The Paws-itive Impact: 40 Reasons Why Dogs Belong in Every Home

By Jishnu B

Throughout our existence, humanity has made a lot of blunders—seriously, there isn’t a wrongdoing on this planet that humans haven’t tried. But let’s be crystal clear here: taming wild wolves? That’s definitely not one of those blunders. Big shoutout to our ancestors who brought dogs into our lives. Whoever decided to toss some treats to those wild canines 30,000 years ago? They probably have a VIP seat reserved up there in the pearly gates.

Let us drop a nugget of wisdom: if you want to suss out someone’s true character, just peek at their reaction to dogs. If they’re not head-over-heels in love, well, it’s time to make a quick getaway! We mean, come on, only heartless folks don’t adore dogs.

There’s no valid excuse not to have a puppy in your life. And hey, for those who need a little nudge, we’ve whipped up a listicle packed with 40 reasons why owning a dog is pure magic. If life hasn’t already nudged you toward adopting a furry friend, maybe our handy list will do the trick!


By now, we’ve all had our fair share of betrayal from the ones we held dear. Trust us, we’ve got firsthand experience in this department. Just look at our playlists—Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Kesha’s “Backstabber” are basically on repeat at this point.

Image Credit: pippaontheprowl/Instagram

Guess who’s never going to double-cross you? Your furry, tail-wagging buddy! Give a dog a meal, and they’ll shower you with gratitude forever. Besides your mom, the only living soul that could match that unconditional love vibe is, you guessed it, your canine companion. So, seriously, consider getting yourself a puppy!  

Reduced Loneliness

There is a good reason why dogs are called a man’s best friend. Despite being technologically advanced and having a plethora of social media, ironically, there has never been a time before when humanity has felt more disconnected from each other.

Image Credit: keko.elleroInstagram

As bleak as it might seem, it’s practically a miracle if you don’t feel a tad lonely sometimes. But fear not! Enter: the furry miracle worker, a.k.a. a dog. Say goodbye to solo snooze fests because once your pup’s in the picture, they’ll be your cuddle buddy for life!

Increased Physical Activity 

Feeling like a certified couch potato, practically turning into a shade of pale because you’ve been living in the shadow of your couch for ages? Well, fear not! The ultimate solution: get a dog. While we’re perfecting the art of lounging, these furry pals are hardwired to frolic and burn off that excess energy.

Image Credit: ikitempo/Instagram

Hence, it’s crucial to take them out for regular walks. And guess what? That means you get to step into the great outdoors and soak up some much-needed sun. Bonus: strolling with your furry friend is a double win because it helps burn off those extra calories for both of you!

Improved Cardiovascular Health

We already talked about how crucial it is to walk your dog. Walking helps them burn off excess energy and helps them sleep better at night. This also means that you and your house won’t have to suffer from 3 AM zoomies!

Image Credit: Jliriauk/Instagram

Walking your dog isn’t just about their well-being—it’s a two-for-one deal! By strolling alongside your furry buddy, you’re also giving yourself a much-needed dose of exercise. With obesity and heart issues on the rise, this joint walking mission might just be the superhero move that saves your life!

Stress Relief

In today’s world, folks turn to stress balls, fidget spinners, pop-it toys, and ASMR for a taste of relaxation. But they’re missing out on the ultimate relaxation package: an adorable puppy! Trust us, nothing beats that furry friend service for the ultimate relaxation session.

Image Credit: catching_the_sunrise/Instagram

Check out these cuties! How could stress survive in the presence of these adorable faces? Dogs are like emotional wizards; they sense when their humans are feeling a bit frazzled, and they pull out all the stops to bring some cheer into their lives. They’re basically furry stress-relief experts! 

Social Interaction

Are you an introverted soul battling anxiety? Well, here’s a secret weapon: get yourself a dog! These furry pals are basically social butterflies by nature, nudging you gently out of your cozy cocoon to step into the adventure of becoming an awesome dog parent.

Image Credit: Daniel Megias/Shutterstock

But wait, there’s more! Heading to the dog park introduces you to fellow pet lovers and becomes a delightful hangout for you and your furball. Who’d have thought? You might just stumble upon the love of your life amidst playful puppy shenanigans at the dog park!

