Wandering Whiskers: 35+ Unpredictable Escapades Of Curious Cats

By Aileen D

Cats are ever so curious and not the animals to shrink from adventures. They thrive on it! They climb trees, leap over obstacles, and chase imaginary prey with boundless energy. They are born with a single goal, to explore the world.

Where’s the oddest place you’ve spotted them?

It was a challenge to narrow this list down, but we’ve succeeded in compiling pictures of felines in places where they shouldn’t be. From sleeping with deer to lounging on the skillet, somewhere, there’s always an audacious cat biding its time.

If you love them as much as we do, check the pictures below, or visit the Twitter account aptly named “place where cat shouldn’t be” to get your fresh servings of furball madness.

Furry Cushion

Let us tell you about this living room couch. It’s like sinking into a cloud of pure bliss. The cushions are plush and perfectly huggable. You plop down, stretch out, and all your worries melt away. It’s the ultimate furniture for relaxation.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Fortunately for this feline, he had just discovered the ultimate cat fort. He’s surrounded by fluffy cushiony goodness, and occasionally, he can even pretend that he’s playing a covert agent on a top-secret mission, spying on everyone around the room.

Forgetting Something?

This Twitter user was half-awake when he stumbled out of his house to find his beloved pet perched on the car windshield. Yep, you heard it right. Apparently, he had forgotten to feed this cat its breakfast, and there it was, staging a hunger strike protest where it was most visible!

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

It was like a furry windshield wiper with attitude. This internet user couldn’t help but chuckle at the situation’s absurdity. Lesson learned: never underestimate the resourcefulness of a hungry pet. Consider setting a reminder for breakfast the next time.

Need Some Caffeine?

Here we have another corporate slave, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She finds her furry feline defying gravity and practicing its acrobatic skills from underneath the cupboard. She didn’t need that cup of caffeine after seeing her pet like this.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

How did this cat find that secret nook to practice auditioning her acrobatic skills? She couldn’t help but rub the cat’s neck, inviting it to get down from the cupboard. Without a doubt, cats are full of surprises, but they can also deliver a shot of adrenaline when you need it.


We had always thought that cats were selfish mammals, thinking of themselves first, but the thing is, they can be generous too. We chanced upon this furball, who had offered herself up as a meal. What sauce do you think should be paired with it?

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

We raise an eyebrow, thinking this cat is just being her quirky self. Just look at it, sitting nonchalantly atop a skillet on a stove, offering herself up as a main course. We scooped her up and told her there was no way she’d fill our tummy. Better let the chicken do the work.

Together Forever

Cats, oh cats, they can be the epitome of clinginess. They follow you, demand attention, and always want to be beside you. But one day, we walked into the bathroom and witnessed the pinnacle of feline togetherness. Two of our cats are hanging from the shower rod.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Their paws are wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. It’s like they’re saying, “We love each other so much, we can’t bear to be apart, even in mid-air!” It’s equal parts adorable and cringeworthy. Who needs shower curtains when cats create their own gravity-defying love fest?

It’s That Time

A litter of cats in the neighborhood has turned a flight of stairs into their ultimate siesta spot! Talk about feline ingenuity and camaraderie. There they were, all snuggled up in a perfect line, as if they had synchronized their naptime routine.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

It was a feline slumber party happening right there. Guess those stairs must have the purrfect blend of shade, coziness, and a dash of neighborhood charm. Who needs cat beds when you have a set of stairs that double as sleeping pods?

Mission Accomplished

Hold the litter box, folks! We have a certified potty prodigy in our midst. This cat, Sir Fluffington, has successfully mastered the art of potty training. And we don’t just mean using the toilet like a civilized being. Oh no, he takes it to the next level.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

We walked into the bathroom, only to find him perched right inside the toilet bowl, looking at us with an air of accomplishment. It’s like he’s saying, “Look, human, I’ve taken potty training to new depths!” Now, if only he could remember to flush…

Growing A Tail

Hold the oinks and meows, folks! We’ve got the most unconventional family situation going on here. Picture this: a cat, let’s call her Duchess, has somehow found herself living with a litter of piglets. It’s a real-life animal sitcom waiting to be on TV.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

But here’s the kicker—Duchess has taken her role as the resident meow expert quite seriously. She’s teaching those piglets how to meow! Can you imagine a bunch of tiny piglets attempting to meow? What we’d like to see is those piglets teaching her to oink.

