Whimsical Feline Fashion: Crochet Artist Crafts Oddly Adorable Cat Hats

By Saniya B November 30, 2023

Let us all agree that cats are one of the cutest animals we have the pleasure of sharing the plane with. Although they typically don’t like wearing any accessories, we stumbled upon a few crochet cat hats that might make you beg your kitty to wear! Now, cats and crochet are words you might not hear in the same sentence often, but this crochet artist has made it possible.

Patricia (or OonaPatternsEtc on Etsy) stitches pretty themed crochet hats for cats. Her Etsy shop has over 7,300 sales and 1000 reviews! You’ll find everything from animal-inspired hats to witch hats to Cleopatra hats on her Etsy shop! These crochet hats are knit to perfection and can beat almost any other cat accessory. So, let’s take a look at some of the coolest ones!

Deer Antler Hat 

Do you want to have both a deer and a cat? Well, you have to see this lovely deer antler hat! It has beautifully crocheted antlers that will make any cat look like a deer in disguise. Hopefully not one caught in headlights, though!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

We love how the artist didn’t just sew the antlers but also added her own unique touch. The three cutesy colorful balls between the antlers make the hat look playful enough for mischievous cats! It’s a great way to spot your cat if it’s hiding somewhere.

The Catsgiving Hat

If there is one hat in the list that has the best details, it is this turkey hat. We would love to make our cats wear this turkey hat on Thanksgiving Day, as it goes hand-in-hand with the holiday vibe. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The hat consists of turkey-like colors, such as brown, orange, and red. It even has crochet eyes sewn on it, along with a yellow beak and a red wattle. Just imagine your family’s excitement as you present your tur-cat during the celebrations!

Little Red Riding Cat

You and your cat need this little Red Riding Hood crochet hat if you love fairytales. The story has European roots and is about a girl in a red hood who is tricked and attacked by a wolf who ate her grandmother. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

For those who know the story, the fact that this hat was inspired by it is quite obvious, seeing as it looks quite similar to the red hood worn by the tiny girl. In your cat’s fairytale, it won’t be a big bad wolf, but a big bad dog instead!

Elvis Purrseley Cat Hat

You don’t need to go to Vegas to see an Elvis-inspired cat! Our crochet artist has the perfect Elvis cat hat. Back in the 1900s, Elvis Presley was known as the “King of Rock-n-Roll.” With the jet-black hair and white and gold costume, you can’t mistake it for someone else.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

This hat would suit a cat who loves to meow all day long. If your kitty loves the spotlight and isn’t shy about being loud when asking for food, toys, or just attention, this would make the perfect birthday gift!  

Christmas is Here! 

We have found the best cat accessory for this Christmas season. The Christmas Tree crochet hat ticks off everything you need to dress up your cat. It’s red and green, with tiny Christmas lights on it. The star on top is the star of the show!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Funny enough, depending on your cat’s behavior and nature, it may either look like a wholesome Christmas elf or an annoyed Grinch wearing the Christmas tree hat! If we had to guess, we would bet on the latter, given how most cats despise hats.

The Historical Catto 

This crochet hat is every history buff’s dream for their cat. It was inspired by the uniform of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers involved in the American Revolution. It has the primary colors, symbolic of the battle, like red, blue, and white.  

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The best part about this American Revolution hat is that it has a “Tricorne” hat within a crochet hat. The tricorne was worn during the 18th century. You might have even seen it in the old pictures of soldiers, aristocrats, and civilians too.

Yer a Wizard, Cat!

Potterheads, unite! If you don’t want to keep a Muggle cat in your house, you might want to take a look at this wizard cat hat. It has the best magical colors – blue, lavender, and turquoise and astronomical stickers of stars and moon that make it look the part.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

However, beware if your cat becomes a wizard. It might fill your house with summoned rats, 24/7 showers of catnip and treats, and random cardboard boxes! That said, we think the charming hat is worth the hassle. “Crookshanks” has nothing on this guy! 


We are obsessed with how sweet and pretty ladybugs are. So, it would be sweetness overload if you combined cats and ladybugs! This ladybug-inspired crochet hat can transform a cute cat into the cutest one with its vibrant colors and adorable design. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

As you can see, the ladybug hat isn’t just about the colors. The artist made a real effort to create a crocheted ladybug head, eyes, and even its round body. Looks pretty simple, but we’re certain it wasn’t. This is what true talent is!

