Business In The Front, WTF’s In The Back?: 45+ Awkward Photo Background Fails

By Romy M

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

We live in an era where posting photos online is part of our daily lives, and we often share photos with our friends and family on multiple platforms. Most of us spend hours editing and selecting the perfect pictures to post; some may even go as far as airbrushing and photoshopping their photos. But even the most scrupulous eyes might miss something hanging out in the background. Some would call it their worst nightmare to find that they’ve posted a picture with their naked dad in the background, their dog mooning the camera, or their friend peeing into the sea.

These disastrous photos may leave you triple checking your next Instagram post before uploading it. With that in mind, let’s take a look at people who forgot to check the background of their photos before posting them.

I See You

Many of us grew up wishing we could have a pet of some sort, whether it was a puppy, a kitten, or a fish. We think this fish owner may have gone back on their decision when they noticed their pet had eyes the size of golf balls. 

Image courtesy of ngshay/Reddit

If you failed to notice the cat behind the fish, you are not alone. No wonder the fish’s eyes are popping out of its head — it’s afraid for its life. Let’s hope the fish isn’t sushi by the morning.

I Believe I Can Fly

When you sit down to a nice family dinner at a restaurant, the last thing you expect to see is a child being dangled upside down over someone’s head. What’s even more unexpected is capturing it via a photo of yourself. 

Image courtesy of prozac-ghoul/Tumblr

We know that kids can be frustrating, but we didn’t know it was that bad. We’re wondering what that child must have done to be held upside down in the air. Let’s hope the night didn’t end with the toddler falling on his face.

Harmless Fun

Children get up to the most mischievous things. You turn your back for one second, and suddenly your children are stuffing another child into a cannon. We don’t think anyone would be happy with their child being used as a cannonball.

Image courtesy of 99-LS1-SS/Reddit

Their parents better hope that there’s no gunpowder left in there otherwise, those smiles might turn into frowns. We’re grateful that at least the child would have a soft landing in the water. Is this what’s meant by the term baby boomers?

It’s a Girl!

When a couple is having a baby, they often don’t like to find out right away what their gender is. Some may wait until the baby is born, and others save it for a gender reveal party so that they can find surrounded by their friends and family. 

Image courtesy of woodraine/Reddit

This couple’s plans were ruined when they spotted the baby’s gender on the ultrasound. The doctor must have forgotten to turn that setting off. On the bright side, now they will have plenty of time and information to plan the gender reveal party.

The Birds and the Bees

Going to the zoo is an activity that many of us enjoyed as kids. Everyone loves seeing cute, furry animals that we don’t normally see in our day-to-day lives. However, we don’t know about you, but we never came across two giraffes attempting to mate. 

Image courtesy of Chronic_Misery/Reddit

What makes this situation worse is that the girl had to see this while she was with her grandmother. That must make for a really awkward ride home. Fortunately, her parents can skip over the talk about the birds and the bees since she’s witnessed it first-hand.

The Perfect Shot

That’s one way to launch your Only Fans career. Lucky for us, the woman’s shoulder is blocking all the “important parts,” so we weren’t exposed to seeing anything we didn’t want to see. Maybe next time, the man will think to put on clothes before taking someone’s photo in front of a mirror. 

Image courtesy of spazzing/Reddit

It might be a bit of a stretch to assume, but maybe the man taking the photo is her hairdresser and she was reeaally happy with the job that he did. Just for future reference, does anyone know where she got her hair done (asking for a friend)?

When You Work from Home

Remember when the Covid-19 lockdown started, and we all had to start working from home? We do (regretfully). We can’t deny that we were sitting in front of our computers in our pajamas and bed heads. Some people even dressed up their top half but neglected to put pants on. 

Image courtesy of LeR0yJankins/Imgur

It seems that this man was doing what we all did and only put the top half of his suit on. Unfortunately, he forgot about his mirror in the back of the room which exposed his secret and ruined his professional look.

