she can’t visit the gym, she makes use of the equipment or animals around her.

Image courtesy of watchoutfornargles / Reddit

She knew her Alaskan Malamute weighed a ton. A lightbulb went off in her head, and she did a squat while shuffling towards the fluffball. This Redditor was determined to lift her dog up over her head, and with one quick motion, she did.

Seeing Double

When people see this monkey, they immediately go, “Well, don’t you look familiar.” They scratch their chins and spend a couple of seconds rummaging through their mental files. Then they look at his human and realize that this monkey looks much like his caretaker.

Image courtesy of softdepravity / Reddit

Give it some more time, and it might be impossible to tell the two apart. The two do nearly everything together and are growing more and more similar in looks and in their habits. People wouldn’t be surprised to see this caretaker swinging from the vines.


This cat has got to do five minutes of stretching every hour, every day. It doesn’t matter if she’s on the couch or if she’s being carried by her human. She determinedly arches her back and extends all limbs to work the kinks in her lithe body.

Image courtesy of BlueNoYellowAhhhhhh / Reddit

For a moment, this cat felt invincible, like nothing could stand in her way. But as she tried to hold the pose for longer, she quickly realized that it wasn’t as easy as it looked. Her legs began to shake, and she wobbled precariously, almost falling off her human.

Tactile Test

What’s a cat without a ton of mischief in them? This furball loves to play pranks on her human. Just look at him, daring the guy to wash these dirty dishes blindfolded. Of course, the poor guy couldn’t resist, and so began the tactile test.

Image courtesy of Pot-Pilgrim / Reddit

Feeling adventurous and just as silly, this Redditor took up the challenge. His cat put on the blindfold with her tail, and this Redditor started to scrub the dishes. Every now and then, the fluffball would meow instructions, but other than that, this Redditor was on his own.

Bark to Turn Left

This dog loved going on car rides with his human, and she loved having this fluffball along too. But not for reasons you would think. Whenever this human drives to a new place, she relies on her canine wonder to bark the GPS instructions to the destination.

Image courtesy of artorianscribe / Reddit

Without knowing how to bark, this human seemed to understand. She settled in the driver’s seat, contentedly listening to her fluffball’s instructions. They had never been lost, nor had they ever arrived at a wedding late! Fancy getting a canine wonder like this?

What’s Slytherin’

This is the most unusual duo. This slithering snake named Slinky loved to cuddle with her human. She would wrap her long, scaly body around him and rest her head on his shoulder, content to stay there for hours on end.

Image courtesy of Abudectedagain / Reddit

Both are fashion-forward individuals. There almost seems to be a mutually beneficial relationship between the two – this snake accessorizes this Redditor, and the snake gets to see the world from new heights. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Xs and Os

Games are a good means to interact and bond with your cat. Play it long enough, and your feline cat will look forward to game nights with the kids, winning tic tac toe. Just look at this canine wonder with several points ahead in the game.

Image courtesy of Fealieu / Reddit

She uses her claws to carve a tic-tac-toe board into her human’s face. Poor guy. The human couldn’t do anything, hoping that he would be put out of misery as soon as the inning ended. He tries in vain to win the match, but he’s simply no match for this cat.

Never Warm Enough

This curious hamster has the need for exploration. She was always on the lookout for new places to hide and new things to burrow into. To date, she hasn’t found a place that could effectively keep her warm. Someone should really get her up to speed on using the thermostat.

Image courtesy of joejoe-the-monkeyboy

She tried to burrow inside her human’s hoodie jacket. It looked like the perfect spot for a hamster to nest in, so she scampered to the edge. Little did she know that it was just her human’s body heat that helped her with the cold.

Headed Somewhere

Rocky stumbled upon a parked car with an open window. He climbed inside and, to his amazement, discovered that he would be welcomed by this human. Without a second thought, Rocky positioned himself by her shoulder and would occasionally honk the horn, waving at his bewildered neighbors.

Image courtesy of scorpiohorsegirl / Reddit

The other animals in the neighborhood watched in amazement as Rocky drove by, his little paws barely reaching the pedals. He swerved around corners. But of course, we know the truth. Thanks to this human, this trash panda can forage for food more efficiently.

What Have You Got There

One day, this hen stumbled upon her human’s smartphone lying on the ground. She hopped up onto it, curious about the shiny black surface. As she pecked around the edges of the phone, she suddenly saw her reflection in the selfie camera.

Image courtesy of ChronicWombat / Reddit

Intrigued by the mysterious little hen, the selfie camera began to snap photo after photo, capturing this vain bird’s every move. Meanwhile, this hen strutted around in front of the camera, fluffing up her feathers and cocking her head to one side.

