Bark, Bite, Swallow: How To Give Pills To A Dog

By Martin B January 29, 2024

Popping pills into your pet’s mouth can feel like a canine comedy routine, but fear not! With a dash of clever techniques and a sprinkle of patience, you can turn this task into a walk in the bark. Our guide is here to unveil the secrets of giving pills to your furry friend, from sneaky food tricks to a hands-on approach. Let the pill-popping adventures begin!

Hiding the Pill in Doggy Delights

Say no more to the classic “spit it out” routine! We’ve got the lowdown on concealing those sneaky pills in your dog’s favorite treats. It’s like a secret agent mission in the world of canine cuisine.

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How to Convince a Stubborn Dog

Even the most resistant dog can’t outsmart these crafty techniques. If your pup insists on playing pill ping-pong, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and go hands-on. Get ready for the ultimate doggy wrestling match, with a pill as the prize!

  1. Lubricate the Pill: A little gravy or a pill pocket can make the pill slide down like a treat at a doggy feast.
  2. Hold the Pill: Gently secure your dog’s muzzle, then grasp the pill with your thumb and index finger. It’s a delicate maneuver, but you’re in for the long game.
  3. Tilt the Dog’s Head: A subtle tilt backward sets the stage for pill placement. You’re like the director of a blockbuster—except with a dog and a pill instead of actors.
  4. Place the Pill Far Back: Open wide! Apply gentle pressure to your dog’s lower lip, ensuring their upper jaw is wide open. Stealthily deposit the pill as far back as possible.
  5. Encourage Swallowing: Close the canine cafeteria with a firm grip on your dog’s mouth. To prompt swallowing, give their nose or throat a gentle rub, or blow lightly on their nose. A discreet trick to ensure that pill goes down like a treat.
  6. Rewards at the End: Finish the performance with a standing ovation! Praise and treats turn the ordeal into a victory lap, making your dog the undisputed pill-swallowing champion.

Alternative Ways for the Ultimate Doggy Medley

For those canines who declare war on pills, there’s a cavalry of alternative options to the rescue. Enter the realm of compounding pharmacies, where pills transform into flavored liquids, chewables, or other palatable forms that turn medication time into treat time.


Should You Crush Pills for Your Pooch?

Hold your mortar and pestle! Crushing pills is a no-go unless your vet gives the green light. Some pills have a VIP entrance plan, designed for slow absorption. Crushing disrupts the grand entrance, rendering the medicine less effective. Plus, some pills are coated to avoid stomach irritation. Crushing? It’s a ticket to the bad taste zone.

Grinding Pills for Your Furry Friend

Before you unleash your inner alchemist, remember: not all pills are created equal. Consult your vet and scrutinize that prescription label before you embark on the grinding journey. A mortar and pestle or the back of a spoon can do the trick. Mix the powdery potion with something aromatic to mask the taste—your dog’s nose won’t know what hit them!

Foods That Play Nice with Pills

Let’s talk forbidden foods during pill time. Some treats are like the villains in this tale, interfering with the medication mission. Beware of the following:

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Now that you’re armed with the wisdom of pill-popping prowess, you’re ready for a symphony of successful doggy medication moments. Conceal, persuade, or transform—choose the method that suits