The Reason

Let’s discuss why restaurants have this seemingly irrational rule of banning cats. Here’s the scoop: cats have this uncanny talent for becoming stealthy food thieves. They love nothing more than making a beeline for their owner’s bowl and indulging in a feast fit for a king.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

They have an internal radar that detects deliciousness. Having a furry feline swoop in and snatch a bite off your plate is legal despite it being annoying. And so, for the sake of culinary peace, restaurants decided it’s best to keep the cats at bay.

New Rules

You won’t believe the sight that greeted us today! Instead of finding this cat perched on a tree branch like a typical feline, we discovered her sitting proudly on top of a beetle car. Yes, you read that right; a tiny cat conquering the automotive world!

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

She looked like the queen of the road, ready to cruise into the sunset. Or she’s likely regretting all of the life choices that have led her to this moment. Forget convertible cars. This cat is renaming the new definition of “top-down” in the feline kingdom.

Never Here

This feline wonder decided to ditch the conventional binoculars and opted for a more botanical approach. Instead of squinting into a pair of lenses, the cat uses the large leaves of a nearby plant to zoom in on something interesting.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Instead of taking his afternoon nap, this cat had decided to meddle in the affairs of the neighbor who had recently moved in. And not wanting to catch attention, he decided to use these leaves to look conspicuous, and still be able to snoop around.

Let me In

An overweight cat is hanging by a screen net, desperately hoping to be let inside a restaurant. It’s like a bizarre feline acrobatics show, scaring the customers and causing quite a commotion. Who couldn’t help but shriek in terror at the sheer determination of this chunky feline?

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

The aroma of delicious food was too irresistible for this chunky boi to resist. He had discarded all sense of logic and resorted to feline instincts, hoping to stealth his way into the restaurant. Unfortunately, his fur coat gave him away. The door tilted under his weight.

1,2,3 …

Hold your breath and brace yourselves for a heart-stopping tale. Other people would run from an oncoming car but this cat was lounging on a curb stop, seemingly daring death itself. Just look at him, living on the edge, basking in the thrill at a perilous distance.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

It’s like watching an extreme sports enthusiast in action. His tail wags devilishly as the car slows to a halt just inches away. He looks back at the humans calling him to seek safety by the side. “Another day will do.”

I Thought I Told You…

This homeowner walked into the living room expecting a cozy evening but instead chanced upon this mischievous cat, summoning the devil right there on the living room cabinet. This homeowner puts both hands on her hips and says, “I thought I told you to do it in the basement!”

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Who needs dark corners and spooky vibes when you can summon the devil from the heights of this cabinet, right? Whiskers always finds a way to keep this homeowner on her toes. And besides, the spellbook is just within reach from here.

One with the Dogs

Cats normally scamper away from chasing dogs. But this daring cat struts her stuff down the block and spots two hulking Rottweilers, tongues lolling and tails wagging. Just what does this feline wonder do? She does the unthinkable. She asks for a selfie with them.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Instead of fleeing, she whips out her sleek smartphone, flashes her snarkiest smile, and takes a photo with these two guard dogs. Talk about nerve. Other cats would have swallowed the hard lump down their throat but not this feline.

Tight Grip

We all know cats love tagging along on car rides with their humans, but instead, this cat takes the lone commute to work on a black, full-grown horse. She has no need for stirrups or equestrian training. Nope, this cat uses her feline instinct and her sharp claws.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Let’s call this cool cat Felix, he struts out of his front door, hops on his trusty equine steed, and gallops through the city streets, tail held high. Forget cat carriers and car seats; Felix’s got a horse-drawn commute that turns heads and stops traffic.

Use me

Cats are known for snoozing away in their cozy and comfortable beds. But this cat decides to embark on a top-secret napping mission. He squandered the hundred-dollar cat bed accorded him and chose to live in this shady towel cabinet.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

He takes cover in a shelf piled high with towels the same color as his fur! It’s like a game of hide-and-sleep! You’d think he’d blend in, but those twitching whiskers give him away. Talk about a kitty camouflage fail!