Bad Angle

This cheeky little bird would kill to get a good selfie. He was always on the lookout for the perfect photo opportunity, and he had a particular knack for posing just right in front of the camera… if only his human would learn her good angle.

Image courtesy of NiddtheBat / Reddit

This bird pecked at his human. “Lose the glasses.” He frustratedly tells her. Meanwhile, this woman takes it as a sign to take more selfies of them. Despite the bird’s incredibly high selfie standards, we think this selfie turned out great!

Held in Place

On the other hand, this bird is determined to keep her human’s glasses in place. She knows that her human is pitifully blind without them and just can’t stand to see her human blindly making her way around the house.

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

One day, this human was getting ready for work when she realized she had misplaced her glasses. She tried to find them. Just as she was about to give up, she heard a chirping sound to the right and found this bird holding up the rim of her glasses.

I Am the Great Feline!

This cat is certain she and her race are superior to all humans. She would strut around the house; tail held high and nose in the air believing herself royal. She would even climb the apex of her human to claim victory.

Image courtesy of spiewak1990 / Reddit

Whenever her human tried to pet her or play with her, she would simply turn up her nose and walk away. She was too good for such frivolous activities. In fact, it was beneath her to be co-existing with a human.


This squirrel has always been a fan of fine dining. She would scour the bins for nuts, berries, and (spoilt) cheese, hopeful to get her hands on every bit of tasty morsel she could find. But ever since she had found herself a human, she needn’t worry about getting those paws dirty.

Image courtesy of Olianne / Reddit

One day, her human decided to give her a juicy grape. Just as she tried to nibble on the grape, she quickly realized she had a problem. The grape was just too big for her tiny mouth. She looked at this human, begging for help so she could finally taste the juicy fruit.


This fox had just enjoyed a massive feast of delicious food. Now, he was struggling to keep everything inside. His belly felt like it was about to burst, and both ends were on the verge of release. This human just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

This fox took slow, deep breaths and tried to focus on anything other than the churning in his stomach. His attempts were in vain. He knew what he would do would ruin the human’s day, but he had to do it anyway. He was going to burst!


This cat has a unique obsession – he loves to blindfold his human! It all started innocently enough. One day, the cat was playing with a piece of string when he accidentally knocked over his human’s glasses. The human decided to keep playing despite not being able to see properly.

Image courtesy of Julija Neje / Reddit

Despite the chaos it causes, this Redditor can’t help but indulge her feline’s strange obsession. She loved her furry friend too much to ever say no. So, she continued to play along with his game and stumbled around the house.

No Regrets

Once upon a moonlit night, a man was walking home from a late shift at work. As he was making his way down the alley, he heard a rustling sound coming from a nearby trash can. Being the curious sort, he went to investigate.

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

The man watched in amazement as the raccoon deftly rummaged through the trash, grabbing bits and pieces of discarded food. Eventually, the raccoon grew tired and decided to take a break. Without warning, it climbed up the man’s leg and nestled onto his shoulder.

Say No More

This dog is pretty obsessed with taking selfies. Every time he sees a phone, he immediately jumps into the frame and barks at the person to snap away. He loved the attention and, even more so, seeing himself on the phone screen.

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

His owner might have thought that things were getting out of hand. This dog would go so far as to interrupt phone calls and photobomb his work meetings. So now, he intentionally carries his dog away from the phone before the dog can cause any more trouble.

The Real Climb

This feline has an insatiable desire for adventure. She loves to climb and explore, but unfortunately, her human, Sarah, lives in a small apartment with no outdoor space. This cat can only make do with what she has – her human.

Image courtesy of JosephKerr88 / Reddit

This furball, being the resourceful feline that she was, decided to take matters into her own paws. She quickly realized that her human was the perfect “mountain” for her to climb. Sarah was tall, sturdy, and had plenty of nooks and crannies for this furball to perch on and explore.

Towering Giant

This mouse thought he had seen it all until he stumbled upon the shoulder of a towering giant. It was only then that he was able to see dust collecting on bookshelves or the crumbs he could eat on the kitchen table!

Image courtesy of _jon_bovi / Reddit

At first, this mouse tried to keep his existence a secret. He tried his hardest not to awaken the giant or grab its attention. But he must have been a little too excited about all the sights because suddenly, the giant saw him and gave him a soft pet with the tip of her finger.

All Mine

It may not look like it, but this kitten is very protective of her human. Whenever her human has a visitor or a client over at the clinic, this kitten will size the person up, puff her chest and bare her claws at the slightest hint of danger.