Brutally Honest Coffee

Nothing is better than morning coffee. Many people start their day with a cup of joe to get them going and make them feel a little more alive. But we think this person needs a little bit more than coffee to get them through their day.

Image courtesy of HangingWithMyGnomies/Imgur

This coffee is displaying what we all feel on a Monday morning. That’s certainly what we’d call a dark roast. In all seriousness, we hope that this was just a harmless joke or at least this person managed to get some help.

Peeping Tom

When you go to a gathering, you expect to have fun, eat some food, and meet new people. You would never expect one of the people in attendance to be a pervert. This is even more surprising considering the guests seem to be dressed formally. 

Image courtesy of ChickWithAnAttitude/Imgur

This looks like a lovely, innocent selfie until we took a closer look. These two women captured a man taking a photo underneath a woman’s skirt. This is appalling and disgraceful, and we are hoping he was caught and exposed.

Dollar Dollar Bills, Y’all

Being rich is something we’ve all dreamed of. If only we had stacks of money to buy our dream car, a mansion, and the newest iPhone. Although it would be nice to show off, many of us would not go to the extent of flexing fake money. 

Image courtesy of SuperAwesome13/Imgur

Soulja Boy is seen holding up stacks of money in a video he posted on Vine, but that fat stack won’t be accepted anywhere. He’s not so good at the “faking rich thing” because he posted this showing that the paper underneath is blank. Busted!

Third Wheel

Awww, what a cute couple. Just two kids falling in love and posting an adorable selfie. Wait, what’s that? Are those…eyes? This person has just taken third-wheeling to a whole new level. We guess we should start watching our backs more often. 

Image courtesy of slimvictor/Imgur

We find it funny that this couple may have sent this photo to their parents to show them how much fun they were having. The parents must have gotten the fright of their lives when they noticed those eyes glaring back at them.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Gone Wrong

The beautiful circle of life. In one photo we have a mother weeks away from welcoming her precious newborn into the world and a dog pooping his brains out. We’ve seen it all. This is going to make a great addition to the family album. 

Image courtesy of Lamebook

The dog seems more desperate to get his poop out of him than the mother is to get her baby out. Let’s hope that they weren’t paying the photographer by the picture otherwise, they might actually have to use this one.

Feet Pics 2.0

We’ve all had that one friend who tries their best to ruin family photos with a funny face or the middle finger. But this girl unintentionally ruined the photograph with her friends or family due to the questionable placement of her foot.

Image courtesy of donks/Imgur

We can confirm that it’s not what you think. It’s a foot. We repeat, it’s a foot. This is probably the most unique way to make someone jump when they look at a photo. The position the man is standing in certainly doesn’t help the situation.


Have you ever panic-searched for an unexpected and unexplained symptom on the internet? We think we all have. We also all do it against our best judgment because we know the internet is going to tell us we have cancer. 

Image courtesy of Jessepazz/Imgur

This Facebook user Googled her symptoms anyway and revealed something very private to everyone on Facebook. She should follow the commenter’s advice next time to avoid this kind of embarrassment. We’re also hoping she got that checked out by a professional.

Reckless Driving

In this next photo, it’s very difficult to decipher what’s wrong. After a thorough examination, we have figured out why the letter is hilariously ironic. The speedometer in the background reads 40 miles per hour which means she’s driving while taking a picture! 

Image courtesy of

In case you don’t feel like reading the whole letter, we’ll summarize it for you. Basically, her driver’s license is being revoked due to dangerous driving. What a shocker. We’re glad she won’t be a danger to other drivers on the road anymore (at least for a while).

Two Lovely Couples

This old couple tried to be one with nature when they took a photo during a brisk autumn walk in the park. They got a lot more than they bargained for when the dogs behind them started engaging in sexual activities. 

Image courtesy of CleverMcEver/Imgur

The environment couldn’t get any more natural than that. What’s even funnier is that the small dog is trying to hump the much larger dog. That’s one way to assert one’s dominance. We hope they live a long and happy life together.

