The Journey From Horse Hugs To 911 Calls: Woman’s Horse Senses Something Odd About Her Pregnancy

By Precious I

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Jolene Jonas and her husband set out on a rocky journey, longing for the rare blessing of a child amid the world of their deepest wishes and severe disappointments. After years of relentless perseverance, their hopes were finally granted: Jolene was pregnant. Ecstasy flooded their souls, illuminating their way with hope, but their bliss would soon be cloaked in mysterious darkness. 

The future of their unborn child and their invisible tie with their horse, Keola, was a growing story of mystery and intrigue. The pair explored a universe they were unaware even existed as shadows danced on the borders of their existence. With each new finding, they pushed the limits of their knowledge. Only time would tell if they would solve the mystery that had taken over their life or if they had to prepare for and confront a reckoning.

A Serene Home

Before they learned they were having a child, Jolene and Ricky had been together for several years. The married couple already owned a lovely home and a pretty horse with a big garden where their horse Keola loved to run.

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They also had everything else needed to make a child feel at home. But Keola wasn’t as excited when he learned that Jolene was pregnant. He began acting erratically in a way he had never done before from the moment he spotted her baby bump.

Keola’s Mysterious Affection

The actions of Keola seemed unusual, weird, and tough to understand. He would constantly attempt to hold Jolene and even licked her stomach. Despite the “language barrier,” Jolene desperately tried to understand what her horse was attempting to say to her.

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Some people believe that animals have a sixth sense that humans lack, allowing them to notice things we simply cannot. If this was true, that could mean that Keola knew something about Jolene’s pregnancy that not even Jolene herself was aware of.

Unveiling the Truths

As Jolene’s pregnancy developed, it became apparent that something about her pregnancy was abnormal. When she was a few months along, Jolene began to get terrible back pain. that didn’t go away after rest or stretches. The couple hurriedly set off to see a physician when the pain became unbearable.

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When they arrived at the hospital, their doctor conducted an ultrasound examination to monitor the condition. He noticed an anomaly that prompted him to call the authorities without informing the young couple. Perhaps the horse had some prior knowledge of the pregnancy. But what led to this crisis?

Ricky and Jolene’s Unforeseen Journey

Ricky and Jolene’s love story has developed into an intriguing tale since their paths crossed as teenagers. They had happy lives, and throughout the years, they developed an unbreakable relationship that made them a happy family. Things went off track a little when they decided to adopt a gorgeous horse named Keola. 

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They had no idea the horse’s arrival would put their relationship to its greatest test. However, no relationship is flawless, and this pair was not exempt from difficulties. Jolene had one concern she felt was a warning sign about her relationship, and her husband did little to ease her worries. 

Harmonizing Contrasts

Ricky and Jolene resembled the two pieces of a stunningly contrasted puzzle. Unlike Ricky’s quiet and restrained demeanor, Jolene was a vibrant extrovert, a free spirit ready to enjoy life’s adventures. Their unique characteristics drew them together and helped them develop a strong bond over time. 

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While Ricky enjoyed Jolene’s exuberant nature, which added zest to their life, Jolene adored Ricky’s serene demeanor, finding comfort in his solid presence. But despite their connection, Jolene was bothered by a constant worry. It centered on Ricky’s tendency to keep some subjects private, even to his closest companions.

The Secrets Within Ricky’s Past

Despite spending much of their life together, Ricky kept some things from everyone, including Jolene. He was secretive about many elements of his background, including his previous residence, before relocating to the community where they met. She often wondered about it, but he never provided an explanation.

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He concluded it was a remnant of the past and didn’t matter now. Ricky’s tendency to keep some subjects secret was the root of Jolene’s dissatisfaction. It wasn’t just an issue of privacy; there was a purposeful withholding of information, masking of feelings, leaving Jolene uneasy.

Unveiling Ricky’s Past

Jolene made several attempts to ask Ricky about his family, but he remained silent each time. He didn’t waste any time telling her that they were permanently gone from his life and simply wanted to put those things behind him, and he didn’t understand why Jolene kept bringing them up.

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Jolene mostly supported her significant other’s decision not to discuss his background. With such a long history behind them, Jolene was learning to get over her odd feelings about this missing piece. Jolene held Ricky in high esteem and wished to live out the entirety of her days with him.