Increased Responsibility

Neglecting yourself is one thing. However, neglecting your pet is a new stratosphere of unforgivable crime. Canines offer you their unconditional love and support. In return, all you have to do is make sure they live the best life possible.  

Image Credit: jelena.f162/Instagram

Caring for another life turbocharges your responsibility meter! Childhood dog pals set you up for responsible adulthood. Research shows these kids turn into responsible go-getters, probably because they have aced the “take-charge” lessons from their furry friends early on!

Mood Improvement 

As a fellow dog parent, we do not even watch TV or reach for electronics some days because we are so mesmerized by our pup and their antics. Dogs are quirky creatures, and they have different personalities. Just watching them walk around and doing goofy things makes us smile.

Image Credit: jelena.f162/Instagram

These gorgeous animals like to play games with their masters and often cause mischief. Some dogs are even intelligent enough to play pranks. It’s nearly impossible to be unhappy when we meet a pup. Just the sight of their wagging tails gives us a burst of serotonin.  

Structure and Routine

Embracing spontaneity occasionally can add a dash of fun to life’s mix. Yet, if spontaneity becomes the main dish on life’s menu, chaos might crash the party before you realize it. That’s why having a routine and a bit of stability in our lives can act like a much-needed anchor amidst the swirling currents of spontaneity.

Image Credit: sandrateachesaerial/Instagram

But hey, having a dog turns you into this creature of habit! You’ve got to stick to a schedule to keep that pup content, or else they’ll be your new morning alarm. Feeding time, playtime, walks—it’s all part of the routine.

Sense of Purpose

Feeling a bit lost in your twenties is a universal experience. It’s like this weird limbo where we’re legally adults but still figuring out life. And seriously, it’s either a case of too many options leaving us overwhelmed or too few options making us scratch our heads in confusion. 

Image Credit: sandrateachesaerial/Instagram

Having a pet gives life a sprinkle of purpose. Suddenly, it’s not just about you; it’s about being there for your furry sidekick. It’s like a cue to step up and find your groove in this big ol’ world, all while rocking those metaphorical “big man pants.”

Enhanced Security

Dogs are naturally protective creatures. Once they’ve crowned you as their ultimate pal and claimed your home as their kingdom, they are ready to bark (or maybe even snap) at anyone they perceive as a threat. They’ve got your back!

Image Credit: harlowandsage/Instagram

Dogs are superhero detectives with their super senses! If trouble lurks, these furry guardians leap into action. When it comes to break-ins, they’re ready to go full hero mode to keep you safe. So, if you’re in a sketchy neighborhood, consider recruiting a well-trained, big dog for extra peace of mind!

Better Mental Health

As someone who suffered from a multitude of mental ailments throughout their life, we can vouch for the joy of owning a dog. It was akin to finding the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Owning a dog will not solve all the problems you have. 

Image Credit: hej.nala/Instagram

However, having a dog will surely make the process of dealing with the problems much easier. We really suspect that dogs were made of sunshine, rainbows, and pure serotonin. They can improve almost everything in this world—including your mental health.

Child Development

People claiming dogs are unsafe around kids? Totally bogus! Well-trained dogs have a stellar record of protecting their tiny humans. It’s been documented time and again: these fur guardians go above and beyond to keep their little masters safe as houses!

Image Credit: thebabyandthehound/Instagram

Having a dog as a kid? Total win-win! Little ones with furry pals grow up with mega empathy skills and an early dose of maturity. They’re practically experts in responsibility and accountability from the get-go. Talk about starting life on the right paw!

Easier to Make Lifestyle Changes

Life is inherently unpredictable. Not even the biggest genius can accurately tell what life will throw at them next. The ever-changing nature of life is something that every adult has to accept. However, that does not make adapting any less complicated.

Image Credit: cecenadherpups/Instagram

However, having a dog can help during these difficult times. Canines are empathetic creatures, and when they build a bond with their owner, they can sense that they are going through difficult times. When our grandfather died, our sweet pup kept an eye on us for every single second.

