Fancy Feet: 35+ Ragdoll Cats That Are Both Poised And Playful

By Aileen D

Cats have a reputation for being elegant and mysterious creatures, but they also have a silly and playful side. From chasing their own tails to squeezing into impossibly small boxes, cats can be absolute goofballs. Somehow, humans haven’t gotten tired of their antics. From channeling that “big cat” energy to making odd noises and falling asleep in awkward positions, cats will always make us laugh and smile at their silly nature.

Since the internet can’t get enough of ’em, we have decided to compile even more candid pictures of these adorable fluffballs. Today, we’re giving ragdoll cats their turn in the spotlight. They might not be as mysterious as black cats or chaotic as gingers, but these kitties can hold their own and continue to make life a little brighter.

The King in the North

In the land of Meowsteros, there was a great feline king known as Fluffy Paws the First. Fluffy Paws ruled over the North with an iron paw, dispensing justice and napping in equal measure. He was beloved by his subjects who would bring him offerings of catnip and tuna, hoping to earn his favor.

Image courtesy of StarlingandFae / Reddit

But Fluffy Paws was not without his enemies. The neighboring kingdom of Barklandia was constantly threatening to invade. But Fluffy Paws was not afraid. He had a secret weapon—the House of Litterbox, a group of elite cat warriors who could take down any dog foolish enough to cross into Meowsteros.

Within Reach

The TV was on, playing some mindless reality show. The cat was curled up on the floor, seemingly disinterested in the TV. But then, something caught her eye. The end of the TV cable was dangling just within reach, swaying back and forth.

Image courtesy of hackbarthheidi / Reddit

As she played with the cable, this cat didn’t realize that her owner was watching her the whole time, amused by the silly cat’s antics. Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and the TV went black. Whiskers looked up, confused, as her owner sighed in exasperation. Whoops.

Being More Useful

This cat has a unique talent: he makes the perfect armrest. His owner, a lazy couch potato, loves nothing more than lounging on the couch for hours on end, binge-watching their favorite shows. Just look at ’em, chilling on the couch together.

Image courtesy of gabriel_dm92 / Reddit

This cat didn’t mind the constant weight on his back. He purred contentedly as his owner rested their arm on his fluffy body, occasionally reaching up to give their hand a little lick. But as time went on, this cat began to realize that this armrest business was a full-time gig.

Can’t Stand ‘Em

This cat had a strange relationship with zucchinis. She absolutely despised them and would run away at the mere sight of one. However, there was one exception: if her owner physically held her while offering a piece of zucchini, she would begrudgingly pose still.

Image courtesy of ElixirofCosmos / Reddit

This kitty’s owner found this behavior hilarious and would often tease her by holding out a piece of zucchini just out of reach, watching Mittens squirm and protest until finally giving in and standing still for a couple of shots.

You Want Something?

This cat was sound asleep on her cozy bed, dreaming about a world filled with tuna and catnip. Suddenly, her peaceful slumber was rudely interrupted by the sound of her owner’s alarm clock. Fluffy’s eyes shot open in shock, and she let out an irritated “meow” as she glared at her owner.

Image courtesy of elizaisntfunny / Reddit

This cat owner then proceeded to make loud noises, cooing at this cat while taking pictures of her. This woke up Fluffy even more. The cat rolled her eyes and grumbled to herself, “Why can’t humans be more considerate of us feline royalty?

Tangled in Sheets

This cat has absolutely got to have a good night’s sleep. However, this particular night, he got a little too cozy in his human’s bed. He tossed and turned, twisting the sheets around himself until he was literally tangled up like a burrito.

Image courtesy of rabidfairy19 / Reddit

He continued to snore peacefully, dreaming of mice and catnip, completely unaware of the chaos he had caused. It wasn’t until the next morning when his human found him tangled up in the sheets looking like a furry ball of confusion, that he realized what happened.

Space Hogger

If there’s one thing everyone knows about this Redditor’s cat, it’s that she takes up as much space as possible. It doesn’t matter whether she’s on the couch, the bed, or even the kitchen table; she always finds a way to spread out and make herself comfortable.

Image courtesy of elmyrable / Reddit

Her humans try everything to get her to stop. They try to gently nudge her over, offering her a cozy cat bed, and even giving her treats to entice her off her back. But no matter what they do, she always finds a way to reclaim her spot as queen of the household.

Just Hanging Around

This cat came across a peculiar-looking spot around the house. She decided to climb inside it and peek out at the world from behind the plastic. To outsiders, it looked like the bag was just sitting there, but inside, she was having the time of her life.