Oink Oink

You would think that cats are proud of their fur. But imagine our surprise when we chanced upon this feisty feline, wanting to spend a day in another animal’s skin. She decided to unleash her inner oinker and snort away in the pigsty.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

This cat goes incognito, hiding within a pig’s skin—yes, a full-on pig costume! It’s like a purrfectly hilarious masquerade party. Let’s face it, this cat might fool some pigs, but that sour face gives her away. She would have gone unnoticed if not for that telltale sign!

Add Water

You won’t believe the fur-fluffing fiasco I’ve got for you! So, we all know cats and laundry day don’t mix, right? But these two cats – Mischief and Mayhem “stumble” upon a container of powder detergent and find themselves in a situation.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Instead of doing the usual laundry day dash, they dive right in, rolling and frolicking in the fluffy white goodness. But oh, what a mess they make! Just as they revel in their soapy escapade, their human walks in, jaws dropping at the sight.

New Friend

Cats and iguanas usually play a classic game of “hiss and chase,” right? But hold onto your catnip, because we have just met an exception. Instead of this cat hissing at the iguana it had run into, it decided to befriend the latter.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

They both freeze, eyeing each other in disbelief. It is like a feline-reptilian standoff! Whiskers can’t resist the curious display of scales and spiky charm while the iguana gives her a reptilian nod of respect. Who would have thought, huh?

Rock and Roll

You would think that cats end up squished into a pancake during the wild chaos at a moshpit. But not this cat. Rocko takes center stage amidst the roaring crowd, bares his claws, hisses to the songs, and even dives off the stage!

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

He leaps, paws first, into the moving sea of humans. His lithe body is carried around by one person after another until he grows tired of being manhandled (literally) and then sails back to the stage where he can get a VIP view of the hard metal band.

Different Motive

We hear this chorus of meows. Naturally, we assume it’s a bunch of kittens crying for their mama, But guess what? When we approached the source of the commotion, we found a bunch of little furballs latched onto the screen door.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

It’s like they’re auditioning for a kitten version of “Spider-Kitty: Homecoming.” These guys aren’t crying for their mom; they’re begging for attention! Talk about a plot twist in the world of feline melodrama. They make it look like they’re hanging on for dear life!

Case Solved

This internet user stumbled into the kitchen, still half-asleep, only to glimpse her husband lurking near the toaster. Naturally, she assumed he was up to his old tricks, stealing toast straight from the machine. But hold the butter! They find the real culprit.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

It’s their mischievous cat, perched on the counter, taking a sly bite out of the bread this woman had just placed in there. Talk about a toast thief in feline disguise! Forget this husband’s breakfast shenanigans; their furry friend is the real culprit.

Strange Fascination

Here’s a plot twist: cats, those notorious water avoiders, suddenly develop a strange fascination for showers. This woman was indulging in a relaxing bath when she spotted something flicker by the side of her eye. She looks up to see her furry feline perched atop the showerhead.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Cats and water are supposed to be sworn enemies. We’re curious if it’s the steamy ambiance or the secret desire to grow a mermaid tale that has this cat rewriting her feline instinct. Can’t blame her for wanting to soak up the suds and bathe occasionally.

Universal Law

Oh, the universal law of empty carton boxes: open them up, and they’re as hollow as your ex’s promises. But wait, not this time! Imagine our surprise when we pry open a box, expecting nothing but air and finding a mischievous feline peering at us through the handles.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Talk about a paw-some surprise! We half expected confetti and a “Ta-da!” to accompany the grand reveal. Who needs expensive cat beds when you have a simple cardboard box that doubles as a great fort and a teleportation device to Kitty Wonderland?


Come one, come all. Step up for a once-in-a-lifetime sight of a cat leading a tour group. Llamas timidly took one step to take a closer look at the fluffball perched on one of the fence posts, and even tried to lick at it.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Move over, circus tricks; we’ve got a feline tightrope walker in town, and the llamas are his adoring audience! They throw a tuft of hair and grass at the feline, applauding the latter for the spectacular performance. The cat takes a bow and then lurches off the fence.