The Journey to Forever

By the time Ricky and Jolene decided to wed, they had been dating for nearly ten years. Jolene anticipated their wedding day throughout their engagement, mostly because she was so excited to think about spending the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. 

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Jolene couldn’t help but worry whether some of Ricky’s mystery family members might unexpectedly appear during their wedding. She wasn’t shocked that no members of Ricky’s extended family attended the wedding, but she was upset that she was still unfamiliar with them. 

A Life Together

Though she was still unsure of her husband’s life before her, Jolene’s discontent didn’t last long because their new family quickly began to flourish following their wedding. They focused on their jobs while repairing their shared house and saving money for the future. 

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Ricky’s background was no longer even on Jolene’s mind because their time together in the present was going so well. They soon decided that this would be the ideal moment to allow their small family to expand, but things didn’t turn out as they had planned.

The Quest for Parenthood

The couple believed they would have a kid easily because they were young. This, however, would prove untrue as Jolene could not become pregnant after trying for several months. They decided to visit a doctor to find out if they could conceive naturally or if they would need further assistance. 

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The pair began to feel concerned about their health. They had examinations at the physician’s office to ascertain whether Jolene or Ricky had a health issue that may prevent them from becoming parents. The doctor tested them, and the pair awaited their results with uncertainty.

A Visit to the Doctor’s Office

Until the doctor called a few days later, they agonized over the potential issues inhibiting their progress. Both were agitated when he instructed them to come to the office to pick up the results. Fortunately, the couple’s anxiety decreased once they arrived. 

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The doctor informed them that neither of them had any medical issues that should prevent them from becoming parents and that they were both in perfect health. The couple was relieved by this news, although they were anxious to have their doubts dismissed for good.

A Joyous Revelation

When their concerns were alleviated, Ricky and Jolene were shocked to discover that Jolene was pregnant a week later. Knowing they may finally begin the forthcoming chapter of their life made the pair ecstatic. They were eager to share the good news with everyone close to them since they knew they would all be delighted. 

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However, Jolene’s horse, Keola, began acting abnormally as soon as she began to show. When they were outside, he would lick her tummy and stick close to her, which eventually began to bother Jolene. Sometimes, she feared Keola might unintentionally injure her since she didn’t think her horse understood the situation.

Keola’s Surprising Gesture

When Jolene allowed Keola to approach her, the horse attempted to embrace her by wrapping his feet around her torso. Even though Jolene had known Keola for a long time, she was still surprised by what he had done since it was new. 

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Was the horse attempting to let her know that anything was wrong and that he needed help? The pair wanted a second opinion since whatever was happening freaked them out. They called their veterinarian to see how he was doing.


It was excellent news for Keola. The doctor performed a thorough examination and discovered no problems with the horse, but Jolene was still seeking explanations. Keola was acting oddly, and in the days that followed, Jolene was even more certain about it. He was incredibly attached to Jolene and wouldn’t let go at all.

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Jolene made so many attempts to break free that she resorted to Google for additional information. The accounts of horses who behaved similarly to Keola’s startled her. She was on the verge of crying as she read them, but she had to control herself.

A Mother’s Guidance

In the tales she had read, horses were said to be able to detect problems with a mother’s unborn child before humans did. Jolene’s thoughts began to race. She didn’t want to concern her husband, but she knew she needed to talk to someone about it.

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Jolene hurriedly went to the one person on Earth whose opinion she respected more than her spouse’s—her mother. As she spoke, her mother gently reminded her that she couldn’t accept everything she read online after hearing about her horse’s behavior and the similar stories she had read online. 

Anxious Moments in the Journey of Pregnancy

Jolene’s mom had suggested that her daughter discuss the matter with her husband and perhaps let her doctor know she was concerned. Jolene decided to act with the knowledge that her mother was correct. She intended to discuss her concerns with her doctor in a subsequent appointment.

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She was at the 18-week mark, and everything was going according to plan for her pregnancy, but each doctor’s visit was stressful. Jolene was anxiously awaiting her test results and was concerned more than usual over the health of her unborn child throughout this session.