Don’t Look Behind You

This photo has made us realize that we should check our backseats more often. This looks like a scene from a horror movie, and we are thoroughly creeped out. She looks happy now, but she’ll probably scream when she realizes someone’s behind her. 

Image courtesy of Esquire

The only thing keeping us from freaking out is knowing that this was probably just a harmless prank from a sibling or a boyfriend. However, we don’t think they will be staying together too long if he continues these shenanigans.

Mama’s Boy

At first glance, you may think this is a tough, macho man who could beat anyone up. But upon closer inspection, he is just a softie on the inside who asked his mother or grandmother to take a photo of him flexing. 

Image courtesy of

She’s most likely his number one supporter and is cheering him on behind the camera. However, this isn’t going to go down well with his friends. He’s going to be called a mama’s boy for the rest of his life.

The Toilet Chronicles

We love seeing people post their costumes for Halloween. It seems that this woman couldn’t wait to upload hers, so she posted it right away…and forgot to edit out her boyfriend sitting on the toilet. Is this the standard for mirror selfies now?

Image courtesy of

We’re not sure how someone can accidentally post a picture like this. He’s barely even in the background. However, we do have some theories. She might have taken the photo with the intention of cropping him out, or she somehow didn’t realize he was there.

When Nature Calls

Fishing is this family’s favorite pastime. And we get it. Who doesn’t love spending quality time with their family on the lake? While it’s always fun, it can be tiresome as it takes hours to get the perfect catch. After hours on the boat, this little boy couldn’t hold it in any longer. 

Image courtesy of archiethemutt/Reddit

It’s slightly disturbing to know that their dinner is coming from pee-infested waters. We’re hoping that next time they remember to bring an empty water bottle for the kid. The family also better hope that another boat doesn’t drive by.

Unfortunate Tree Location

When you open a store, you don’t expect the tree out front to be responsible for the failure of your marketing. The questionable placement of this tree has caused this store to go from selling imported shoes to boasting about their lovely ladies.

Image courtesy of

This unusual mistake must make for some weird interactions in the store. How do you tell customers that you are not in that kind of business? On the bright side, there is a small chance that this could have actually increased their sales.

Piggyback Rides

The strangest things can happen when you’re in the right place at the right time. This man managed to sit directly in line with the woman’s shirt. The angle makes it look like he’s a little man being given a piggyback ride by a woman. 

Image courtesy of mythx21/Reddit

That must be one good piggyback ride because he looks so relaxed. We have our fingers crossed that he came across this photo at some point and had a good laugh. Perhaps, he’ll eventually get a real piggyback ride from that woman.

Strip Poker Gone Wrong

When we first saw this person’s skin issues, we were concerned and intrigued. We racked our brains trying to figure out what kind of skin condition this was. We also attempted to understand how the name “Holly” came about. Was that written on her skin purpose?

Image courtesy of Someecards

But then our attention shifted. We were suddenly far more curious about the naked man or woman sitting next to the person with skin problems. What we can take away from this photo is this naked person is living their best life — playing video games without a care in the world.


Golf carts are way more dangerous than you think; you might just end up falling over. Things could be worse though. They could’ve fallen into the water and destroyed the golf cart. Hopefully, they’ll walk away with a funny story and nothing more than a few bruises. 

Image courtesy of

This scene makes for a humorous picture, but we’re pretty sure it was staged. The golfer doesn’t have a ball in front of him, and it seems like the cart is falling for no apparent reason. Not to mention, they managed to fall over flat ground.

Find Waldo

As children, we loved the Where’s Waldo? book series. Nothing was better than looking for the red and white striped man in a crowd full of people. We never imagined that he was an actual person that we’d stumble upon in real life. 

Image courtesy of

These two men must’ve been shocked when they looked at the background and found Waldo. Little did they know they were fulfilling our childhood dreams. It’s too bad that they noticed too late otherwise, they could’ve asked for an autograph.