Therapeutic Benefits

Therapy sessions are nice. However, the cost of unpacking your trauma comes at the cost of your life savings—which isn’t as nice. However, having a pup is not expensive and, dare we say, more effective (please go to therapy if you need it).

Image credit: misterjameshond/Instagram

Dogs are sensitive animals. They can not only sense your pain; they can even tell what is happening in your body and even predict heart attacks. Therefore, even if you do not require therapy, please invest in a canine. You can thank us later!

Improved Immune System

Some folks claim dogs are grime machines, fearing they’ll bring chaos into homes. Reality check: dogs aren’t aiming for a spotless trophy anytime soon! But fear not, they’re not as grimy as rumors suggest—more like adorable bundles of messy joy!

Image Credit: mimipict and koenigskinder_ramona_gauerke/Instagram

Saying dogs are disease carriers? That’s a bit much! These furry pals are actually immunity boosters. They romp in the dirt, and when you cuddle up, your body gets a microbe workout—building up defenses like a superhero against potential threats!

Allergy Reduction

Another common excuse we heard from dogless fellows is that they are allergic to fur. However, little did they know it is precisely because of this reason they should adopt a dog. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually overcome allergies.

Image Credit: cody.the.ridgeback/Instagram

All you have to do is expose yourself slowly and moderately to the item, and your body will adapt to it. At some point, your body will be fully adapted to the allergy. Hence, if you have a dog at home, your children will have a smaller chance of developing a fur allergy.

Improved Cognition

Many did not know this. However, having dogs around you can actually help your cognitive functions and development. Allow us to explain. Your cognition works better when you are physically and mentally in a good place. Your dog ensures both. 

Image Credit: Gladskikh Tatiana/Shutterstock

Imagine you are hurting both mentally and physically. It would be harder for you to make rational decisions then. Dogs not only make you physically active since they themselves require stimulation, they also support you emotionally — which in turn helps you make rational decisions.   

Increased Oxytocin

Serotonin may be the happy hormone. However, did you know about Oxytocin, the love hormone? Remember the warm, fuzzy sensation you feel in your chest when you see a cute baby or the love of your life? That’s the feeling of the oxytocin kicking in. 

Image Credit: wobblyhannahtotherescue/Instagram

Oxytocin makes you feel relaxed as if you are in the comfort of your home and you are cuddling some fluffy plushies. Well, you will be overdosing on Oxytocin everyday if you get a dog (the only acceptable variant of ODing).  

Pain Management

Basically every positive hormone in your body will overflow if you get a dog. You have nothing to lose. Get a dog and win in life. Why would you go to the doctors and pay for hundreds of dollars of anesthetics when you could have a dog. 

Image Credit: freidaandwilma/Instagram

We are not trolling you. It is scientifically proven that dogs can trigger the flow of endorphins in your body. Endorphin is the hormone that flows when the body is in pain and it soothes aches. We once stubbed our toe and we didn’t even scream because we were distracted by our cute pup.   

Learning Empathy

It is ironic that an animal is required to keep our empathy in check, even though it is the most human of emotions. However, in the postmodern age, we have grown numb due to all the wars and violence we have witnessed via media. 

Image Credit: thiswildidea/Instagram

It is a matter of miracle these days if we meet someone with a healthy balance of empathy. If you feel disconnected from reality, please get a dog. They will teach you how to be human again. We learnt this fact first hand.  

Reduced Risk of Eczema

At this point, you might be suspecting that we are spewing a bunch of nonsense to convince you to adopt a dog. However, science does not lie. Having dogs can actually reduce the risk of eczema — especially if you have children at home. 

Image Credit: loki/Instagram

Yes, dogs can actually clear skin. Children are especially at the risk of having eczema. Hence, when they are exposed to dogs and the bacteria that they bring in, infants’ little bodies kick start immunity and fight back germs that can cause eczema.   

Lower Cholesterol

Say goodbye to the life of a full time professional couch potato to a part time couch potato because your dog will ensure you touch some grass and see some sunlight. Your pet will adapt to your life. However, you also have to make compromises and get out of your shell.  