Image courtesy of ThePowerofPositivity / Reddit

As she explored the depths of the bag, Mittens imagined herself as a great adventurer, traveling through uncharted territory in search of treasure. She leaped and bounded from one side of the bag to the other, her tiny paws padding against the bag.

Lemme Get on with It

As we all know, cats have a habit of grooming themselves anywhere and everywhere, without any shame or regard for who’s around. And one day, there was a cat who was particularly undecided about whether or not he should go ahead and clean himself.

Image courtesy of HeavyChair / Reddit

He knew from experience that a good lick would make them feel much better. But on the other hand, he was worried about what his humans would think if they caught him in the act. He waited for them to finish what they were doing so he could put on the finishing touches.

Something’s Fishy

This cat was feeling down in the dumps. He felt like he wasn’t being appreciated for his exceptional feline qualities. So, with a sudden burst of inspiration, Mr. Whiskers grabbed his trusty fishing rod and settled back onto the couch.

Image courtesy of 142476 / Reddit

He dangled the line in front of himself, imagining that his big eyes and fluffy tail were the perfect bait to catch some compliments. “Let’s see… maybe I’ll catch a ‘You’re so handsome’ this time,” he mused to himself, flicking the rod back and forth.

Wrong Timing?

It didn’t matter where Luna was or what she was doing—as soon as she got even the slightest bit tired, she would just collapse onto her face. Her humans found it absolutely hilarious, and they would often joke that Luna had a “sleeping disorder.”

Image courtesy of DiHanaJ / Reddit

One day, Luna was sitting on a pillow, plowing through an epic movie marathon. She had just finished grooming herself and was feeling quite relaxed. Suddenly, her eyes started to droop, and before she knew it, she was fast asleep.

Pet Me

It’s all in your mind.” This Redditor told his cat, “I’ve been smothering you with attention, and the only time I turn my back on you (to chop some vegetables), you lie on the floor to beg for attention.” This cat’s eyes bore into the back of his head.

Image courtesy of towerofsoup / Reddit

This cat decided to pull out his secret weapon: the belly rub. He lay down on the floor, his belly exposed, and began to meow plaintively. He began to get more and more desperate, rolling around on the floor and mewing pitifully.


This homeowner had wondered where his cat had gone. He tried calling out to the fuzzball, only to be met with dead silence. Eventually, he found the cat escaping from this little cubby hole beneath his bed. Too late to put her up for adoption now.

Image courtesy of timconnery / Reddit

After successfully creating her lair, this cat spent all of her time lounging in her new hiding spot. She would crawl into the hole and curl up into a ball, watching the world go by from the safety of her secret lair.

Not Enough Space

This cat loves to take up space. Whether it’s on the living room couch, the kitchen, or on beds, this cat will do anything to appear larger than life. Just look at her. There’s not an ounce of shame in those almond eyes.

Image courtesy of mewmw / Reddit

Her humans would come in to try and share the bed with her, but she would simply stretch herself out even further, leaving them perched on the edge of their own mattress, looking like they were about to fall off.

What Can I Get You

Standing up on her hind legs, this feline put on her best customer service voice and took the order for her human’s lunch. The coworker was so surprised that he almost dropped his phone. “Meow can I take your order?

Image courtesy of Life_Mall5439 / Reddit

This cat was undeterred. She licked her whiskers and waited for the human to bark an order. She could remember it without having to scribble on paper. “We have got soda if you would like. Would you like that to go and supersized?

Beats Your Tangled Mess

This cat’s tail is the envy of all the other cats in the neighborhood. It was so long and full that it looked like it had been blow-dried and ironed to perfection. Every time she went outside, the other cats would stare and wonder how she managed to keep it so sleek and shiny.

Image courtesy of Shadyscribbles / Reddit

But little did they know, her tail wasn’t the result of any special grooming techniques. It was simply a force of nature all on its own. Whenever Fluffy was feeling particularly happy or excited, her tail would puff up to three times its normal size, creating a fluffy, perfectly-coiffed masterpiece.

See What I Got?

Cats take great pride in their appearances. And this angelic-looking creature isn’t immune to that weakness and does her utmost to look flawless. Her fur was always perfectly groomed, her whiskers were always clean, and her tail was always elegantly draped across her back.

Image courtesy of somethingpeachy / Reddit

But there was one thing about her that always made the other cats laugh: she loved to show off her tush. Whenever she was feeling particularly proud of herself (as she should), she would turn around and stick out her rear end.