Prom Shenanigans

Prom is the highlight of every kid’s high school career. It’s the one day of the year when everyone can dress up fancily and ask their crush out. Parents are often so proud of their children on that night that they take a million photos before they leave. 

Image courtesy of gamer6663/Reddit

Unfortunately, this boy’s father was so desperate to take a photo of his son before he left that he forgot to put clothes on. The poor boy can’t even smile. They won’t be showing this picture to any family members at Thanksgiving.

Viking Game Photobomb

This photo seems completely normal until you take a closer look and see that a boy behind the girls is smirking at the camera. Those girls had to know that in a crowd that big, there would be at least one person trying to photobomb them. 

Image courtesy of

We can’t blame the kid for his epic photobomb. He couldn’t resist the opportunity that was presented to him. He knows that their comment section will be filling up with questions asking how they didn’t notice the sinister kid in the background.

Poor Elmo

We can’t help but think this picture looks like a scene from a soap opera. Elmo is standing in the background, watching as his partner is taking a picture with someone else. Woody has stolen this man away from him. 

Image courtesy of kazaamx/Reddit

The facial expressions on both costumes are what make this photo so funny. Woody is smiling and attempting to give the camera a thumbs up while Elmo’s face looks defeated and betrayed while he’s holding a Christmas stocking. We can’t help but wonder why they designed his costume to look perpetually dejected.

Crack Pipe Included

The Facebook Marketplace can be a peculiar site. Apparently, people try to sell mundane objects with some easter eggs in the background to grab people’s attention. A Frozen DVD with a photo with a crackpipe. We doubt he’ll have any willing buyers since they know they will be funding his drug addiction. 

Image courtesy of Lamebook

There are many explanations as to why this man forgot to put down his crackpipe. He might’ve been too high to remember that he was holding it, or it was a subtle way of signaling that he was selling crack. Neither of these explains why he would sell such an excellent movie.

A Whole Lotta Dad

Those of us that grew up during the flip phone era loved sending kooky selfies to our best friends. There was no better pose than holding up a peace sign and sticking your tongue out — or so we thought, anyway.

Image courtesy of Commander_Fluff/Reddit

This dad wanted to join in the fun and pose with her daughter. He not only improved the photo but also succeeded in creating the best dad joke ever. We’re sure that all teenage daughters are grateful that phones now have front-facing cameras.

A Chair You’ll Want To Sit On

If you’re amused by this photo and the way this chair is shaped, you need to get your mind out of the gutter. Just kidding. We’ve all thought what you were thinking. Whoever created this chair probably had something other than furniture on their mind. 

Image courtesy of arbili/Reddit

Or, perhaps we should say that whoever took the photo was eager to unwind after a long day at the office. But if we’re being honest, anything shaped like a male appendage will make people laugh. If they can’t make it recline within 4 hours, they may need to call a doctor.

Full Moon Siting

Imagine taking a lovely photo of your daughter only to find out that someone’s bum crack is featured in it. We’re unsure how the photographer didn’t see it because it seems glaringly obvious to us. It almost seems as if they did it on purpose. 

Image courtesy of

We’re also wondering how the man didn’t feel a breeze on his backside. Next time he should pick the seat facing away from the glass door so that the whole restaurant isn’t forced to stare at his half-exposed gluteus maximus.


It is clear that some people need photoshop lessons. It’s so obvious that this girl photoshopped her waist to look smaller. We find it hard to believe that she thought no one would notice that her door is warped, too.

Image courtesy of h3rrmiller/Reddit

What makes matters worse is that when she was exposed in her comment section, she played it off as a filter and implied that the door was designed to be skewed. She also ended up making her waist disproportionate to the rest of her body.

Power Rangers: Unite!

This group of friends took a picture on Halloween and later noticed the police posing in the background. We’re glad to see such fun-loving cops who enjoy photobombing teenagers. But can we ever be sure they were actually the police? It was Halloween, after all.