Two Beds

It was a nail-biting afternoon as we were bent over a patient, desperately trying to resuscitate them. We yelled for someone to call the nearest hospital and to get the defibrillator by the end of the hall. That someone sent us a pic that gave us a scare.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

An empty space and a mischievous black cat lounging inside! It’s like a feline takeover of life-saving equipment! We’ll keel over from the surprise. It looks like the first-aiders are going to need to resuscitate two of us by the time they get here.


Well, well, well. Look who’s got a case of the sneaky paws! We all know cats have their designated kitchen tabletop spot, patiently waiting for their next gourmet meal. But get this: our furry friend, let’s call him Munchkin, took snack time to a whole new level.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

We spotted Munchkin’s sneaky arm poking through the side of the fridge, trying to swipe a tasty treat! Talk about determination! We couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of those determined little whiskers and twitching tail. His execution just needs a little refinement.

More Cases of Bad Luck

We have a whisker-raising tale that will have you scratching your head in disbelief. We have all heard the superstition about black cats crossing our paths, but this cat decided to sow bad luck by hiding itself in a clay vase by the side of the road.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Instead of lurking by the side of the road like a typical black cat, she squeezes herself into a tiny clay pot! It’s like a feline magic trick gone hilariously wrong. If you ask her, she will tell you she has cursed more humans with this plot than crossing the road.

Secret Code

Ah, the classic cat-summoning ritual: calling out their name and waiting for a fleeting glimpse of fur darting from under the bed. But here’s a twist that would make any detective scratch their head: We uttered the sacred words “ps ps psss” instead.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Lo and behold, the elusive feline emerges from the shadows like a secret agent responding to a secret code. It’s as if we’ve cracked the purrfect language of whisker-whispering. Who needs conventional meows and their predictable ways? It’s all about the “ps ps psss” magic now!

Dead Wrong

You walk into the bedroom, ready for a romantic rendezvous with your partner, only to discover a hilarious substitution. As you lift the bed covers with a cheeky smile, expecting to find your significant other, guess who’s there? Not the love of your life…

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Your mischievous feline, rolling around like a furry burrito! Forget romantic encounters; it’s the kitty’s turn to claim the spotlight. You can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. Apparently, the bed has become the newest gym for feline cardio workouts.

Splashy Surprise

You’d expect cats to stay miles away from the bathroom. Well, get ready for a splashy surprise! As you enter the bathroom, you hear a series of meows that could rival a feline opera. And what do you find? Your poor kitty, trapped in the bathtub with your wife.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Your wife feigns to innocently take a shower, utterly unaware of her feline cellmate. It’s like a real-life version of “The Great Escape: Bathroom Edition.” Talk about a cat-astrophe turned bathroom buddy comedy. This cat will learn her place in this household from now on.


Hold on to your rolling pins, folks, because we’ve got a purrfect pastry crime scene! You see, we’re in the kitchen, all set to mold some dough into the shape of pie perfection. But lo and behold, when we reach for the flattened dough, we come across a pair of prints.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

A pair of feline pawprints right in the center, as if our kitten decided to try her hand, or rather her paws, at baking. Move over, MasterChef; we’ve got a budding feline pastry prodigy in the making, if only she would overcome her reservations.

A Ton

Gather ’round for this breaking news! Our local celebrity, Furry Feline, has just made it big on television! But hold onto your seats because it’s not for his purrfect charm or daring acrobatics. No, it’s because this hefty feline broke a cement bench!

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Peas in a Pod

This is a rule of nature: cats and carton boxes are like two peas in a purrfect pod. But get this, as we rummage through the pantry, searching for a box of cereal, we’re greeted by a pair of curious eyes peering up at us.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Where are those eyes from? Inside a transparent cereal container! It’s like witnessing a feline magician trapped in his own illusion. It’s like the reincarnated Houdini – a cereal-loving escape artist. We hope he figures out this puzzle soon because we’re getting hungry.

Different Gust

Hold onto your hats and prepare for a “paws”-itively surprising encounter! As we sit in class, we expect to feel a gentle breeze from the vents, but boy, were we in for a wild ride! Instead of a refreshing gust of air, we catch sight of this feline paw.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Its nails were fully extended like a furry superhero ready for action. Was it trying to claw at the vents, or did it want to swipe at a criminal below it? We can’t tell for sure. But we witnessed a clawed crusader on a secret feline mission to conquer the HVAC system.