Image courtesy of Elfanara / Reddit

If that didn’t scare the unsuspecting stranger, then she would catapult herself at the intruder with the ferocity of a jungle cat. But worry not. To date, she has only done this once…to a doctor who had shouted at her human despite giving the wrong orders.

Exquisite Taste

This furball could have done a lot of other things. Instead, he chooses to lounge on his human’s shoulder, snack on his favorite treats, and closely monitor the baking skills of this wannabe baker. He’s the perfect animal for the job – being the choosy clientele.

Image courtesy of jonconnorsmom / Reddit

You see, this furball is quite a perfectionist when it comes to the texture and smell of baked goods. He has a refined palate, an expert nose, and an even better knack for finding the whipping cream to top the baked goods with. You’re guaranteed a solid ten if this furball smacks his lips after eating.


Something caught the eye of this canine. His eyes were riveted to the small screen with a human and a dog smack in the center. It seemed to be mimicking their movements. “Wait. Is that me?” He cocks his head in confusion. “I have a tail?!”

Image courtesy of damacile / Reddit

He had never seen a camera up close before, much less one where he could see their images in real-time. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it now that he had come across a startling revelation. The world was suddenly making sense to him!

Back Problems

This cat has been having serious back problems. And it all has to do with the lack of plush cat beds or cozy blankets on the market. Just recently, she was able to find a good old remedy to relieve herself of back pain.

Image courtesy of BarontheBlack / Reddit

She jumped up onto her human’s lap and settled herself onto his shoulder, purring contentedly. Her human was surprised at first, but he soon realized that this was the perfect solution to Mittens’ problem. Who needs a plush cat bed when you have a cozy human shoulder to curl up on?

Top of The World

Here is a cat who never walks on the ground. That’s because she’s found a new way to explore the world – perched on top of her human’s cap. It all started one day when this cat switched her schedule. She had already climbed every piece of furniture in the house.

Image courtesy of catunderyourlegs / Reddit

And that’s when she spotted her human’s cap. Without hesitation, she leaped onto the brim and settled herself down. Everywhere her human went, Whiskers perched on his cap like a furry little co-pilot. Whiskers had to hold on tight as the cap bobbed and weaved, especially when her human was running or jumping.


It was just an ordinary day for Mark until he stumbled upon a tiny kitten in the alley behind his apartment building. The kitten was so small and adorable that Mark couldn’t resist picking her up and taking her home.

Image courtesy of theturningworm / Reddit

Little did he know, he had just found his partner in crime. It didn’t take long for him to realize that the kitten had a mischievous streak a mile wide. She would bat at his shoelaces when he was trying to tie them and pounce on his fingers when he was typing.

For Grand Display

Nothing screams confidence in the feline kingdom like a cat holding her tail high, displaying her tooshie for everyone to see. It might be mighty embarrassing for a homeowner to find her cat sharing her derriere amongst guests, but it was an interesting conversation starter.

Image courtesy of hayhayjennaytay / Reddit

Every time someone entered the room, this cat would turn around and present her butt with a flourish. It didn’t matter if it was her human, a friend, or even a complete stranger – this cat was always ready to show off her assets.

Shifting Weight

This giant of a cat wanted to see more of the world from a different perspective. And all thanks to this fur parent, she was able to achieve that dream comfortably perched on her fur parent’s shoulder. We can hear this man’s back screaming in agony!

Image courtesy of bykes_errday / Reddit

But it’s nothing this Redditor can’t get used to. He would ask his cat to sit on the other side of his shoulder to counter the weight. And there are times that it almost seems like his cat weighs nothing at all. That’s what we call endurance!


When this furry creature first met his human, he had absolutely no idea what she was saying. Her language sounded like a garbled mess to him, and he could do nothing but let her blabber on about goodness knows what.

Image courtesy of SilverDragon646 / Reddit

But after some weeks perched on her shoulder, he finally started to understand what his friend was saying! She was divulging her deepest darkest secrets. This guy knew then that his human trusted him implicitly, and he would never break that trust. Fur friends forever!

Say Cheese

This is the only way you could get this horse to take a picture with you. Grab a slab of cheese and keep it for as long as you can in hand. You’re guaranteed to have this beast of burden lurking nearby, hoping for a chance to grab a bite.

Image courtesy of mostskepticalpiglet / Reddit

He will hang his neck by your shoulder and then inch closer toward that scrumptious snack. But imagine this horse’s surprise when he realized that his owner had only been holding a brightly colored yellow paper in hand! All that effort for nothing.