Image courtesy of

The police in the background aren’t even the most surprising thing about this photo. It’s the fact that there’s no blue power ranger. But what if that was done on purpose? What if the police are actually part of the group and they’re the missing power ranger because they’re the “boys in blue”? Mind = blown.


We’ve heard of Shadowplay, but we didn’t know it could be applied to this context. It’s scary to see what an innocent game of beer pong can turn into in the shadows. Some may even say that it’s some type of foreshadowing. 

Image courtesy of ChrisRunsTheWorld/Reddit

Seeing this photo after the game finished must’ve been slightly awkward for the man and woman. Especially if one of them has been friend zoned in the past. This may be off-topic, but does anyone else think the shadow on the man’s shirt looks like the poop emoji?

Ted Bunny

Easter is a fun time, filled with family, chocolate, and Easter egg hunts. The holiday went from wholesome to creepy when they let this guy wear the bunny suit. We’re not sure who in their right mind would let their children sit on that bunny’s lap.

Image courtesy of mdr28/Reddit

The boy on the left looks just afraid as we are after seeing the photo. It looks like it came straight out of a horror movie like The Shining. Hopefully, the rest of the festivities will make up for the trauma those boys were put through.

Crusty Toes

Everyone needs to stay as far away as possible from this guy. It’s already scary enough that he’s selling a gun on Facebook, but he had to make it worse by showing his crusty toes. Someone should teach him how to crop — both his pictures and his toenails.

Image courtesy of VapingJoe/Reddit

If you decide to buy this gun, you might just be meeting up with a goblin. We’re shuddering at the thought of how someone let their feet get into this state. He’s probably going to need a saw to trim those bad boys.

Nice and Toasty

Most sports events take place early in the morning — when it’s the coldest time of the day. A lot of people like to wear gloves to keep their hands warm, but this man prefers to use a built-in warmer by sticking his hands in his pants. 

Image courtesy of

We’re not sure what would possess someone to do this in public and in front of a camera, no less. He had to have known that it looks very questionable, to say the least. Surely, he had pockets somewhere in his clothes.

Dock Release

Unlike the earlier photo of the boy peeing into a river, this guy has no excuse for what he’s doing. He’s not stuck on a boat, minutes or hours from a bathroom. He probably only has to walk a short distance to reach the nearest one. 

Image courtesy of

He has also ruined a lovely photo of his friend. It was a perfect sun-kissed photo until his friend decided to empty his bladder. We have our fingers crossed that his friend will get him back; just not by peeing in the ocean because there’s already enough urine in there.

Thirsty Cat

There’s something about prom pictures that brings out the worst in the non-teen family members. There always seems to be something abnormal going on in the background. It’s already a strange choice to have your prom photoshoot in your bathroom, but it’s even more embarrassing when your cat snoops around in the toilet. 

Image courtesy of slimvictor/Imgur

We can’t be sure of what the cat was trying to do. He might be thirsty and trying to take a sip, chasing a rat, or just had a really crazy night out. Maybe next time the cat will drink a little less, or at least the man can hold his whiskers back.

Inappropriate Friends

We’d be lying if we said we saw anything wrong with this picture. It just looks like Celina is having a fun time on a mountain and enjoying the view. Even Brittany acknowledged how cute the picture is. However, Francois couldn’t help but make it inappropriate. 

Image courtesy of jasperise/Imgur

We all have friends who constantly make unbecoming comments. Celina’s best option might be to flag his comment for sexual content and pretend that it never happened. Or maybe she should just hang out with Brittany more and ditch Francois.

Cuteness Overload

Normally people hate it when their photo is ruined by a nasty photobomb. However, no one can be angry at this adorable dog. He wanted to show off his butt to the world. Move aside Kim Kardashian because you’ve got some competition. 