Putting the ‘Cat’ in ‘Carrot’ 

You won’t be able to guess if this is a cat or a carrot with this carrot crochet hat. Sorry about the tongue twister! We wonder how the artist got the inspiration to create a hat based on a carrot. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Just like the other cat hats on this list, this one is beautifully stitched too. Along with the vivid orange color, the green carrot top makes the hat look so much better. You can turn any cat into a ginger cat with this hat!

The Wedding Veil (Cat’s Version) 

Are you planning to get your cat married to its long-time sweetheart? You can get this wedding veil crochet hat. After all, it’s only fair that they are also allowed to dress up for one of the biggest events of their lives!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Again, the veil’s detailing is beyond magnificent, with little beads and a graceful net. The artist transformed the cat into “Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi” from The Princess Diaries, which is quite something. Not only would it pass for a bride but also a gorgeous princess.

St. Patrick’s Cat

Forget about Christmas. Our crochet artist stitched a cat hat for St. Patrick’s Day too! This hat is inspired by the original hat that represents St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. It is green and has a shamrock, or the three-leafed clover, on it. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The shamrock represents the old legend that claims St. Patrick used it to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity. Like with all the designs we have seen so far, you can tell Patricia pays a great deal of attention to detail when she crafts the hats. That explains why people adore them.

Baseball Hat Cat 

Have you ever noticed how wearing a baseball cap instantly makes you look cooler? Well, Patricia proved that that concept also works on cats. You can turn a lazy cat into a star baseball player with this baseball cat hat!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

We also love how cool the hat looks when the cat wears it backward. But that is not the only cool thing about it. Though you can’t see it, the front part of the hat is orange, which is the other theme color of the Detroit Tigers!

The Unicorn Hat 

Who said unicorns aren’t real? This unicorn pattern crochet hat will prove you wrong after you make your cat wear it. It has everything a unicorn has from the golden horn to a bunch of rainbow-colored hair too! Your cat will turn from ordinary to mystical.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

You can see how skilled the artist is with this hat. It has so many adorable colors that are intertwined beautifully with each other. Additionally, the multi-colored strings to tie the cap are also worth a mention. You can’t get more colorful than this with a cat hat. 

King Arthur from Monty Python Inspired Cat Hat

If you are a movie buff, you might know about Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The movie was released in 1975 and was known for its legendary characters, including King Arthur. This crochet artist also made a hat inspired by him.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

King Arthur’s costume is a white tunic with a picture of the Sun God. He also wears a gold crown, along with a golden belt and a sword. The artist has captured the outfit details well, as this cat hat also has a white tunic with a crochet sun on it.

Paw-erful Princess!

Apart from king costumes like the one above, we also found a princess-theme crochet cat hat! We think it is the most suitable match for every female pet cat out there. After all, they get the ultimate princess treatment, which they rightfully deserve. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

If you though a princess-insopired hat would consist of only a tiara, you are wrong. This one has a golden tiara with an elegant baby pink net to make your cat feel more regal than she already is! So cute!

The Sock Monkey Cat 

Sock monkeys have been one of the most famous toys in the American industry. They’re endearing, and can be used as puppets! Today, you can also get sock monkey hats for your cats. Cats in sock monkey hats are the cutest monkey species!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The sock monkey cat hat is exactly similar to the sock monkey. It has a beige-brown color, along with a red mouth and blank black eyes, staring into nothingness (like us). The hat is so precise that it even has a tuft of red hair on it!

Aviator Hat

Ready to launch your cat in the sky? You might need this aviator cat hat! The aviator hat generally has a chin strap and huge earflaps. It is also often paired with a set of large goggles as you can see below.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Since cats love to jump around the house, we believe that the aviator hat suits them the best. Picture your little cutie zooming around the house at two in the morning wearing this aviator hat. You’ll wake up annoyed but at least the cute hat will put a smile on your face!

Brunhilda of Austrasia

Brunhilda rocked the early medieval period! She was a Visigothic princess who married the Merovingian king, Sigebert I of Austrasia. As a queen, she did many things for the people of her kingdom, such as repairing roads, taking care of the finances, and building churches and abbeys. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Brunhilda of Austrasia is an inspiration for all the powerful ladies today. If you think your lady cat is one too, then she deserves this Brunhilda-inspired hat. The grey-colored outfit with the horned helmets will make her look like a badass!