Unending Worries

Jolene received a call from her physician just a few hours after leaving the office. Her tests and ultrasound results were normal, so they booked Jolene’s 25-week visit for another check-up. Jolene felt safe because of this, yet she couldn’t stop worrying. 

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She contemplated the possible viewpoints and assumed that Keola might have just been concerned that after the baby arrived, she would no longer be the only one Jolene would pay attention to. Still, she continued to worry that this might not be the case.

A Solution

The couple unknowingly left their home during rush hour, which resulted in them becoming trapped in traffic as soon as they embarked on their way to the hospital. The automobile was stuck in slow-moving traffic, when Jolene continued to suffer in excruciating pain. 

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Ricky knew he needed to take immediate action to aid his wife, but he could think of just one solution. How could they escape the urban nightmare of standstill traffic? Thoughts rushed through his head as he sought a feasible option.

An Ambulance to The Rescue

The brilliant move by Ricky was to dial an ambulance, which could push through traffic and take the couple straight to the hospital. Jolene and her husband entered the car once it arrived in a matter of minutes, proving that his strategy had really been successful.

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The couple was left with just one concern as the ambulance sped passed the oncoming traffic. When Jolene arrived at the hospital, the doctor promptly prepared her for an ultrasound. Although she had become accustomed to the pattern, this occasion was different.

The Police?

While examining her, the doctor’s countenance abruptly shifted as he turned to look at the monitor. He informed Jolene in a whispery voice, “I have to call the police,” with a bewildered and then angry expression. Jolene’s immediate response to the doctor’s words was shock. Why didn’t he tell her what was happening? 

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At that moment, Ricky burst into a rage. The pair exchanged puzzled looks as the doctor exited the room to make a phone call. Jolene was afraid, but her husband couldn’t comfort her since he was unhappy. When would they obtain some answers?

Inquiries About Jolene

Finally, the door opened. It was a police officer who now stood where the doctor was only a few minutes earlier. The pair appeared terrified because this was so out of the norm for a medical examination. The room was tense instantly.

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Ricky was directed to follow the policeman. The officer said, “Sir, I have some questions for you about your wife.” Even though Ricky wasn’t confident he would be able to respond to whatever their questions were, he complied and followed along.

Puzzles, Infuriated, and Concerned

It was a relatively simple line of inquiry. At least, to begin with. The police questioned Ricky about his wife and where they lived. Although Ricky knew the correct answers to all of these queries, he was unsure of their purpose.

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Ricky was still puzzled as to why the cops had even been summoned to the doctor’s office when their questions abruptly changed in tone. Ricky became even more concerned about his beloved wife as the cops persisted in questioning him.

Increasing Frustration

The police’s line of questioning eventually became more intimate as they inquired about Jolene’s pregnancy and the nature of Ricky and Jolene’s relationship. Even though it was apparent that this information was irrelevant, Ricky continued to respond to their inquiries.

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Ricky became angrier as the minutes dragged on. Being in the dark about his wife’s condition didn’t help in the slightest. With each new question, he became increasingly frustrated at the police officer before him. A while later, he ran out of patience. 

The Crucial Separation

In a flash of rage that he would soon come to regret, Ricky said, “Go ahead and do your job, but leave me alone!” Although he immediately recognized that what he did was wrong, he could not undo it. Sadly, the police did not receive Ricky’s outburst well.

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Eventually, they concluded that it would be best to bring him to the police station so that further interrogation could be conducted there. Ricky despised being separated from his wife at this trying time when she needed him the most. Jolene was unsure about Ricky’s whereabouts, but she would eventually learn the truth for herself.

The Doctor’s Revelation

The police had informed Ricky that he would learn more at the station, but they would not let him say farewell to his wife before heading out. Jolene was sitting in her hospital bed when she saw, through the window, Ricky being led out of the hospital by the police.

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As time passed, her fear increased, but eventually, her doctor entered the room and provided some explanations. The doctor then informed Jolene that she required surgery. He could not explain why this operation was a request by the police, but he told her that the baby’s well-being depended on it. 

Proceeding With The Only Option

All of these sudden happenings took Jolene aback. How could she determine whether this was the best action without additional information? But then the doctor gave her a choice. Jolene was given the option of having the operation at all.