Love is blind. It also knows no bounds. Take this cat who had fallen madly in love with its own inanimate tail. He loves it so much he cradles it in his arms, cooing at it and purring as he does so. “What do you want, baby?

Image courtesy of songbird5454 / Reddit

These homeowners had never seen a cat show such affection for his tail before. But as they got to know him, they realized that his love for his tail was no joke. He would marry that thing in a heartbeat!

Icy Stare

This litter of kittens have the fluffiest, cumulus fur you have ever seen. But stare at them too long and you might feel a chill run down your spine. You’ll be covered in snow if you gaze too long at these icy eyes.

Image courtesy of dexternikusek / Reddit

These four kittens are also the naughtiest creatures in the neighborhood. They would scratch up furniture, knock over vases, and steal food from their humans’ plates with reckless abandon. Funny how the food stains won’t stick to the stratosphere of fur.

Two Conversation Starters

This cat had a bit of a problem. You see, she had recently been spayed, and his veterinarian had given her a doughnut-shaped pillow to wear around her neck to prevent her from licking his stitches. Look at her, wondering what she did to deserve this indignity.

Image courtesy of cmelissa27 / Reddit

But, like any cat, she took it in stride. In no time, she was strutting around the house, showing off her new pillow like it was a badge of honor. She was now free to mingle with anyone of her choosing. And she had an interesting conversation starter.


This kitten was so small that she looked like she could be swallowed up by a bed. In fact, the first time her human saw her, they thought she was a stuffed animal that had somehow found its way into the house.

Image courtesy of Deepblu3nothing / Reddit

But Muffin was no stuffed animal. She was a real live kitten, complete with sharp little claws and a big appetite. She loved nothing more than playing with balls of yarn, chasing after feathers, and snuggling up in cozy blankets.

“Feed Me”

You can tell at one glance that this fluff has a bit of an attitude problem. This cat is an absolute diva. He simply couldn’t be bothered to move from his spot on the floor. He had found his new favorite spot, and he was determined to stay there forever.

Image courtesy of Shadyscribbles / Reddit

And so, every day, this diva would sit there on the floor, meowing impatiently until his humans brought him his spoonfuls of food. He would purr contentedly as he chewed and then settle back down for a nap. When he took breaks to use the litterbox, his owners noticed a cat-shaped dent in the carpet.

Up in the Aiiir

This cat has the strangest habit. No matter where he was or what he was doing, he always lay on his back with his legs up in the air. It didn’t matter if he was sleeping, playing, or just lounging around—those legs were always up.

Image courtesy of malleynator / Reddit

His owners would walk into the room and find him lying there, legs up in the air, looking for all the world like a fluffy little potato. They would laugh and shake their heads and fan his tush to get him to fall asleep easily.

Makeup Artist

This cat spent hours in front of the mirror, practicing his technique and perfecting his look. He was working on a new hobby. And when he was finally ready, he strutted out of the bathroom, proud that he had just learned how to do kitty contouring.

Image courtesy of ElixirofCosmos / Reddit

His humans were amazed. This cat had somehow managed to contour his little cat nose to perfection. He had used just the right shades and blended everything flawlessly. He looked like a model in a magazine. Now all he had to do was mail in his headshots.

Lolling Around

Charlie had a strange habit of sleeping with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Every time Charlie took a nap, his tongue would escape his mouth and hang out like a little pink flag. This monster cannot be disturbed during naptime.

Image courtesy of XxAnyaxX3z / Reddit

One day, Charlie’s owner decided to take a picture of him while he was sleeping with his tongue out and post it on social media. The picture quickly went viral, and people all over the world began sharing pictures of their own pets sleeping with their tongues out.

Oh Wow. Surprising

As the doorbell rang, the cat quickly jumped off the couch and leaped into action. He knew that his human was hosting a party tonight, and he was determined to make a good impression. The cat spent hours perfecting his surprised expression in the mirror, practicing arching his eyebrows and widening his eyes.

Image courtesy of LaurenShisler / Reddit

Finally, the door opened, and the cat’s human walked in with a group of friends. The cat put on his best-surprised face and greeted them at the door, pretending as if he had no idea they were coming. “Wow. Surprising!” he unenthusiastically purred.

Initiation Rites

As Michael walked into the living room, he couldn’t help but stop in his tracks at the sight before him. His cat was standing on his hind legs, his front paws outstretched as if he was conducting some sort of ceremony. And in front of him, looking slightly bewildered, was the neighbor’s cat.