Holly Golightly Cat

This Holly Golightly hat is for all the fans of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Holly Golightly, the protagonist in the movie, is played by the legendary Audrey Hepburn. Her style has stood the test of time, as many people think of it as aesthetic and regal even today.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The artist also took inspiration from the movie and stitched a Holly Golightly hat. It features an elegant updo known as the “beehive” or a French twist. The tiara on top is also similar to the character’s tiara. Your cat might get a little sassier after wearing this hat!

Twinning in Pink

You can never go wrong with pink hats, especially when they are crocheted. The artist stitched two lovable pink hats with different patterns for two cats. They would be perfect for two female cats who love sitting side by side.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

As you can see, the beanies don’t have the same design. One is plain with tiny sparkles on it, whereas the other has pink and white stripes. If you have two cats who look similar, you can make them wear these and differentiate them easily!

Dracula Has Arrived!

This cat hat is for Dracula lovers. If you read books, you might already know this famous fictional character written by Bram Stoker. Dracula has inspired many vampire books, films and shows. We love him for this! But we love this Dracula-inspired cat hat more. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The Dracula cat hat is perfect for all cats. After all, both Dracula and cats have sharp teeth! The artist has captured the image of Dracula pretty nicely with the remarkable crochet hairstyle and the red collar. This cat is coming for your blood!

Powdered Wig – Blast from the Past

In case you are wondering what a powdered wig is, it is a type of hairstyle that became popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was made up of human or artificial hair powdered with white or gray powder. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Powdered wigs were a status symbol for many elite European and American. Since cats are a class apart too, this crocheted powdered wig is perfect for them! We can only imagine how meowgnifique they would look wearing it.  

Bloody Mary is Here

This hat isn’t about the myth of the scary Bloody Mary. Instead, it is about the famous cocktail of the same name. The drink consists of Vodka, tomato juice, and spices. It is also topped with a celery stalk or lemon. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

This crocheted Bloody Mary hat is quite close in appearance to the actual cocktail. The crocheted red juice, lemon, and celery make us wish we had a hat like this to rock at costume parties! But it looks better on the cat. Or should we say cattail! No? Okay.

Flying Monkey Time!

We have already seen the sock monkey hat on this list. Now, let’s take a look at the flying monkey hat. It is not an ordinary flying monkey, but the villainous flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz. Beware! Your cat might turn into a villain if it isn’t already.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

In the movie The Wizard of Oz, these monkeys were controlled by the Wicked Witch of the West. They also wore blue uniforms with hats, just like military officials. This cat hat resembles the blue outfit, thanks to the design an the orange and red bands. 

Radish Cat

Along with the carrot cat hat, the crochet artist has also stitched an adorable radish hat. It has a beautiful radish-red color and a green tuft of leaves on top! Here’s a fun fact for you. The red color in radishes comes from pigments called anthocyanins.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

This quirky yet cute hat is best for cats who tend to hide and camouflage with practically everything in the room. The bright red color will make them stand out from the other things and help you catch it “red”-handed!

 Gnome Hat 

Who said you can only find Christmas-themed cat accessories in the form of Christmas trees and Santa Klaus? This artist went ahead and created a Gnome-themed cat hat too! Gnomes are tiny mythical creatures often depicted with beards and pointy hats.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

This adorable cat hat has all the elements of a Gnome. It is small, has a white beard, and a round nose. These creatures are known for their gardening skills, so your cat might start taking care of your garden too!

Maid Marian

Disney fans, we have found the best crochet cat hat for you. Maid Marian, the love interest of the famous folklore character, Robinhood, is known for her bravery, kindness, and grace, three traits that many cats display throughout their lives! 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Maid Marian often wears a light blue colored dress with puffy sleeves and a blue scarf with a golden band on it. This crochet hat consists of the same style, making it the best gift for a cat who loves cartoons and animated films!

Witchy Cats! 

This is yet another one of our favorite crochet hats from this list. There is nothing more mystical than to see a cat wear a pointed witch hat. After all, cats, especially black cats, have been associated with witchcraft since time immemorial!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

You might have even seen black cats being featured as partners in the crimes of many witches. So, if you catch your cat making some crazy potions in your kitchen after wearing this hat, you might need to conduct some investigation!