Image courtesy of Filzgleiter/Imgur

Those girls should start including him in their photos more often because it looks like he feels left out. They could even create an Instagram for him since he is certainly not camera-shy. We will be the first to follow him.

I Think Moto Moto Likes You

We don’t know why this woman ruined the man and hippo’s lovely engagement photos. It’s quite rude if you ask us. All jokes aside, the zoo is a strange place to ask the love of your life to marry you. 

Image courtesy of Polar_Eagle/Reddit

There must have been so many screaming children around. Not to mention the animals that can get fairly stinky. We’re also kind of grossed out that the man knelt on the wet floor. He’s going to have to walk around with a wet patch on his knee for at least a couple of hours.

Grandma, Why Are They Naked?

We didn’t expect to see a bare bottom while looking at a picture of a family. The grandmother must live in a very open neighborhood or close to a nude beach. Either way, these kids must be scarred every time they visit grandma. 

Image courtesy of Pauznet/Imgur

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to accidentally put this in a Christmas card or a photo album? It’s a good thing cropping and photoshopping exists because they will be needing it before framing this photo to hang on the wall.

iPhone Sale Fail

When people buy iPhones, their main concerns usually include battery life, camera specs, and storage capacity. We have never heard of someone looking for a phone from a pet and smoke-free home. Some people must have very sensitive allergies if this is a frequent question.

Image courtesy of

Unfortunately, this post is most likely fake. We think someone found the photo on the internet and created an ironic caption to go along with it. It’s too bad because we love to see people get called out on their bald-faced lies on the internet.


If you’ve ever wondered what the sign is for a social media intervention, this is it. Philippe accidentally revealed a part of his search history. In his defense, he was probably so excited about finishing his thesis that he wanted to share it with the internet immediately.

Image courtesy of

Although he has finished defending his thesis, he needs to defend his search history next time he sees his family. Surely they’ll ask why he was watching “adult content.” You win some, you lose some. Let’s hope his future employers don’t come across this when doing a background check.


Family holidays are filled with entertaining activities, sunburns, and failed family photos. This family tried to get their children in one place long enough to take a picture. They were met with disappointment when one child tried to look cool. 

Image courtesy of

We should also acknowledge that there are no waves in the sea, so trying to use a surfboard appears to be futile. The boy fell over nothing. We guess this means they’ll be getting him surfing lessons for his next birthday.

Casual Online Shopping

Young children are always curious about ways of life. The internet has given kids the opportunity to search and learn about anything they desire. This clearly didn’t work out well for the girl in the photo. Although she now knows what sex toys are, the entire internet is now aware of what she was Googling.

Image courtesy of nidzaradojicic8888/Imgur

There are so many things wrong with this photo. Firstly, we think she looks a bit too young to be searching for that kind of thing on the internet. Secondly, why is she wearing sunglasses inside…in the dark? Honestly, the second question is more pressing.

Laundry Day

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a few glasses of wine and scented candles after a long day. Although it might be hard for this woman to relax because her underwear is wedged where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Image courtesy of

This man might’ve wanted to share his relaxing evening on social media but ended up showing people his wife’s choice of underwear. He might’ve been too drunk to realize what he was doing since the bottle of wine is empty.

Let Me In!

Mirror selfies are a convenient way of showing off your outfit to your friends. This girl attempted to take a cute photo but unveiled her psychotic dog instead. Her poor dog is probably freezing out there and just wants her to let him in.

Image courtesy of YextFE/Reddit

We’re not sure if it’s just us, but that dog looks abnormally large. This leads us to believe that the pic is Photoshopped (sadly). Someone should block bored teenagers from using Photoshop, so we don’t get tricked by photos like this one.

Baby, Bend Over

Everyone knows that having a child is severely tiring. It puts an immense toll on your body and mind, sometimes risking your sanity. This mom lost a few brain cells before she went to buy a new pair of pants; she didn’t get ones thick enough to cover her backside. 

