How To Win Or Lose Your Cat’s Heart: 4 Tips On How To Make Your Feline Friend Love You

By Shivam B

Cats are notoriously picky. It’s hard to understand what they want, how they think, and how to communicate with them. We all know that cats can be a little bit difficult, but in this post, we will explore a few ways you can win your cat’s heart (or lose it). Some of these tips may seem silly or obvious, but there is always something new to learn about our feline friends!

Yerlin Matu / Unsplash

1. Play with your cat

Cats love to play. All it takes is a quick mouse toy from the pet store, or any other small object they can chase around and bat at for you to have their full attention.

2. Make sure your home is safe

Cats love to explore. If you have a house with open windows, it’s important that they are blocked off so the cat can’t escape and go exploring. This also applies if you keep anything high up on shelves or in cabinets where the kitty cannot reach.

3. Keep your cat’s litter box clean

Cats will not use a dirty bathroom. If the litter is too full, or if it has been neglected for some time (i.e. it smells), they are more likely to go somewhere else. Make sure you scoop out any solids at least once a day before changing the whole thing.

4. Keep your cat’s food bowl full

Cats are very particular about their diets, and will not eat if they think there is nothing to eat. Make sure the bowls of kibble or canned food you leave for them are always filled up so they can never go hungry (and that no other pets have access to it).

So now you know what to do and what not to do with your feline friend!