5 Compelling Reasons to Have a Dog

By Jishnu B

Humanity has made numerous mistakes throughout history—practically every conceivable wrongdoing has been attempted. However, let’s clarify one thing: domesticating wild wolves? That was definitely not a misstep. Kudos to our ancestors for bringing dogs into our world. Whoever first offered treats to those wild canines 30,000 years ago? They likely have a VIP spot reserved in the afterlife.

Here’s a nugget of insight: to gauge someone’s true character, observe their response to dogs. If they’re not head over heels for these furry friends, it might be time to make a quick exit! After all, only the heartless don’t adore dogs.

There’s no excuse for not having a puppy in your life. And for those needing a little push, we’ve created a list of reasons why you should own a dog. If life hasn’t nudged you toward adopting a furry companion yet, perhaps our list will do the trick!

1. Companionship

By now, we’ve all had our fair share of betrayal from the ones we held dear. Trust us, we’ve got firsthand experience in this department. Guess who’s never going to double-cross you? Your loyal, tail-wagging furry friend? Besides your mom, the only one who matches that unconditional love is, of course, your canine pal.

Image Credit: boxer.charles.muff

2. Increased Physical Activity 

Feeling like a certified couch potato, stuck in the shadow of your couch for ages? Fear not! The ultimate fix: get a dog. While we’re lounging, these furry pals are wired to frolic and burn off energy. Taking them for walks means stepping into the outdoors, soaking up sun, and a bonus: burning calories for both of you!

Image Credit: the.goldenboy.murph

3. Structure and Routine

Embracing occasional spontaneity adds fun, but too much can invite chaos. That’s where routine brings stability. Having a dog makes you a creature of habit! Maintaining a schedule keeps the pup content; otherwise, they’ll be your new alarm. Feeding, playtime, walks—it’s all part of the routine that keeps life in order.

Image Credit: haruto.shiba 

4. Better Mental Health

Having battled various mental ailments ourselves, owning a dog felt like finding light in the darkness. It won’t solve all issues, but having a dog makes tackling problems easier. If you ask us, dogs seem made of sunshine and rainbows, improving almost everything, even mental health. They’re a joy that brightens life’s struggles and makes coping a bit easier.

Image Credit: happypawpalgallery_

5. Improved Cognition

Surprisingly, having dogs can aid cognitive functions and development. When you’re in a good mental and physical state, cognition improves. Dogs ensure this by promoting physical activity and emotional support. They stimulate you physically and emotionally, aiding rational decision-making by keeping you in a better overall state.

Image Credit: qira_the_berner

If you’re not yet sold on the idea of getting a dog, swing by this link and dive into our full listicle. We’ve rounded up a whopping 40 reasons why you shouldn’t just walk but sprint to the pet store to find yourself a furry life buddy. Trust us, it’s a tail-waggingly good read!