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She had the option to refuse, but since she had previously been informed that the procedure was best for the unborn child, she didn’t feel comfortable doing so. She knew that if their kid was in danger, she wanted the procedure ASAP. There was no time to wait to talk with her husband. 

Into the Interrogation Room

As Jolene struggled to rid her mind of the worries, she waited for the physician to take her into the operating room. Meanwhile, Ricky had just arrived at the police station when Jolene was finally taken into the operating room. 

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The cops had led him into the questioning room, where he felt the dim lighting upon his face as he responded to increasingly odd questions. Still unsure of what was happening, he was aware that he needed to keep cooperating despite his confusion.

The Mysterious Queue

Ricky was unable to stop reflecting on his current predicament. In his darkest dreams, he could never have imagined that what had begun as a routine medical examination would lead him to be interrogated. Was he an innocent spectator or a criminal in this case? 

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Ricky could not even begin to guess what the police wanted from him before the police officers began to clarify their intentions. Slowly, a queue began to develop in the place for interrogation on the opposite end of the window. 

His Doctor?

Ricky knew what was going on from watching television and films, yet he was dumbfounded that he was actually seeing a queue of suspects. The policemen questioned him as the line built to see whether he recognized anyone standing before him. 

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Ricky was astonished to discover that he did recognize someone among them, but how did they find themselves in this bizarre predicament? He was certain that one of the guys was his doctor, whom he had been seeing for years.

Unlawful Implant

The cops appeared to ease up slightly when Ricky revealed what he knew to them, and he wondered what might have caused the relief. He quickly received further information regarding the circumstance and why the doctor was on the opposite side of the pane. 

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Ricky learned from the police that Jolene’s doctor had phoned the police after discovering an unlawful medical implant in her body during an ultrasound. Although it wasn’t officially on the market, the chip was designed to manage medications. But how did it get in her?

The Ride Back

The medicine for Jolene had a chip in it that the doctor had placed in Ricky’s name. Although Ricky was relieved to learn the truth and that he wasn’t the criminal in this case, his experience wasn’t yet done. He had to return to the hospital to see how his wife was doing. 

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Ricky could only focus on his wife and the well-being of his child. Everything else barely mattered at that moment. Fortunately, Ricky didn’t have to be concerned about driving because the authorities could provide him with a ride back to the hospital.

The State of Panic

However, when Ricky returned to the hospital, he could not find his wife in the room where he had last left her. As a result, he hurried to the front desk to find her. Ricky spotted Jolene’s doctor approaching the same desk.

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The doctor kindly urged Ricky to calm himself and relax in front of the other patients in the waiting room since, at this point, Ricky was in a panic. Ricky struggled to control his rage because he had already experienced too much that day. 

Navigating Health and Mystery

Ricky tried to stay calm as he explained his needs to the doctor. Then he was taken right to his wife. He eventually received a full explanation of the circumstances from the doctor, though he was still very wired from his interactions with the police.

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Their infant’s health was his first worry, even though he was now aware of the microchip in his wife’s body. They wouldn’t have answers immediately because his wife had yet to undergo surgery, but the doctor seemed confident about the situation. After that, the doctor instructed Ricky to accompany him down the corridor.

Successful Surgical Procedure

Ricky accompanied the physician into what turned out to be the door to the OR. They arrived just as the surgeon was leaving, and he quickly called the doctor away to explain the procedure in detail. Fortunately, the doctor was grinning when he turned to face Ricky again.

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The procedure had gone as planned, and Jolene and their infant were unharmed. After removing the chip, Jolene could continue her pregnancy at home without worrying about the baby’s health. She would also be pain-free after that as the chip was the cause of her back ache.

Keola Was Back To Normal

Fortunately, the couple had a safe pregnancy following all of the unplanned and odd events they had experienced, and as expected, Jolene was free from the excruciating aches. Upon reaching the 40-week mark in her pregnancy, Jolene gave birth to Julia, a stunning and healthy baby girl. 

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When they got home, their horse Keola seemed delighted to see them all and did not behave oddly, so they didn’t let the unpleasant events weigh on them. At that point, Jolene and Ricky were sure they were never going to doubt their horse’s behavior again.