Image courtesy of datmichaeljacksonbad / Reddit

Was his cat conducting some sort of initiation rite? And if so, what did it involve? As he watched, his cat began to slap the neighbor’s cat’s head, meowing in a low, guttural voice. The latter looked up at him with a mixture of confusion and fear, unsure of what was happening.

Holiday Spirit

All year round, this pair of felines are into the holiday spirit. They love it so much that their human even bought them matching Christmas sweaters, complete with jingling bells and cat-sized mittens. After all, it’s a cat owner’s duty to tend to their cat and treat them like royalty.

Image courtesy of Kiwi_OW / Reddit

They weren’t sure how they felt about the vests at first. They squirmed and wiggled as their human tried to slip the vests over their heads, but eventually they resigned themselves to the fact that they were going to be wearing them for a while.

Bros for Nine Lifetimes

Ever since this Redditor brought this kitten home, this cat stayed put by his brother’s side. He licked at the little one and showed him the ropes around the house. He made a vow to be this kid’s brother for their entire (nine) lifetimes.

Image courtesy of reelbearmedia / Reddit

He was always there to make sure that his little brother was safe, even if it meant getting into trouble himself. If the kiddo wandered too far away from home, he would brave the outdoors and track him down and bring him back.

Lick ‘Em Clean

Their humans had just finished loading the dishwasher and went to watch TV. This was the perfect opportunity for Whiskers and Mittens to launch their own investigation. They leaped onto the rack and then sniffed around. They needed to lick ’em clean.

Image courtesy of Blue4ever21 / Reddit

Whiskers was the first to get a closer look at the dishes. Initially, he was a little hesitant, but as soon as he saw the plates, he let out a purr of satisfaction. Mittens quickly followed suit, and the two cats began to inspect the dishes in earnest.

Voldemort’s Nose

These three cats all share a peculiar characteristic—they all have noses that look just like Voldemort’s from Harry Potter. Although they all had Harry Potter-themed names, Luna, Neville, and Hermione, they needed appropriate nicknames. So, humans decided to start calling them The Dark Lords.

Image courtesy of jncb / Reddit

Humans can’t properly determine who their dad is. They looked like cats, but there was something serpentine in their nature. All they can tell is that this trio can be cold and inhuman by nature. They simply shrug it off as the innate hunter in them.

Lookin’ Like A Slobby Boyfriend

Oscar was a handsome cat with a luxurious coat of white fur and piercing brown eyes. But despite his good looks, Oscar had a bit of a problem—he was a slob. Just look at him taking up all the space on the couch.

Image courtesy of SpectacularLlama / Reddit

His fur was always a little disheveled, and he had a habit of leaving his toys scattered around the living room. His humans often joked that he was like a cliche slob boyfriend who refused to clean up after himself.

Pretend Play

This hunter loved to pretend that she was a fierce jungle cat, even though she had never set foot outside of her cozy little apartment. One day, his humans decided to buy her a cat playground so that she could let out her inner wildcat.

Image courtesy of rudegyaldem / Reddit

But as she was playing, her humans noticed something strange—she wasn’t actually using any of the equipment on the playground. Instead, she was just using the base of the playground as a mat for her yoga stretches. Her favorite pose was, ironically, Downward-Facing Dog.


If we hadn’t been told of this cat’s name, we would have aptly called it Bored. Bored was a grumpy-looking feline with a permanent scowl on her face, as if she were tired of life itself. Her eyes drooped, her whiskers sagged, and she let out a heavy sigh every time she moved.

Image courtesy of BettyBoopAss / Reddit

Bored’s humans tried everything to cheer her up; they gave her treats, toys, and lots of cuddles. But nothing seemed to work. Bored just continued to look like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders and wanted to just nap all day long instead.


Derp was a lovable feline with a derpy-looking face that always made people smile. His eyes were a little crooked, his nose was a little squished, and his tongue often stuck out just a bit. Okay, maybe a whole lot.

Image courtesy of PB2723 / Reddit

Despite his unique appearance, Derp was a happy-go-lucky cat who loved to play and cuddle. He didn’t care that he looked a little different from other cats—he was just happy to be himself, and the people around him were just as grateful that he existed.

Fits a Pigeon

Fluffernutter was a beautiful cat with fur as white and fluffy as a cloud. But there was one problem: his fur took up so much space that he often looked like he had swallowed an entire pigeon! All the birds around the neighborhood were afraid of him.