Image Credit: theperfectpawsph

That means you have to take them on walks, visit the park and play catch. That’s not a bad thing. Interacting with ones’ pet is fun and it helps you burn cholesterol and live a healthier life. Dogs are basically saving your life at this rate.   

Motivation to Exercise

“Workout is only for losers” is what we said back in high school when we were an ignorant teenager. Few decades later, we begrudgingly accepted our role as a loser due to our furry buddy. However, it’s a small sacrifice for our beloved treasure.  

Image Credit: Zakgeorge and breejustine

You do not have the option to refuse to go outside if you own a dog. If you do so, you are a scum. If you want to adopt a dog, you have to be prepared to invest yourself physically—which is necessarily not a bad thing since you are reducing risks of illness.   

Increased Longevity

Life is a gift. Therefore, why do we not try our best to extend it? Even if you don’t, your dog will do everything in their power to ensure you do not die young. Whenever you feel depressed, your dog will be there to show you that there is more to life. 

Image Credit: thiswildidea/Instagram

They will also push you to your limits and break you out of your shell. With them, you can have a healthy body. They can even help build a social life. Overall, these furry critters will do their best to make sure you live a long, fulfilling life.   

Non-Judgmental Support

Humanity may be intelligent. However, they are most certainly not perfect. We make mistakes and that is what makes us human. Though there are times when we need unconditional support and our peers cannot provide because humanity is also inherently judgmental. 

Image Credit: thetraveltellers/Instagram

Your human best friend may not say it to your face. However, we all know they do not support your decision to go blond. You know who will never judge you? You dog. Whether you are blond, brunette or bald — none of it matters to your dog. They are just happy to be with you.   

Improved Autonomy in Elderly

There is a saying that the older people get, the more they seem like an infant. It makes sense since as humans age, they slowly become just as helpless as a baby. Although, even if they might give up on them, many senior citizens refuse to get help from others. 

Image Credit: Budimir Jevtic/Shutterstock

It makes sense since they were independent their whole life. They would not rely on people now that they are nearing the end. However, dogs are not people. Specially trained dogs are given to elderly people in many places so that they can maintain their autonomy.   

Early Warning System

Dogs are very sensitive animals. Not only is their sense of smell heightened, they are also intelligent enough to predict danger. Some dogs are born with these skills to predict impending threats. Others are trained and offered as therapy animals to those suffering from chronic illness. 

Image Credit: uno_the_aussie

Especially patients who are prone to heart attack, strokes, asthma attacks, panic attacks, epilepsies can greatly benefit from a therapy dog. They can sense that something abnormal is going on in their master’s body. Hence, they start giving warnings and it can save someone’s life.   

Reduced Doctor Visits

We have already talked about the numerous health benefits of owning a dog plenty of times in this listicle. We keep repeating the same point over and over again because it really is that effective and you should get a dog ASAP. 

Image Credit: loki/Instagram

An apple a day may keep the doctor away from you. However, A dog will keep you away from the doctor’s chamber for years. Why would you go to the doctors if your body and mind is in sound condition?   

Lower Triglyceride Levels

Allow us to bestow you with some crucial medical knowledge. You never know, it might save your life one day. Triglyceride is a type of fat gathered in our blood due to excess calories. Triglyceride puts us at risk of heart attack, strokes and other calorie related problems. 

Image Credit: cody.the.ridgeback/Instagram

However, if you have a dog and you are a good owner to it, then you do not have to worry about triglyceride as much. After all, you are putting yourself through many physical activities since you are running around with your dog.  

Improved Self-Esteem

Perhaps you will understand this situation better if we speak from personal experience. Back in our younger days, we thought that we were useless and everything would fall apart because of us. We did not have the courage to move forward with our life. 

Image Credit: lucythelovelybasset/Instagram

However, taking care of a dog basically saved our lives. We were in a dark place and seeing such a sublime creature be happy because of us helped us regain our confidence. Perhaps, you are also going through the same ordeal. If so, please consider adopting a puppy.   

Increased Patience

Raising a dog is a labor of love and it pays back a thousand fold. Transitioning to a life where you have to take care of another living being is initially difficult. The cute little critters will soil your floors and chew on your shoes and furniture. 