Mystery man

You are completely engrossed in your favorite Korean drama, heart all aflutter as your dream man appears on the screen. Cue the dramatic music, the intense gazes, the perfect romantic moment… and suddenly, your cat decides to make an entrance.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

With impeccable timing, her tail swooshes across the screen, blocking the view, or her paw reaches out, tapping the play button like a mischievous director. Talk about a feline rom-com critic! Some things are not meant to be, with a feline sidekick.


We’ve got a cat revolution in progress! You know how cats are famous for their tree-perching prowess, right? We would have expected some to hang around the birds and the squirrels, but we came across this critter sitting atop another cat.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Move over, trees; there’s a new hot spot in town! It’s like witnessing a feline coup d’état against traditional perching methods. Who needs branches when you can recline on state-of-the-art heavy machinery? These things are built to last their nine lives!

No Sleep Now

Prepare for a cuteness overload because we’ve stumbled upon the feline version of a slumber party extravaganza! Picture this: we open a drawer expecting to find a bunch of pillow toys stacked neatly inside. But we were pleasantly surprised to see a living fluffball lounging there.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

At first, we frowned at this fluffball. It was taking up some other pillow’s space. And besides, we can’t use it to lay our heads on. But a smile crept on our lips the longer we stared at it peacefully breathing, its whiskers twitching ever so slightly.

Got It First

You open the fridge, ready to retrieve your store-bought chicken, expecting it to rest peacefully, unharmed, and ready for dinner. But hold the drumsticks! What do you find instead? This ravenous feline attempting to engulf the whole thing with sheer will!

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

It’s like witnessing a tiny carnivorous Godzilla in action. Never underestimate the sheer determination of a cat on a foodie mission. It can brave the cold temperatures of the fridge so long as it can devour a whole chicken. Bon appétit, furry little gourmand!

Paw of Treats

You hang a plastic bag by your chair, fully expecting to find some delicious treats within reach. But guess who decides to steal the limelight? This sneaky feline, peeking out from the bag like a furry Houdini. They love inserting themselves in the most unexpected places.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Sorry, chips and cookies, looks like your cat has claimed the bag as her purr-sonal hideout. Time to share the snacks, or prepare for a purrfectly mischievous game of feline peek-a-boo! It looks like this cat has got the upper hand if we’re being honest.

Peek A Boo

Hold your sun hats, folks, because we’ve got ourselves a “paws”-itively surprising encounter in the scorching midday heat! As we walk towards the steel rod, sweat trickling down our brows, we expect nothing but a solid metal companion. But we come across this innocent little thing instead.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

A tiny kitten with its head stuck inside one of the holes! It’s like witnessing a comical game of feline peek-a-boo gone wrong. We try to let it out and find out that it had intentionally hung its head there. Maybe it was just tired of keeping its head up.


This wife is on a mission to find her hardworking husband, expecting to see him bent over his work in his office. But wait for it—what captures her attention instead? The unmistakable focal point of her cat’s tush in the middle of the room.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Because the man of the house couldn’t shower this cat with attention, the latter decided to look outside the window and divert her attention instead. This cat wasn’t counting on being booted from the office by this leading lady.

Falling In Love

Cats are famous for their impeccable balance and graceful moves, especially when perched at great heights. But lo and behold, as we gaze up at a towering wall, we witness a sight that would make even the most poised kitties blush.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

Entangled in a romantic embrace, two furry lovers lose their footing and come tumbling down like a pair of clumsy acrobats. It’s a feline love affair turned daredevil spectacle! Talk about a not-so-purrfect landing. We can only hope their relationship came out of this, a bit stronger.


Get ready for a tile-tastic twist, folks! So, we’re walking down the street, minding our own business, when we spot a row of pavement tiles ahead. But wait! As we get closer, one of those tiles seems too cozy. We did a double-take.

Image courtesy of @catshouldnt/ Twitter

A sneaky cat, perfectly nestled in one of the holes like a five-star feline hotel suite. Who needs plush cushions when you’ve got a snug tile nook? Let’s hope it won’t rain. Otherwise, that cozy nook will be filled with water.