The Salon Cat 

There are many cat pictures that have the potential of becoming meme material. We would like to officially nominate this cat picture as one! This neatly sewn hair and curlers-inspired cat hat is worth purchasing for your cat, especially if you’re into hair and beauty.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Also, the hair curler hat, paired with the annoyed expression of the needle-felt cat, is a total mood. It reminds us of those times when you go to a salon, and the salon employee can’t help but pick on your insecurities! 

Marie Cat-Toinette

Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France between 1774 and 1793. She was famous for her extravagant fashion choices, including the “Pouf hairstyle,” and also infamous for her alleged statement, “Let them eat cake.” This was in response to a report that the farmers had no bread!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Our crochet artist put together the most accurate Marie Antoinette-inspired cat hat. It features a puffy hairstyle and beaded hair accessories. She didn’t need to add any sassiness to the hat, as cats can do that by themselves quite effortlessly!


You might already know Cleopatra, but we present to you Meow-patra. Cleopatra, the former Queen of Egypt has always been a subject of discussion due to her power and intelligence. She was also notoriously known for her romance with the Roman nobility, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Cleopatra wore the well-known outfits of the Egyptian rulers, consisting of luxurious tunics, adorned with jewels and gold accessories. The hat also features her famous hairstyle and decorative headdress. Seeing as cats were greatly revered in ancient Egypt, this would be a great choice for a cat hat.

The Girl With the Pearl Earring Hat 

You cannot make a cat wear earrings, but you can get a hat with an earring stitched to it, just like this one! The Girl with the Pearl is a renowned oil painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Patricia clearly gets inspired by many forms of art.

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The painting is about a 16-year-old girl who was a maid in the painter’s house. The painter was inspired by the girl because of her calm behavior and dedication. The crochet hat is a work of art too with the beautiful blue headscarf and the pearl earring.

The Scarecrow Cat

You can make your cat a scarecrow if you think it does nothing all day! This crochet hat can help you with that. It has a brown color, and two hands too. The extra flower makes the hat look a lot cuter than it already is. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

This hat reminds us of the Scarecrow character from The Wizard of Oz. Maybe this pussycat also wants a brain to stop the hoomans from turning her into an emotional support animal. He feels that it is time he took his fate into his own hands!

The Iconic Rosie the Riveter

This Rosie The Riveter cat hat is simply too cool for humans, so it was made for cats. Rosie the Riveter was a fictional icon in the US during World War II. She was used to represent the women who worked in factories and shipyards, jobs that were previously done by men. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Rosie The Riveter proved that women can do everything. They aren’t just useful for houseful chores but can also perform other roles in society. The artist included Rosie’s signature red bandana with polka dots in this crochet hat. There’s no mistaking the source of her inspiration.

Ice Cream Cat

Why just eat ice cream when you can make your cat one too? This ice cream cat hat has an adorable waffle cone and a vanilla ice cream scoop. Beware, though. You might get cavities after looking at this extra-sweet picture!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The fun part is that if you or your cat think that vanilla is too boring, the artist has crocheted hats in other flavors, such as strawberry and chocolate. This way, you and your cat can get the flavor of your choice!

Et Tu, Catto?

It looks like our artist loves historical characters! We have seen a hat inspired by Marie Antoinette, another by Cleopatra, and now we have one that was clearly inspired by Julius Caesar-inspired. Julius Caesar was a Roman leader who fought and won many battles. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

Unfortunately, Julius was killed by his own men, Brutus and Cassius. He still remains an influential figure in history. Caesar is often represented wearing the traditional Roman Toga, and the laurel wreath. This crochet cat hat also has a wreath and a red sash.

Colonial Hat

This hat isn’t the usual colonial one you often see. It was inspired by the outfits of the Early American Colonial period. It is the bonnet hat, which is a soft and brimless type of hat that’s tied beneath the chin. 

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

A cool fact about this hat is that it was worn by “respectable women.” It had a lot of benefits, like aiding in retaining your hair’s moisture, reducing frizz, and extending your hairstyle’s life. Maybe we should bring this hat back!

Medieval Helmet Hat

Does your little furry friend have a habit of bringing you rats and other small creatures whenever it goes outside? Well, they deserve this medieval battle helmet hat for the wars they are waging against the critter population around you!

Source: Etsy (OonaPatternsEtc)

The artist nailed this battle helmet with its conical shape, grey color (like metal), and a decorative red flume running from the front to the back! If you look closely, you’ll even see the vertical stripes of a light grey color.