Image Credit: freidaandwilma/Instagram

You might have to deprive yourself of some nice things in life because of your pup. However, we think it’s a fair exchange because you are getting a new best friend. It might take a while to train them. However, it is all worth it. You will learn the virtue of patience in the process.  

Decreased Incidence of Depression

We have been there and done that. The dark lonely void of depression is an old friend to us. However, we maintain a healthy distance from our old friend now that we have a pup. Maybe you too could find solace in one. 

Image Credit: freidaandwilma/Instagram

Depression stems from many things. However, it is the most dangerous when the patient feels extremely hopeless and finds everything meaningless. Having a dog will likely ground you to earth when things are getting severe. At least one living being cares for you and that’s your dog.  

Inspiration for Learning

Although we implore you to adopt a dog, please do not immediately adopt after finishing reading this listicle. Do your homework and then find the right match for yourself. Adopting any kind of pet will require you to do extensive studies so that you do not accidentally feed them poison. 

Image Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock

For example: chocolates are basically poisons for dogs. You would have known that had you done your homework. Once you bring home your new fur buddy, it will be a whole new learning process as you study their behaviors and quirks. Unlike the lectures in school, you will be enthusiastic about these knowledges.   

Calming Effects for ADHD

Just in the US alone, 8.7 million adults have ADHD. on a global scale, the number is much higher. Many people die with ADHD without ever being diagnosed. The symptoms vary from person to person. The most common trait is inattentiveness. 

Image Credit: – Yuri A/Shutterstock

Many with ADHD struggle with keeping up with time and responsibility. Some struggle with picking emotional cues and empathy. ADHD children counter these issues better if they grow up with a dog. Dogs teach children to care for another being as well as teach them empathy.  

 Enhanced Reading Skills

Studies have shown that the first few years of a child’s life is the best time to develop essential skills. Their brains are basically blank slates that are begging to be filled with new information. A dog can help them make the most out of their most crucial time. 

Image Credit: Gladskikh Tatiana/Shutterstock

During adolescence, children like to roleplay when they have a dog and pretend to read books to them. Unlike a human, who has likmited patience, a dog will stay right there to support the child. At some point, the infant will learn how to read for real from roleplaying.   

Decreased Aggression

You what? Life happens and getting angry is inevitable. For some people, things are so severe that they start developing anger issues. Even for loose cannons like these, dogs are an ideal match. For aggressive souls, we recommend they adopt a senior dog. 

Image Credit: ruby.toffee.thetollers

Senior dogs have lost puppy spunk and have seen a lot throughout their lives. They are just happy to have food regularly and have a warm bed to sleep on. These lovable creatures can humble anyone — including those with anger issues.   

Joy in Elderly Care

Every care facility has some sort of resident animal and this is why. Life is beautiful. However, it is not very fun when you are in the hospice and your loved ones are not there to accompany you. A dog can help with that. 

Image Credit: Boryana Manzurova/Shutterstock

After age people wait for death because most of their loved ones have already left the earth. At some point their health starts deteriorating because they lose the will power to live. However, introducing a jovial dog might reintroduce the joys of life to them.  

Invaluable Assistance

In recent years, the use of service dogs has skyrocketed and we could not be any happier. We are so glad humans found a way to properly utilize dogs and their skills. Disabled people such as war veterans, accident survivors and special needs people are issued a service dog. 

Image Credit: ford_explores/Instagram

The service dogs are trained to assist their owner and help them live a normal life. They can also use their heightened sense to warn their owner of any incoming heart attack or any other emergency. They can also call for help when needed.   

Enhanced Life Quality

In conclusion, dogs are the MSG of the animal world. Food tastes better when you throw some MSG on it. Meanwhile, life feels better when you throw a dog in it. If your landlord allows pets and you have the means to afford it, there is no reason why you should not adopt one. 

Image Credit: harlowandsage/Instagram

Dogs will make you a better person. Trust us, we are the living proof of it. Your life will be better both physically and mentally and they will motivate you to fix your mistakes. Therefore, please adopt a dog — preferably a rescue.