Image courtesy of

She’s already practicing embarrassing her kids. By the time her children are teenagers, she will be well versed in playing videos at the loudest volume, dancing in public, and wearing revealing tights. After this, she should consider letting the kids pick up their toys.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider…

Don’t hate us, but we love spiders. They’re helpful little creatures that (usually) just mind their own business. Still, even arachophiles can be freaked out when they spot an unwelcome friend at the wrong time. Honestly, this girl should consider closing her mouth before the spider finds a new home.

Image courtesy of RealityCheck151/Reddit

Normally we’d feel sorry for the arachnid since it’s probably scared, but we’re having trouble finding sympathy in this case. The bed doesn’t belong to it! We’re hoping they caught the spider before it escaped. Otherwise, they might just have to burn their house down.

Public Display of Reflection

No woman likes to be stared at in public. A friendly compliment and an enjoyable conversation can go a long way, but we don’t think that blatantly staring at a girl’s butt is the most efficient way to get someone’s number.

Image courtesy of Found_my_username/Reddit

What makes this picture even more creepy is the fact that the man looks quite old, and the girl is clearly a teenager. Hopefully, someone confronted him. On a lighter note, does anyone know where we can purchase these glasses?

I Object

Anyone who has seen Friday the 13th knows to stay far away from Jason Voorhees. In case you didn’t know, he’s the serial killer who wears a hockey mask. We don’t know what this couple did to anger him, but they might not make it to their honeymoon. 

Image courtesy of

We have several theories about why Jason showed up at this wedding. He might be upset that he didn’t get invited, she could be his ex-girlfriend, or he’s trying to save the bride from being choked by her husband. We’re leaning toward that last one.

Foot Long

At first glance, this looks like an ordinary photo of a father and his baby. Don’t be alarmed when you notice what’s in between his legs because it is just a baby’s foot. Don’t try to play it off because we know exactly what you were thinking.

Image courtesy of allsafenow/Reddit

We also found as we inspected the photo more, it started to look like the man was breast feeding his child. We wouldn’t be surprised. If he has a foot down there, his abnormal biology might also include some mammary glands somewhere under his shirt.


We’ve never seen people so different yet so similar. They’re both wearing red shirts and have “cracks,” albeit in two very different places. Another difference is that one is socially acceptable, and the other is not. We’ll leave you to decide which is which. 

Image courtesy of nomineallegra/Reddit

Something needs to be done about this “plumber pants” issue. We’re open to organizing a crowdfunding initiative whereby we donate belts to people who constantly have their butt cracks sticking out. If we can solve this, we can cure cancer.

Beer and Butt Cracks

What can we say? We’re sitting here, looking at yet another butt crack. What have our lives amounted to? At least this guy is oblivious to it. He can drink his beer and enjoy his day while we suffer in this perpetual cycle of butt crack pictures. 

Image courtesy of

We’re disappointed that parents don’t embarrass easily. That means this man with his backside hanging out will probably never change. He’ll continue tormenting people. We’re pinning our hopes on a family member buying him a longer shirt, so we don’t have to endure this any longer.

Double Middle

This photo might be the epitome of the three types of girls at a wedding. Firstly, we have a girl that is happily in a relationship. Secondly, there’s the girl who is ending her relationship. And, lastly, there is the girl who is drinking alone. 

Image courtesy of wassonasong/Reddit

We’re wondering what that guy could’ve said or done to get that girl to hold up, not one, but two middle fingers. We’re hoping she wasn’t the bride. Either way, it’s going to make for an interesting conversation the next day.

Urine Trouble

It’s not a family picture without the family dog but having an untrained dog presents some problems. It probably would’ve ended a lot better if someone held the dog during the photoshoot. Hey, at least they have nicely coordinated outfits. 

Image courtesy of

Their first mistake was posing in front of a tree. It’s obvious that dogs will pee on anything cylindrical to mark their territory. We guess those kids won’t be climbing the trees and diving into piles of leaves any time soon.