Image courtesy of Ashamed-Worth7984 / Reddit

Fluffernutter loved to explore the outdoors, chasing after imaginary birds and squirrels and climbing trees. But every time he came back inside, his fur was even more voluminous than before. It seemed like he had a never-ending supply of fluff!

Freelance cat

Pixel was a tech-savvy cat who loved playing with gadgets and exploring new software. Canvas, on the other hand, was a more traditional cat who loved to pose and show off her beauty. The former was the artist, and the latter was his muse.

Image courtesy of mushroomgirl / Reddit

Pixel had an idea. Why not use his digital art skills to create a masterpiece featuring his lovely friend Canvas? Canvas was thrilled with the idea and happily posed on the worktable while Pixel got to work on his tablet.

Laptop Stand Wanted

This dainty little thing was lounging on the desk while his human was working on their laptop. As usual, he was determined to distract his human and steal their attention away from the screen. “Let’s playyyy!” He swatted his human’s hand.

Image courtesy of kumocat / Reddit

He positioned himself perfectly under the laptop, arching his back and lifting his tail to form a cozy little nest for the computer to rest on. Little did this cat know that he was perfect for a new role under this consultancy. He could be a laptop stand.

Smothered with Love

These two cats get along well with each other… most of the time. You rarely find one without the other. They would play together, cuddle together, and groom each other’s fur. But there was one thing that drove Whiskers absolutely nuts: Fluffy’s tail.

Image courtesy of acaciaone / Reddit

You see, Fluffy’s tail was so long that it seemed to have a life of its own. It would twitch and swish and flick, sometimes smacking Whiskers in the face or wrapping around her head like a snake. And worst of all, sometimes Fluffy would drape her tail over Whiskers’ face, smothering her.

Together Forever

This furball was a sweet, cuddly kitten when her humans first brought her home, and they knew right away that they would love her for their entire lifetime. And it seemed like the feeling was mutual. Their kitty was happy in her new home.

Image courtesy of adsadsadsadsads / Reddit

But, oh boy, did they get more than they bargained for. After some time, the couple realized just how much of a drama queen their cat was. She really leaned into the sentiment that cats rule the house. If they drop her without warning, the claws are sure to come out.

Chew Trains

This cat loves to play with toys, but he has quite a destructive streak. Every toy he got his paws on seemed to end up in pieces within a matter of minutes. Maybe a toy that he couldn’t reach would be the solution…

Image courtesy of PixiBlue25 / Reddit

He eyed the new toy. The ball rolled around like normal, but he couldn’t get a grip on it. How dare the humans trick him like this?! Fortunately, this furball could get the last word by sulking on top of the new toy rather than playing with it.

I Spy

In general, cats love to explore the world around them and discover new things. While standing in her human’s backpack, she spotted something in the distance with her little eye. It looked like a small furry creature just on the horizon.

Image courtesy of clubandclover / Reddit

It had been scurrying around in the bushes. She would have jumped out of the bag to investigate when her human quickly spun around and sprinted the other way. Her human was late for her class, and this investigation will have to be put off for now.

Gimme A Treat

This furball loves Halloween more than anything. She loves the decorations, the costumes, and most of all, the candy. Every year, she would watch from the windowsill as trick-or-treaters roamed the streets, filling their bags with all sorts of delicious treats.

Image courtesy of Duckystryke / Reddit

But this year, this cat decided that she wasn’t content just watching from afar. She wanted to join in on the fun, to experience the thrill of the hunt for candy. So, she hatched a plan—she would beg her humans to take her on a trick-or-treat adventure.

On Duty

Tom and Jerry were no-nonsense felines who took their job very seriously. As you can see, they guard the door nearly 24 hours each day. You see, Tom and Jerry lived in a house where there was always something exciting happening. There were birds to watch, mice to chase, and treats to be earned.

Image courtesy of jettyboy20 / Reddit

Every time the door opened, Tom and Jerry would spring into action. They would run over to the side of the door, stand tall on their hind legs, and stare intently at whoever was coming in. They were like little sentries, ready to defend their home at a moment’s notice.


This cat had an unusual request. She loved her human very much and wanted to show her affection in a special way—by holding hands. At first, her human was a bit taken aback. After all, cats don’t typically hold hands with their humans. But Mittens was insistent.

Image courtesy of ShakaHP / Reddit

She would stretch out her paws and meow until her human took it. It was the cutest thing ever. Mittens would sit there, paw in hand, purring contentedly. She would nuzzle her head against her human’s hand and close her eyes, as if she was in a state of bliss.